Acushnet AC 108

All - New Acushnet Titleist Irons with the enlarged sweet spot
We have enlarged the so-called sweet spot to improve your game dramatically. Custom developed inserts of special tungsten alloy are placed at the toe and heel of each superbly matched iron to produce a larger, more productive hitting area - the part of the club face which contacts the ball for the most efficient shot.

Exhaustive testing with live golfers of varying handicaps prove that even when the call is hit away from the sweet spot, (as most are) the totally new design deliver substantially more distance and better accuracy, Now you can miss the sweet spot and get away with it.

MSRP: Suggested Retail price, set of 8 irons, plus pitching wedge, $240.00

  • Overview
    • Tungsten alloy inserts - chosen for most precision and efficiency. 210% heavier that stainless steel. 60% heavier than lead. Blended beautifully into club - head design without ungainly, distracting bulges.
    • Completely re- designed head - for a generally larger head area and a sym- metrical, clean visual appearance which aids in addressing the ball. This, in turn, means improved "feel" and greater confidence.
    • True matched clubs - so perfectly matched that a straight edge will touch the toes, tops of hosels and soles of the 2-7 irons, and the toes, tops of hosels and soles of the 8 - 9 irons and pitching wedge.
    • New steel shaft - separately custom - designed for each iron in relation to the new weights and characteristics of the redesigned heads. New step-down pattern for maximum effectiveness. Flexpoints and feel remain constant, despite differences in lengths of different iron.
    • New optically - squared scoring for absolutely square visual alignment for each iron. New stainless steel formula - custom - developed to provide the exact hardness and feel of carbon steel while providing the wear, corrosion resistance and strength of stainless.
    • Acushnet can offer no finer iron to the golfer.
  • Specs
    Irons2 Iron3 Iron4 Iron5 Iron6 Iron7 Iron8 Iron9 IronPWSW
    Length 38.75" 38.25" 37.75" 37.25" 36 7/8" 36.5" 36" 35.5" 35.25" 35.25"
    Loft 22° 25° 28° 30° 33.5° 36° 40° 43° 47° 55°
    Lie 57° 58° 59° 60° 61° 62° 63° 63° 64° 64°
    Swing Wt D2-D3 D2-D3 D2-D3 D2-D3 D2-D3 D2-D3 D2-D3 D2-D3 D2-D3 E0-E6