DCI Gold

As club design has evolved over the years, the distinction between a "good player's" club and a "game improvement" club has become blurred. Titleist combines both tradition and playability in the new DCI iron. The DCI iron retains key design elements of a classic, traditional iron while still offering game improvement features to enhance playability.

DCI stands for the engineering term, Direct Central Impact. Impact is defined as the collision between two bodies, where forces result over a comparatively short interval of time. A straight line perpendicular to the plane of contact of two colliding bodies is called the line of impact. If the centers of gravity of the two bodies lie on the line of contact, the impact is called "direct central impact". Direct Central Impact provides for maximum energy transfer between two bodies. The DCI iron is designed to align the golf ball's and clubhead's center of gravity at impact for longer, straighter shots.

The center of gravity is a single point on a clubhead. If this point is lined up with the golf ball at impact, the clubhead will resist twisting and a solid shot will result. Positioning the center of gravity on every iron head in a precise location maximizes energy transfer and produces optimum trajectory and backspin.

Unlike most cavity back irons, the shape of the cavity of each DCI iron is different from all others in the set. The shape of each cavity is determined by the amount of weight that is removed, one gram at a time from the heel, toe, top and sole of the iron, to locate the center of gravity in the center of the face. In the long irons, the weight is concentrated near the bottom of the toe to enable the golfer to get the ball up in the air. The weight distribution in the middle irons is a more neutral position while the weight in the short irons moves higher in the toe to produce a flatter trajectory with maximum backspin.

The sole of each DCI iron is radiused in two directions. The heel to toe sole radius prevents the clubhead from twisting in tight lies, and the front to back sole radius helps the club guide through turf. The leading edge and trailing edge are cambered slightly to minimize drag at takeaway and impact.

This is the more offset model. The DCI Black and Gold are the same in the 7-Wedges, but the DCI Gold has more offset in the 1-6 irons.

Loft on sole - Red for flat (-2), Black for standard, White for upright (+2) Ladies Lenght is 1/2" shorter thru set

MSRP: $600 for 8, $675 for 9, $75 per club

  • Overview
    • V grooves
    • Investment Cast 431 Stainless Steel
  • Specs
    Irons1 Iron2 Iron3 Iron4 Iron5 Iron6 Iron7 Iron8 Iron9 IronPWWSWLW
    Length 39.50" 39.00" 38.50" 38.00" 37.50" 37.00" 36.50" 36.00" 35.50" 35.50" 35.50" 35.50" 35.50"
    Loft 16° 18° 21° 24° 28° 32° 36° 40° 44° 48° 52° 56° 60°
    Lie 56° 57° 58° 59° 60° 61° 61.5° 62° 62.5° 63° 63° 63° 63°
    Offset .380" .360" .330" .290" .260" .220" .180" .145" .110" .095" .095" +.010" +.010"
    Swing Wt D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1