Bulls Eye Putters

Bulls Eye Putters are made of soft, yellow brass, weighted and shaped to uniquely delicate balance is the hallmark of Bulls Eye. That's why Bulls Eye has been a favorite putter on tour for over thirty years. And why no Bulls Eye in the lineup strays far from the famous original.

  • Overview

    Aluminum back weighting twin sighting lines and slight offset make alignment easy. All Bulls Eye putters have an 8" sole radius to minimize drag, and 5 degrees of loft for consistent roll. Fluted True Temper shaft eliminates torque. All models (except LaFemme and Junior) are available in 33", 34" 35" and 36" lengths. Tacki-Mac regular and paddle grips. Leather grips available at additional charge.

    Original: Medium weight, rounded toe, flat top. For right or left handers.
    Old Standard: Medium weight with square toe and top blade. Sight line
    Standard: Medium weight with rounded toe and top.
    Light Blade: Like Old Standard but lighter, narrower.
    Heavy Blade: Like Old Standard but with heavier, wider blade.
    Bull's Eye Junior: Standard blade. 30" shaft. Scaled-down grip dimensions.
    Heel Shafted Flange: Medium-heavy weight. Offset hosel. Sweet spot slot for improved feel and alignment.
    Heel Shaft Flange II: Like the Heel Shafted Flange but without the Offset.
    Wide Flange: Heavy, wide flange for low concentration of weight. Sweet spot slot. Idea. for large or slower greens.
    Wide Flange Offset: Same as Wide Flange but offset.
    Flange: Medium weight, slightly offset. Single sweet spot sight line.
    LaFemme: Light weight for the woman golfer. Rounded toe, top and flange.
    Left Handed Flange: Like the Flange but for the one out of every dozen golfers who plays left-handed.

  • Specs
    PuttersMallet IStd
    Old Std
    Light BladeHeavy BladeOriginalLH/RH Flange
    Length 33-36" 33-36" 33-36" 33-36" 33-36" 33-36"

    PuttersWide FlangeFlange OffsetHeel-Shafted FlangeHeel-Shafted Flange IILa FemmeBulls Eye Jr.
    Length 33-36" 33-36" 33-36" 33-36" 32-34" 30"