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Where can I find information about Titleist Demo Events?

You can search for Titleist Demo Events using the Find a Fitter search tool on

I am a 10 handicap who fades the ball. I am six feet tall and with my hands at my side my fingertips are 29 inches from the ground. What would my club-fitting specifications be?

Thank you for your question regarding custom fitting. Because custom club fitting is such an intricate process dependant upon the individual player, we are unable to provide equipment and/or spec recommendations without first seeing your swing and ball flight. We are of the belief that a seeing a player’s ball flight and the overall components of his or her swing are foremost in fitting a player correctly.

For a list of authorized Titleist FittingWorks locations in your area, please visit and enter your contact information. Be sure to check the box marked "Authorized Titleist FittingWorks Shop."

For a list of Fitting Days in your area, please visit

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