Driving Passion - Tim Hval

Driving Passion

The best PGA Professionals have a deep love of the game and are always looking for ways to nurture and share that passion with others. Tim Hval, Head Golf Professional at Portland Golf Club, was an exceptional junior player and an All-American at the University of Oregon. The same passion and focus that developed in Tim as a great young player also drives him to be an outstanding PGA Professional. He’s committed to creating the ultimate experience for his membership, and believes it all starts with a caring attitude and building meaningful connections. Titleist is proud to partner with so many PGA Professionals who drive passion for the game and understand the value of relationships.

Best Practices

The Most Valuable Connection

PGA Professional
Andy Fisher

Driving Passion

PGA Professional
Tim Hval

Innovative Leader

PGA Professional
Jeff Nichols

Partnering For Success

PGA Professionals Adam McDaid and Tom Patri

A Powerful Lesson

PGA Professional James Fitzgerald

Continuous Improvement

PGA Master Professional Shim Lagoy

Living The Game

PGA Master Professional Tommy Brannen

Shaping Future Generations

PGA Master Professional Cameron Wiebe

Passionate Leader

PGA Master Professional Jane Broderick

Making an Impact

PGA Master Professional Tim Fleming

Strengthening Relationships

PGA Professional
Jeff Kringen

Inspiring Excellence

PGA Professional
David Reasoner

Building Trust

PGA Master Professional Jeff Kiddie

Giving Back

PGA Master Professional Chip Essig