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Dennis Gerhart and Tom Brady Go Back-to-Back

Dennis Gerhart and Tom Brady caused quite a commotion at Forsgate Country Club in New Jersey when they recorded back-to-back holes-in-one at the 181-yard seventh hole on the Banks Course. With almost 40 years golfing experience between them, neither Gerhart nor Brady, both Titleist golf ball loyalists, had ever previously recorded a hole-in-one so the timing and situation could not have been better for these friends and business associates.

Tom Brady (l.) and Dennis Gerhart

The odds of such a feat are reportedly an astronomical 17 million-to-one which explains why the pair was still returning calls to local and national media when we contacted them.

Who was in the foursome that day?
Tom Brady, Cooper Electric Supply Co; Jim Sydlo, Cooper Electric Supply Co.; Dennis Gerhart, Electrical Contractor; Dr. Tom White, Cardiologist

Do you play this course a lot?
TOM - Over the years, I have played there about a dozen times. The other members of the foursome have played there just a handful of times.

DENNIS - No, this was probably only my fifth or sixth time playing there.

How long have you both been using Titleist golf balls?
TOM - I've specifically been using the NXT ball for a few years now.

DENNIS - I've pretty much only used Titleist golf balls for the last 15 years.

Do you always use Titleist golf balls?
TOM - Over the past few years I have stuck with the NXT. Before that I probably changed at least once a year depending on how my game was going. I am very superstitious with golf - if something is working, I don’t change a thing and the NXT balls have been working well. I don’t foresee changing that anytime soon…and the balls have to be new as well, no logos either. Did I mention I'm pretty superstitious? I also have a 56 degree Vokey wedge and just ordered a new 907D2 driver to replace my 905T.

DENNIS - I've played only Titleist golf balls as long as I can remember and don't foresee changing anytime soon...especially now!

Who taught you to play golf?
TOM - Early on, I was mostly much self-taught. As I became more and more addicted to the game I took lessons, attended golf schools, etc. Over the past few years I have been working solely with Brian Keane, the head pro at the Architects Golf Club in Lopatcong, New Jersey. My handicap's now in the single digits and I attribute a lot of my success to working with Brian.

DENNIS - I originally picked up the game on my own to participate in charity and business outings. Now I love the game and play as often as I can!
Before you each hit your hole-in-one, were you having a good round or a bad round? How did you finish for the day?
TOM - Honestly I wasn’t expecting too much on this day since I hadn't played in about a month. When I went to the range, I hit the ball very solid so, being superstitious, I stopped after about a dozen shots. I bogeyed the first and second, then made back-to-back sand saves for par on #3 and #4, another par on #5, and a birdie on #6 so I felt like I was off to a solid start.

Walking to the 7th tee I was feeling pretty good coming off of the birdie, scrambling a little, but all in all pretty good. After the hole-in-one, I bogeyed the eighth and ninth to finish the front with a 37. The back nine was a little up and down and after putting a ONE on the card I really wanted to break 80. I didn’t want to tell people I had my first hole-in-one and proceeded to shoot a 95! Fortunately I held it together and scrambled for a bogey at the last to finish with a 78.

DENNIS - I was having a very good round and finished with 40 on the front. The hole-in-one was the 7th hole and then the eighth is a par-5 and is the #1 handicap hole.  I missed a birdie putt on #8 but sank a four-footer for par. The reason I bring up the 8th hole is because I vividly remember my knees feeling like rubber and the club like a feather. I was so pumped up it was hard to settle down and focus on the shot at hand. I finished the round with an 84 tying my best score ever.

Describe the shots on #7. 
TOM - On this particular course, the sand traps are monstrous, especially around the greens so you want to avoid them at all costs. At the seventh hole, there’s a large bunker on the right and the pin was kind of left center which I felt pretty good about because I tend to play a slight draw. When I hit the shot, I immediately knew I hit it flush. The ball started at the center of the green, taking the trap out of play, and all looked good. When the ball hit the green, it was pin high on the left, started rolling towards the pin and dropped – there was no doubt it went in the hole.  I dropped my club and raised my arms, but it took a few seconds to really sink in. The other guys in the group were all yelling and giving me high fives.

There was another group on an adjacent tee and they were congratulating me and called the pro shop to let them know. That same group was also there when Dennis hit his hole in one...all eight of us could not believe what just happened! Believe it or not, I was worrying about golf etiquette. We were kind of loud in our celebration and I knew we were taking a lot of time at the hole so didn’t want to back things up for the other golfers. 

DENNIS - Tom has a really great game and swing and he hit his shot crisp. It landed about 30 feet or so to the left of the pin and started rolling toward it with good speed and then disappeared.  It was unbelievable! We started going crazy and had to apologize to the foursome teeing off behind us.  They came over and congratulated Tom.  As they were walking off our tee box, I hit my shot. The ball landed along the same line where Tom's hit, maybe 20 feet from the pin, and started tracking towards it.  I didn't think it had the speed to get there and when it disappeared from view, I thought maybe it stopped behind the pin. Tom thought it went in, the other two golfers weren’t sure.  Our reaction caused the foursome on the adjacent tee to come back up and we waited on the tee while Tom and Tom drove up to the green.  With everyone watching, they looked into the cup and gave a signal that both balls were in, setting off total chaos once again! We couldn’t believe what just took place.  Good thing we had a Cardiologist in our foursome!

What club and ball were you using?
TOM - I used a 6-iron and a Titleist NXT golf ball

DENNIS - I hit 5-iron and a Titleist Pro V1

How did you celebrate the holes-in-one after the round?
TOM – Fortunately, the bar was kind of quiet, otherwise this could have cost us a fortune. The bartender heard about what happened and bought us some drinks and we all sat around for a little while reminiscing about the moment and talking about how we will all be forever connected because of this accomplishment.

DENNIS - Before leaving the course I called my wife to tell her about the two hole-in-ones.  By the time Tom White and I arrived home, friends had gathered to share our excitement.  Dr. Tom thought to call the Newark Star Ledger to have our names published in the hole-in-one section.  However, when the information got to the Sports Desk we received a call back saying this was more than just a hole-in-one; it was 17 million-to-one odds.  I called Tom Brady to tell him the big news and to thank him for “giving me the line” on the shot.

TOM - Dennis is a friend first and foremost but he also owns his own electrical business and is a customer of mine. I'm so happy to share something like this with such a great guy...and talk about a nice way to secure his business forever!

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