Partnering For Success - Adam McDaid and Tom Patri

Partnering For Success

PGA Professionals understand the importance of putting a great team together. Adam McDaid, Head Golf Professional at Friar’s Head in Baiting Hollow, N.Y., surrounds himself with great people who share his uncompromising style and attention to detail. Tom Patri, Director of Golf Instruction, is one of those individuals. Tom is a nationally recognized instructor and founder of TP Golf Services. The synergy of their partnership is one of the reasons why Friar’s Head has quickly become one of the most respected clubs in the country. At Titleist, we also place a special value on partnerships. Our long history and commitment to partnering with PGA Professionals is why we have been so successful together, providing golfers with a more enjoyable and rewarding game.

Best Practices

The Most Valuable Connection

PGA Professional
Andy Fisher

Driving Passion

PGA Professional
Tim Hval

Innovative Leader

PGA Professional
Jeff Nichols

Partnering For Success

PGA Professionals Adam McDaid and Tom Patri

A Powerful Lesson

PGA Professional James Fitzgerald

Continuous Improvement

PGA Master Professional Shim Lagoy

Living The Game

PGA Master Professional Tommy Brannen

Shaping Future Generations

PGA Master Professional Cameron Wiebe

Passionate Leader

PGA Master Professional Jane Broderick

Making an Impact

PGA Master Professional Tim Fleming

Strengthening Relationships

PGA Professional
Jeff Kringen

Inspiring Excellence

PGA Professional
David Reasoner

Building Trust

PGA Master Professional Jeff Kiddie

Giving Back

PGA Master Professional Chip Essig