#MyTitleist Photo Guidelines

Residents of Canada, please click here for local photo guidelines.

Let your creative side run free, but we must include some basic guidelines to ensure the #MyTitleist experience in fun, safe and friendly for everyone. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts that we want to share…

Do… (The stuff we want to post)

1. Get creative.

2. Share your passion for the great game of golf through your own pictures.

3. Explore what other Team Titleist members share.

4. Get out on the course (or practice range) and have fun!

Don’t… (The stuff we can’t post)

1. Don’t post any pictures that show products from our competitors or players that endorse their products.

2. Don’t add comments that focus on competitors’ products, marketing strategies or players that endorse their products. We prefer to keep the topics related to Acushnet Company equipment and players.

3. Don’t post any Content or image that contains a business solicitation of any type, including advertising a product or service, offering a product or service for sale, or directing readers to a location for more information about a product or service, or for which you have been compensated or granted consideration by any third party.

4. Don’t post any Content or image that includes any information that references other websites, addresses, email addresses, contact information, phone numbers, or other personal information.

5. Don’t post any photos that you didn’t take or aren’t your own.

6. Don’t post any photos that contain nudity, obscenities or other mature content. In other words, keep it clean.

7. For further guidelines, please see our community policy here: http://www.titleist.com/company/Community-Policy.aspx

8. Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Send emails to teamtitleist@acushnetgolf.com.