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New Futura, Studio Design and Studio Stainless Models Notably Prominent Across Worldwide Professional Tours

Fairhaven, MA (March 23, 2003) – Scotty Cameron by Titleist® putters, the overwhelming choice of more players and more champions on the U.S. PGA Tour for six consecutive years, announces the most significant and comprehensive introductions in the 10-year history of the franchise. Created by Master Putter Designer Scotty Cameron, Titleist introduces the new high tech, tour-proven Futura, as well as a brand new four-model Studio Design line with a unique Black Pearl "rainbow" finish. The Studio Stainless family offers a new seven-model line, highlighted by the addition of 33" to 36" lengths in the Newport 2 model as well as the 42-inch Mid Sur belly and 48-inch Big Sur long putter. Titleist offers serious golfers a wide variety of putter options based on feel, profile and performance.

"I got into putters because they’re the clubs that require and inspire the most craftsmanship. A putter’s style and design play elemental roles," says Cameron. "I can do more with their look, feel and performance by creating heels and toes and blades and flows and off-sets and goosenecks. Putters are an expression of the golfer's personal game."

"With the tools I have in the Cameron Putter Studio, I am allowed to communicate with some of the greatest golfers in the world and create putters that will inspire confidence when they are standing over an important putt," continues Cameron. "The Futura, Studio Design and Studio Stainless lines are all results of our Studio findings that we have been able to bring to market after being successfully tour-tested. After fine tuning the feel, aesthetics and performance, they are ready for introduction."

Notably prominent on the worldwide professional tours, Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters were played to win more than 70 events last year, including a PGA Tour-leading 21, more than twice the nearest competitor. The momentum continues in 2003, as Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters have been the choice of every champion through the first 11 events on the PGA Tour.

Chris McGinley, Vice President of Marketing, Titleist Golf Clubs, encapsulates Titleist’s excitement for the new putter introductions: "Scotty is the leading putter craftsman in the game. His unique ability to work with and satisfy the top players in the world is directly reflected in the superior quality, feel and performance of the Scotty Cameron by Titleist line of putters."



The Scotty Cameron by Titleist Futura is a contemporary, high-tech, concept putter that has been in design and development for over five years. Expanding the boundaries of the Cameron franchise for appearance and performance, the Futura has been refined from its prototype stage and is now ready for market having been accepted and validated by some of the world’s top players on the PGA Tour and across the worldwide professional tours. The new Futura is approved by both the USGA and the R&A Rules governing bodies.

Performance Features and Benefits

An advanced multi-material design, the Futura features a lightweight milled aluminum face and frame with steel heel and toe inserts behind the face and a deep, semi-circular stainless steel back weight. This design and weight distribution creates a dramatically deep center of gravity, and provides a high moment of inertia for unmatched balance, stability, forgiveness and roll. The horseshoe shaped back weight accounts for approximately 75 percent of the overall weight, compared to about 25 percent in the face and body of the putter. The shaft bends forward from its mounting point for a straight, no-offset appearance. In combination with the T-shaped frame with three in-line holes, the putter sits and aligns square to the target line. The rearward shaft insertion point, located behind the face and closer to the center of gravity creates a more flowing and balanced back stroke and the proper swing path. On the forward stroke, the deep back weight and high moment of inertia allows for the putter to track dead square producing putts that roll directly on the intended line.


The Futura features a satin finish and includes a futuristic silver headcover embroidered with the model name and built-in Cameron Pivot Tool accessory. Designed with a standard loft of 4 degrees and lie of 71 degrees and offered in lengths of 34 and 35 inches in right hand and 35 inches in left hand, the Futura is accented with an atomic red "baby T" grip.


Concept: The Studio Design putter line was the first to be born out of the state-of-the art Cameron Putter Studio when it was conceived in 1997. For 2003, the Studio Design line utilizes the best of the old and the best of the new, reanimating the franchise with three new models and one refined edition. The new four-model family includes the Studio Design 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 5, and combines a blend of natural, hand shaped forms, flowing and mechanical necks, and contemporary heel-toe weighting. The hand-crafted designs coupled with different necks inspire confidence on the greens through clean looks and outstanding performance.

Features and Benefits: All Studio Design putters are classically styled and 100 percent milled from mild carbon steel for soft, traditional feel. Cameron has refined the shapes of the Studio Design line to include heel-toe weighting for added performance. The draft sole is milled with slight negative bounce to insure that the head never sits closed. Cameron designed the sole and topline to slope up at the toe to help maintain proper loft and face angle at set-up, ideal for those players who cock the toe up and inadvertently shut the face.

Studio Design 1.5: The Studio Design 1.5 was inspired by Cameron’s early work and incorporates a mid-slant neck with square flange and a slightly wider body to provide a clean look and inspire confidence at address. The 1.5 features a high toe for square set up and a pocket in the back cavity for added forgiveness.

Studio Design 2.5: The Studio Design 2.5 features a rounded back flange with a pocket and is suited for the player demanding precise feel and feedback. In addition, the 2.5 has a shorter flare neck and a high toe for a distinctive profile, and a thinner, streamlined heel for a more flowing look.

Studio Design 3.5: The Studio Design 3.5 is a rounded back flange flowing design coupled with a mid-slant neck, and a pocket in the back cavity for forgiveness.

