DCI 990

Designed with the better player in mind, the DCI 990 is a high performance blade design that features a variable muscle back cavity that provides traditional, solid feel, enhanced workability and consistent performance.

This unique design enables better players to hit long irons more easily and higher without sacrificing shot workability, as well as short irons with a flatter, more controlled ball flight.

Cast from heat-treated and homogenized 431 stainless steel, the DCI 990's soft profile, shallow blade, flat topline and low progressive offset provide a traditional set-up appearance.

High performance blade designed for players seeking the ultimate in feel, workability, shot control and overall performance.

Variable muscle back cavity progressively biases weight throughout the set to create a lower center of gravity in long irons, promote playability and higher ball flight. A higher center of gravity in the short irons produces lower, more controllable ball flight.

Weight distribution concentrates more mass behind the striking area for unmatched solid feel.

Progressive sole radius on the leading edge is smaller and sharper on long irons to promote crisp contact, and larger and more blunt on short irons to reduce excessive digging.

Soft profile, progressive blade lengths and toe radius and a thinner, flatter topline provide consistent and traditional set-up appearance throughout the set.

Traditional V grooves and scoreline spacing provide maximum degree of shot workability, trajectory and distance control and consistent spin performance.

MSRP: Steel Shafted $110.00 per club Graphite Shafted $150.00 per club

  • Overview
    • Head: Cast from heat-treated and homogenized 431 stainless steel. Taper Tip
    • Available in left hand.
    • Additional options are available through the Titleist Custom Department.
  • Specs
    Irons1 Iron2 Iron3 Iron4 Iron5 Iron6 Iron7 Iron8 Iron9 IronPW
    Length 39.75" 39.25" 38.75" 38.25" 37.75" 37.25" 36.75" 36.25" 35.75" 35.5"
    Loft 17° 19° 22° 25° 28° 32° 36° 40° 44.5° 49°
    Lie 58° 59° 60° 61° 62° 62.5° 63° 63.5° 64° 64°
    Offset .179" .165" .151" .140" .126" .113" .103" .096" .093" .092"
    Swing Wt D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2