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777 Albany Post Rd
Scarborough, NY, 10510-2400
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(914) 941-3062


When you arrive for a club fitting at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Scarborough, N.Y., expect nothing but an eye-opening experience.

You will meet Kevin Sprecher, PGA Director of Instruction at Sleepy Hollow and authorized Titleist fitter, who needs but a couple seconds to convince you of the importance of getting properly fit for your golf equipment.

"You don’t buy an expensive suit off the rack, do you?" says Sprecher, a longtime fitting guru who has also served as the Lead Master Instructor at the Jim McLean Golf School at Doral since 1998.

Sprecher's main goal: Making sure you leave Sleepy Hollow – one of five Titleist Regional Fitting Centers within the Titleist Fitting Network – with the equipment setup that best suits your swing and game, not the one that fits any preconceptions.

So when you drive through the gates at Sleepy Hollow, down to the 1,700-square-foot indoor/outdoor temperature-controlled Sleepy Hollow Learning Center, be prepared for a meeting of the minds.

"When I do fittings, it's a team effort," says Sprecher. "You might not be speaking the exact language I am, but my job is to interpret what you're saying and make sure we've covered all the bases."

Fittings for metal woods and irons take place in front of a Trackman launch monitor in one of the facility's three indoor/outdoor hitting bays, where Sprecher begins by picking your brain as you warm up with Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x or NXT Tour golf balls. (Vokey Wedge fittings are conducted in Sleepy Hollow's dedicated short-game area.)

"Being a teacher has helped me in fitting because I understand more about the golf swing than most," says Sprecher. "I know how the equipment affects the golf swing and how the golf swing affects the equipment."

Sprecher records baseline numbers from your current equipment's performance on the TrackMan, forms his hypothesis, browses Sleepy Hollow's extensive Titleist shaft matrix, then quickly assembles Option No. 1 for testing.

And away you go. (Fittings take about 1-2 hours, depending on the number of club categories being fit.)

"It's important to just have a good mindset and trust what the numbers are," Sprecher says.

"Have an open mind. Golfers are always excited about getting new equipment, but they should understand that even though they might have their heart set on new Titleist CB irons, they might end up fitting best and having the most confidence in new AP1s."

In the end, it's about achieving total confidence on every shot, and Sprecher won't let you leave Sleepy Hollow on any other path.

Recently, Sprecher met with a golfer who had received a new set of golf equipment as a gift. The golfer was frustrated that the new clubs had resulted in a lower trajectory and a loss of distance, which Sprecher immediately identified as a shaft issue.

Sprecher told the golfer that a different shaft would improve his distance and accuracy – "immediately, not after some getting used to."

"He didn’t believe me but was willing to try," Sprecher said. "After two balls, I saw his face light up with disbelief that I was correct."

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