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What is your mailing address?

Acushnet Company -
P.O. Box 965
Fairhaven, MA 02719-0965

Other addresses can be found at:

How can I make sure that I purchase authentic Titleist product?

To ensure that you purchase authentic Titleist product, always buy from an authorized Titleist retailer.

Our products are primarily sold at golf courses, off course golf specialty shops and certain sporting goods stores. Authentic Titleist products should not be sold at flea markets.

In addition, authorized Titleist accounts are not permitted to sell new Titleist products on Internet auction websites. When you make purchases in these unauthorized locations, there is a much greater chance that the products offered are counterfeit.

To find an authorized retailer, please see our Golf Shop Locator.

How can I find information on Titleist’s company history?

Acushnet Company was founded in 1910 as a partnership named Peabody, Young & Weeks, but quickly changed its name to the Acushnet Process Company after the town of Acushnet, MA and the process of de-resinating the Guayule shrub’s sap to make rubber. The company was originally in the business of processing rubber for sale to various businesses, including the tire industry . The company name was changed to the Acushnet Company in the 1960s.

Corporate headquarters was originally located in Acushnet, MA, but was moved subsequently to neighboring New Bedford, and in the early 1990s to Fairhaven, MA. In 1930, the golf division was launched in an attempt to make a better golf ball than those on the market at the time, which frequently had off center cores under the round exterior shell. In 1985, Acushnet acquired FootJoy, and in 1996, Cobra Golf. The rubber division, which was sold in 1994, continues today as the Acushnet Rubber Company, based in New Bedford. Cobra was sold in 2010.

Today Acushnet, is one of the largest manufacturer of golf equipment in the world. The company has the #1 market share in balls, shoes and gloves on each of the worldwide professional golf tours, as well as in the on and off course golf shop channels. There are five product lines (balls; clubs; shoes; gloves and accessories) sold under three brand names (Titleist; FootJoy; and Pinnacle). The company sells its products through five primary channels of distribution: on course pro shops (''green grass''); off course golf shops; sporting goods stores; mass merchants; and the corporate custom channel for logo golf balls.

Thank you for your continued support of Titleist...Golf's Symbol of Excellence.

Does Titleist offer tours to the public of its manufacturing facilities?

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we do not offer tours of any of our facilities. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support of Titleist...Golf's Symbol of Excellence.

What is the criteria and process for becoming an authorized Titleist dealer?

The following is a list of the key criteria for qualifying and maintaining an account with Titleist:

1. Location at a Regulation Golf Course, Executive or Par 3 Golf Course, Driving Range or presence of an identified Swing and Hit area where golf equipment can be tested.

2. Membership in the Professional Golfers Association of America, other golf associations, or documentation of substitute training or previous employment experience with regard to knowledge, fitting and recommendation of professional golf equipment.

3. Intent to allocate adequate floor space and inventory dollars to the retail sale and service of professional golf equipment.

4. Compatibility with the Acushnet Company's current and future distribution needs.

5. Sufficient credit worthiness to suggest continued ongoing operations.

If you would like an application, please feel free to contact our credit department at 1-800-225-8500 and request a direct account application.

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