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Built to Same Tour-Proven Performance Standards as Titleist Titanium 983 Driver Line

Fairhaven, MA (June 2, 2003) – Building upon the tour-proven and serious player acceptance of the recently introduced Titleist Titanium 983 driver franchise, Titleist unveils its new comprehensive line of Pro Trajectory 980 fairway metals. The Pro Trajectory 980 series is available in two different models, the 980F in five lofts ranging from 13 to 21-degrees, and the 980F Strong in two 3-wood lofts of 13 and 15-degrees. Both designs incorporate the same clean, classic pear-shaped profile and technologically advanced performance of the Titleist Titanium 983 drivers to appeal to the discerning player, while establishing a new benchmark in launch condition, ball flight and playability experience of fairway metals.


The Titleist 980 fairway metals are constructed from 355 Carpenter Steel with a special 275 Carpenter Steel face insert. Utilizing a two-piece face pull construction, the 980 fairway metals feature a thinner face insert plate that contributes to a higher ball speed, better feel and hotter flight. A thin outer face flange supports the face insert to maintain consistent ball-speed and feel across the face. An improved sole design includes continuous curvature from heel to toe with no sole break at the side walls, and a beveled leading edge to improve playability by reducing ground interference from all types of lie conditions from thin fairways to deep rough. The center of gravity and internal weight distribution has been refined for improved launch performance and ball flight producing less spin for an optimum downrange trajectory – high and flat – the hallmark of all Titleist metal woods.

"The new Titleist Pro Trajectory 980F and 980F Strong fairway metals are a byproduct of the work and research we have conducted with our PGA Tour player staff as well as PGA club professionals," comments Chris McGinley, Vice President, Golf Club Marketing, Titleist. "Many competitive fairway metals are designed to help get the ball up in the air, sacrificing trajectory and control. The new Pro Trajectory 980 family of fairway metals gets the ball up easily, yet maintains a flatter more boring ball flight for optimum trajectory, shot control and longer distance. This performance deliverable, combined with a clean, simple head shape adds up to a fairway metal that looks great in the playing position and plays even better."


The Pro Trajectory 980F line of pear-shaped fairway metals, available in a full range of lofts, are designed for serious golfers seeking versatility and overall performance and playability from their fairway metals. A slightly larger head and shallower face profile than the 980F Strong produces additional stability and forgiveness as well as a higher initial launch angle for “easy-up” flight. A thicker sole plate weight, slightly shorter hosel length and bore thru hosel combine to produce a low and deep center of gravity position. The result is an easy up, easy to square fairway metal with moderate to reduced spin for flat downrange trajectory.


The Pro Trajectory 980F Strong fairway metals are compact profile, deep faced 3-woods, for stronger, high-spin and/or high ball speed players who seek or require reduced spin for optimum performance, trajectory control and distance. The slightly smaller profile than the 980F model produces a flatter initial launch angle. The deeper face and forward center of gravity position reduces spin, resulting in a flatter, more penetrating trajectory.


The Pro Trajectory 980F fairway metals are available in lofts of 15, 17, 19 and 21 degrees in both right and left hand, with a 13-degree option available through Titleist Custom. A full matrix of shaft choices is available including True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (130g), Titleist Speeder Fairway (80g), Titleist 4375 (75g), and Titleist Prolite Fairway (70g). Additional shafts are also available through Titleist Custom. The Titleist Victory Velvet Full Cord Round grip is standard on all Pro Trajectory 980F and 980F Strong fairway metals.


The new Titleist Pro Trajectory 980F and 980F Strong fairway metals begin shipping to golf shops on June 2, 2003 with a suggested retail price of $290 per club in graphite and $200 per club in steel.


Product Specifications

Cast from 355 Carpenter Steel with a 275 Carpenter Steel stamped face insert.

Full matrix of shaft (True Temper Dynamic Gold steel, Titleist Speeder Fairway, Titleist 4375, Titleist Prolite Fairway) and flex (X, S, R) options.

980F: Available in five lofts (13, 15, 17, 19, 21 degrees).

980F Strong: Available in two lofts (13, 15 degrees).

Traditional Profile

Clean, classic appearance in the playing position.

Optical and mechanical 0º face angle for square appearance in playing position.

Traditional bulge and roll radius (10” radius).

980F: Full pear-shaped profile to appeal to the eye of the discerning player.

980F Strong: Compact pear profile with deep face.

Player Profile

980F: For all serious golfers seeking versatility and high performance.

980F Strong: For stronger or high spin, high ball-speed players seeking reduced spin for distance and trajectory control.

Strategic Internal Weighting

Thin, high strength steel face insert produces a hotter feel and flight.

Thin outer face flange supports the face insert to produce higher ball speed over a larger area of the face.

980F: Slightly larger head and deeper CG produces higher initial launch and higher moment of inertia for playability.

980F Strong: Compact, deeper face and forward CG position reduces spin and produces flatter launch angle and ball flight.

Sole Plate Design

Continuous heel-to-toe sole radius reduces ground interference and improves turf performance from all lies.

Beveled leading edge keeps club from digging.

Relieved trailing edge and front-to-back curvature allows club to glide through turf.

Smaller central flat area for square set-up.

Shaft Design

980F: Bore thru shaft design provides stability and the internal weighting bias to help square the face.

980F Strong: Blind bore design provides appropriate neutral internal weighting for more compact head.


Attractive “dark gray” paint finish.

New bolder graphics including larger Titleist logo and dashed diamond bar pattern.

New multi-level sole scallops are larger in area.

Titleist fulcrum crown ornament and new scoreline pattern.

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