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Eagle/Double Eagle

Pete Schomin accomplishes a feat even more rare than a hole-in-one.

Recently Pete Schomin of Hollandtown, WI accomplished something far more rare than a hole-in-one. Listen to the amazing story in his own words:

Pete Schomin with the
Eagle/Double-Eagle Pro V1x

It was a beautiful summer day in Northeast Wisconsin. I was golfing with 3 friends (Larry Clark, Lee Salvo and Pat Johnson) at Royal Saint Patrick’s Golf Course which is located in Wrightstown, WI, just 15 minutes south of Green Bay. It is one of Fox Valley’s most difficult courses and the only 19-hole Links-Style golf course. The round seemed to progress normally with my usual share of pars, one birdie a few double bogies mixed in. This course is not forgiving and when you miss hit one in the long grass, it is probably going to cost you a stroke. The front 9, I shot 41, which is my normal round. Little did I know, everything would change on the back 9.

Hole #14 is called Longshanks. It is a 536-yard par 5. There is an old farm silo on the right and my buddy was telling me how he hit the silo the last time he played the hole. I hit my King Cobra Speed LD driver with a slight draw and it landed just over the bunker on the left. It was a good drive and I am always just happy to find the fairway. I was looking at 226 yards to the hole. I hit a solid 4-iron (Titleist 704CB) to within 5 feet and sank the downhill putt with my Scotty Cameron putter for an exciting eagle. This was my second eagle of the year in only 10 rounds of play. I was extremely happy.

How Pete Marks His Titleist

Hole #17 is called Wynde Haven. It is a 515-yard par 5. There is water on the right and left and a sharp dog leg left after the tee shot. I hit a well struck drive and it landed in the fairway about 290 yards out. I had a very similar 224 yards left to the hole. I commented to my golf partners that in 36 years of golfing, I never had 2 eagles in one round. I hit 4-iron again. It was cleanly hit, and on a good line with right to left movement as the ball descended. I felt like I would have another good opportunity for eagle. As we drove the cart up to the green, there was not a ball on the green or in front. The green was long and the thick grass over the green didn't have any ball exposed either. I grabbed my putter, 52 & 56 degree Titleist wedges as I had no clue were my ball was, but kind of hoped where it could be. Pat said, "I don't see it anywhere but I am not looking in the hole." As I walked toward the hole and peeked down, I could not believe my eyes. My Titleist Pro V1x was sitting in the hole sideways. It was by far the most exciting moment in my golfing life. I grabbed the ball out of the hole and started jumping and yelling "double eagle, double eagle." My friends were genuinely happy for me and they even openly admitted that it was also one of their best golf days ever. August 14, 2008 will be a golf day I will never forget. Ironically, on August 13, 2004, I shot my first and only hole in one. I will make sure I golf the middle of August for the rest of my life.

Date: August 14, 2008.
Time: 1:30 P.M. tee time.
Cost: Free. I won an annual bet from Pat Johnson (Lions Fan) Packers vs. Lions head-to-head and best record.
Hole #14: 536 yards, par 5.
I hit a 310-yard drive with a King Cobra Speed LD, F/9.0 driver. The second shot was 226 yards, hit with a Titleist 704CB. Sank the 5-foot downhill putt with a Scotty Cameron Newport Two putter. Eagle
Hole #17: 515-yard par 5
Hit a 291-yard drive with King Cobra driver. Hit a 224-yard Titleist 704CB 4-iron into the hole. Double Eagle.
Ball: Titleist ProV1x.
Final score: 41-37-78
Weather: Sunny and 75 degrees

Here is a link if you'd like to see layouts of the holes.

Congratulations, Pete, from all your friends at Titleist. Thank you for supporting the #1 ball in golf. We hope to hear back from you next August with another special story!


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