AP1 (712)

Titleist AP1® irons are advanced performance, multi-material irons that offer more forgiveness, solid feel and improved looks for the aspiring to skilled golfer.

Key improvements to the new AP1 irons add forgiveness without sacrificing shot control - factors previously thought to be mutually exclusive. AP1 irons are more forgiving because of their more efficient, high MOI design while also featuring a more traditional appearance with a progressive blade length throughout the set.

Forgiveness, solid feel and improved looks. Advance your game with the new AP1 irons.

*Performance comparisons relate to 710 series products.

MSRP: $112 per iron (steel)
$135 per iron (graphite)

  • Overview

    Increased Forgiveness

    through an advanced technology, multi-material, high MOI design featuring a precise stainless steel body and high density tungsten sole weight

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    Higher Ball Speed

    on miss-hits for improved distance control

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    More Forgiving Long Irons

    with a 4% increase in moment of inertia (MOI)

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    Traditional Short Irons

    through a progressively reduced blade length

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    Improved Solid Feel

    from the high MOI design and tuned feel cavity insert

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    Improved Appearance

    with a beveled topline, traditional shape and more precise address profile

  • Specs
    3 Iron .245" 20° 39.00" 60° D2
    4 Iron .220" 23° 38.50" 61° D2
    5 Iron .195" 26° 38.00" 62° D2
    6 Iron .170" 29° 37.50" 62.5° D2
    7 Iron .145" 33° 37.00" 63° D2
    8 Iron .125" 37° 36.50" 63.5° D2
    9 Iron .110" 41° 36.00" 64° D2
    P .105" 45° 35.75" 64° D2
    W .100" 50° 35.50" 64° D2
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