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The Glen Club in Glenview, Ill., features an award-winning Tom Fazio designed golf course that has hosted an annual Nationwide Tour event (Bank of America Open) and the Illinois Open among other championships. Appropriate, then, that the club also serves as one of Titleist's Regional Fitting Centers in the U.S. where serious golfers can experience Tour-level club fittings.

Joe Burdess, Glen Club Fitting Professional and professed equipment enthusiast, views each fitting as an opportunity to educate the golfer on how equipment affects performance, as well as to map out a clear plan for improvement.

This “beginning with the end in mind” mentality forms the basis of Burdess’ fitting philosophy at Glen Club – one of five Titleist Regional Fitting Centers within the Titleist Fitting Network

“I always evaluate where the golfer is currently with their equipment,” says Burdess. “Testing and trial of new product will take place to determine if a better option is available. I do not recommend new equipment unless it will help the golfer play better.”

With a top-of-the-line practice facility (featuring several target greens, two full scale short game areas, and a large practice putting green), Trackman launch monitor technology, and an extensive array of Titleist fitting tools, golfers are likely to walk away from a Glen Club fitting armed with new equipment as well as an enthusiast’s insight into the latest in equipment technology.

Burdess fittings always begin with a comprehensive discussion, usually as the player warms up. Initial conversation topics include: current equipment, playing level, flight tendencies, desired flight pattern, swing thoughts and swing changes (past, future or ongoing), among others. Fittings take about 1-2 hours, depending on the number of club categories being fit.

“My interest in fitting developed from my curiosity about golf equipment,” says Burdess. “I have always paid close attention to new products and components. I like to stay current with the new technology. I am constantly researching and learning.”

Burdess is able to pass this knowledge on to his golfers and, in the process, take out some of the mystery typically associated with a club fitting.

“Many golfers, for example, get caught up with club head speed,” says Burdess. “When I explain to them the importance of ball speed and proper flight characteristics, there is always an 'Aha!' moment.”

Light bulb moments aside, Burdess relishes the opportunity to remove an element of uncertainty from a golfer’s game.

“My satisfaction comes from giving people the peace of mind that they need,” says Burdess. “When people leave a Glen Club fitting, I want them to know that they have tested all the options and come up with the best possible solution.”

“Without going through the process, you are simply guessing.”

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