Scotty Cameron GoLo mallets feature elegant but modern, easy to align, rounded profiles and racy soleplate designs with Select weighting technology for increased stability. The balanced GoLo design helps reduce the tendency to manipulate the face and allows the stroke to flow naturally. Four models (GoLo 3, GoLo 5, GoLo S5, GoLo 7) with different size and neck configurations allow players to choose their preferred appearance and toe flow.

GoLo putters use a deep-milled face to deliver tour-proven feel and soft sound. Select weights in the heel and toe are perfectly matched to the shaft length to provide balance and stability. Each model features striking new cosmetics, accented by a new Silver Mist finish with framed and double milled red-dot graphics and double beveled weights.

MSRP: $375

Modern Mallets

with a clean, Tour preferred appearance that flows from the single bend shaft down through the topline and curved back.

Refined Shapes

featuring a slightly asymmetric back with a shaved heel to promote the ideal flowing stroke along an inside to square arc.

Square Set Up

in the playing position from the triple angled sole with a slight camber to allow for a smooth takeaway.

Square Alignment

from the refined mallet shape with single black sight line.

Balance and Stability

from the Select heel and toe weights perfectly matched to the shaft length.

Soft Feel

from the Tour proven deep face mill.

Racy Cosmetics

with a soft Silver Mist finish, single black sight line, framed and double milled red-dot graphics and weights.

Great Sound

from the internal tuning ring within the aluminum sole plate.


GoLo 3GoLo 5GoLo S5GoLo 7GoLo 7 Dual Balance
LOFT 3.5° 3.5° 3.5° 3.5° 3.5°
LIE 70° 70° 70° 70° 70°
(RH) LENGTHS 33", 34", 35" 33", 34", 35" 33", 34", 35" 33", 34", 35" 36”-40” (38” Standard)
(LH) LENGTHS N/A 33", 34", 35" N/A N/A 36”-40” (38” Standard)
HEAD MATERIAL 303 Stainless Steel 303 Stainless Steel 303 Stainless Steel 303 Stainless Steel 303 Stainless Steel
HEAD FINISH Silver Mist Silver Mist Silver Mist Silver Mist Silver Mist
NECK Flow Single Bend Straight Single Bend Single Bend
OFFSET 1/2 Shaft 3/4 Shaft None 3/4 Shaft 3/4 Shaft
TOE FLOW Maximum Near Minimum Minimum Near Minimum Near Minimum
GRIP Red Pistolero Red Pistolero Red Pistolero Red Pistolero 15” Cameron Dual Balance

Dual Balance putters are available in 1/2” lengths from 36”-40”
Some lengths above are custom order
1/2" lengths available custom order
Custom Loft +/-1°
Custom Lie +/-2°
Additional options available through the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop at

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