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    Quality, Style and Performance in this 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag Design. 14-Way organizational top-cuff dividers continue to rise in marketplace popularity. Introducing a lightweight option for a hassle free, organized carrying experience. The oval shaped top-cuff allows for clubs to cascade and distribute weight evenly; while minimizing the rattle of club heads. All Titleist® golf bags easily fit in the well of motorized golf carts.

    The Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag is available for custom embroidery. For more information, refer to the custom section or ask your Titleist sales representative.

    MSRP: $210

    Weight: 5.8 pounds


    Hip Pad

    Comfort Mesh Covered Hip Pad. Foam Padded. Pen Holder.

    Strap System

    NEW Auto-Fit Strap System. Foam padded straps with Velour Underside with extra padding at stress points.

    Rainhood andTowel Ring

    Lightweight, black coated towel ring.

    Dry Grip Bottom

    Dry grip bottom with lower assist handle.

    Accessory, Apparel Pockets and Additional Pockets

    Full-Size, side saddle apparel pocket and ball pocket. Velour-lined, zippered accessory pocket. Full-size ball pocket and zippered accessory pocket on spine. Side saddle beverage pocket. Umbrella Velcro® loop strap.

    Side Saddle Pocket

    Full-Size, side saddle ball pocket. Side saddle beverage pocket.

    Top Cuff

    Top-Cuff with integrated handle. 14-Way Club Dividers, Boxed Full-Length. Full-Wrap, Padded Mesh Top-Cuff and Dividers.


    Integrated into Top-Cuff. Automatic bag stand with broad foot. Tripod rubber feet on legs. Velcro® leg lock strap.

  • Models


    • SKU: TB4SXC14-0
    • Color: Black
    • MSRP: $210


    • SKU: TB4SX14-016
    • Color: Black/White/Red
    • MSRP: $210


    • SKU: TB4SX14-041
    • Color: Charcoal/Slate/Silver
    • MSRP: $210


    • SKU: TB4SX14-051
    • Color: Black/Eggplant/White
    • MSRP: $210


    • SKU: TB4SX14-604
    • Color: Red/Charcoal/Royal
    • MSRP: $210


    • SKU: TB4SX14-431
    • Color: Navy/Apple/Silver
    • MSRP: $210
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