MB (712)

Titleist® MB irons are traditional forged blades that offer solid feel, contemporary looks and advanced shot control for the highly skilled golfer.

MB irons feature a traditional muscle back design with short blade lengths and minimal progressive offset for both trajectory and shot shaping control. The narrow soles have been enhanced with new trailing edge relief, making MB an excellent choice for players who pick the ball off the turf.

Titleist MB, contemporary forged blade irons with maximum shot control.

MSRP: $140 per iron (steel)
$165 per iron (graphite)

  • Overview

    Traditional Solid Feel

    through the compact head shape and optimized muscle back weighting behind the impact area

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    Maximum Shot Control

    from the minimal progressive offset and traditional constant blade length design

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    Crisp Turf Contact

    from a new sole design with enhanced trailing edge and heel relief

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    High Performance Sole

    with a blunted leading edge and cambered bounce surface for smooth turf entry and release

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    New Satin Finish

    preferred by many tour players

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    Superior Appearance

    with a thin topline and rounder
    profile for a classic, but contemporary look

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  • Specs
    3 Iron .125" 21° 39.00" 60° D2
    4 Iron .120" 24° 38.50" 61° D2
    5 Iron .115" 27° 38.00" 62° D2
    6 Iron .110" 4.5° 31° 37.50" 62.5° D2
    7 Iron .100" 35° 37.00" 63° D2
    8 Iron .090" 39° 36.50" 63.5° D2
    9 Iron .080" 43° 36.00" 64° D2
    P .075" 47° 35.75" 64° D2
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