Studio Design 5: The Studio Design 5 received its pedigree straight from the greens of the PGA Tour. First introduced on Tour in 2002 as the JAT 2 Mid-Bend, the 5 is a "convertible" mallet design with a rounded, slightly radiused back flange. The Studio Design 5 features a T-style sight line configuration with lines engraved on the back of the topline and bottom of the back flange. The putter was coined "convertible" due to its mid mallet profile but inverted concave flange. The mid-bend "pencil" shaft features a single flowing bend that goes directly into the topline for a clean look at address. The slightly reduced shaft tip diameter produces a soft feel.


The new Studio Design family features a Black Pearl chrome finish, which has a deep, dark smoke color and iridescent or rainbow-like tones, for a beautiful look. This finish is also durable, rust resistant, and nearly maintenance free. A bright dancing Cameron logo, 7-point Cameron Crown and circled model numbers are distinctly positioned on the sole. A Studio Design U-shaped arch paddle grip and an attractive paint fill scheme emblazon all Studio Design putters, which also includes a screaming yellow headcover with pivot tool.


Concept: Inspired by the Classic 1, one of the first putters produced by Cameron International in 1992, and played to win the Masters in 1993, Scotty Cameron has gained overwhelming success by crafting and refining this classic design primarily under the Newport model name. The 7-model Studio Stainless collection is the newest generation to be developed in the state-of-the-art Cameron Putter Studio, and consists of a variety of iterations in the Newport mold. Milled entirely from 303-stainless steel, the Studio Stainless line features a distinct sound and feel. The putters utilize a variety of hosel positions, slightly wider soles for a confidence-inspiring setup, and sole draft angles to ensure the putter never sits closed when placed in the playing position. The satin Studio Stainless finish features a soft beaded mist on the topline and back flange to eliminate glare.

Features and Benefits

Newport: Originally designed in 1997 and trusted by more than 100 players across the worldwide professional tours, the classic Newport has been refined in the Studio making it slightly wider from front to back with a thinner topline and more curvature on the weight bumps leading down the back flange. This gives the putter a softer, less mechanical look and still retains the popular one-quarter toe hang for optimal toe flow through the stroke.

Newport Beach: The Newport Beach, played by Davis Love III to capture this year’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, has a winning history on Tour. The Newport Beach utilizes a refined Newport head, which is wider from front to back with a thinner topline. A slit is cut into the bottom of the face of the putter and stops just short of the topline. This "floating face" gives the Newport Beach a distinctive sound, which translates directly to feel. Traditionally, this type of slit was cut into the bottom flange of the putter, but Cameron improved this design by moving the slit closer to the face to improve the sound and pitch characteristics of the putter.

Newport 2: The Newport 2 Studio Stainless was literally born on Tour, first made from German stainless steel strictly for the best player in the world. The success, winning reputation and popularity of the putter carried over into the Cameron production line. The Newport 2 has a flat front neck that is in line with the topline making for a cleaner look at the ball. The one-quarter toe hang gives the putter ideal balance and optimal toe flow. There is a single sightline for alignment. The Newport 2 is available stock in 33"/350g, 34"/340g, 35"/330g configurations. It also features custom lie and grip options. A 36-inch model can also be ordered through Titleist Custom.

Newport 2.5: The Newport 2.5 has the same great attributes as the refined Newport 2 head but with a short, flowing neck for more toe flow. The 2.5 has a slightly wider head to give the putter a strong, confidence-inspiring look. The single sight line makes for easy alignment. Also available in left hand.

Laguna 2.5: Inspired by Brad Faxon, one of the PGA Tour’s all-time greatest putters, the Laguna 2.5 features a plumbing neck for a one-quarter toe hang and optimal toe flow. Refined and improved over the past few years, the new thin heel and full toe back flange design and Studio Stainless construction makes this putter a high performance favorite.

Big Sur: Heel shafted with a slightly thinner profile and stiffer, proprietary, single bend shaft that has no offset, the newly re-designed Big Sur becomes part of the Studio Stainless series for 2003. The "hot dog" profile allows for thicker walls where the shaft enters the head creating better sound and feel. The length of the Big Sur is 48 inches with an 80° lie, and a new split, round grip. Available both right and left hand.

Mid Sur: A variation of the original Newport shape, the Mid Sur is commonly referred to as a "belly putter" due to its 42-inch length. It features a 375-gram head that is longer and thicker than the Newport with a slightly larger midsize plumbing neck. For optimal performance at the increased length, the Mid Sur features a specially designed Micro-Step shaft which is stiffer and has a larger diameter bore. The Mid Sur has two round grips and a single sightline in the flange for easy alignment.

Aesthetics: Studio Stainless putters are distinguished by their bright silver, satin buff finish, unique sole graphics, popular U-shaped paddle grip and atomic red headcover with pivot tool. Cameron’s love of 1950’s industrial design inspired the graphics and red color scheme on the headcover and shaft band of the Studio Stainless family.


The new Futura ($285 MSRP), Studio Design ($270 MSRP) and Studio Stainless ($300 MSRP) putters begin shipping in March, 2003. For more information on the new Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters or the entire Titleist putter franchise, please visit your local golf shop, call the Titleist Consumer Hotline at 1-888-324-4766 or visit our web sites at or For images of the new putter lines, please contact Joe Gomes, Director of Communications (508.979.3211) at

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