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Titleist is pleased to announce the availability of optional long irons combinations commonly referred to in the market as "mixed sets." The new Titleist Mixed Set custom program allows you to combine a base set of irons with optional #2, 3, or 4 irons from the next model up the playability spectrum. This program was developed based on our ten plus years of Club Fitting experience and through fitting the world's best players on the PGA Tour. This custom initiative is truly performance based and was developed as a tool to help you better fit and sell irons.

The Goal:
The new Titleist Mixed Set custom program is based purely on ball flight and playable trajectory. The goal is to provide the golfer with long irons that create useable long game yardage gaps from club to club while maintaining playable trajectory.

PLAYABLE TRAJECTORY is defined as a high launching ball flight that produces maximum carry distance with a descending angle that allows the golf ball to stop on a green with control.

Titleist Research and Experience:
Our R&D and Club Fitting research shows that there are some professional, better amatuer, and serious golfers who need extra help with their long iron trajectory. In many cases, these players have two or more clubs that carry the same distance due to the loss of playable trajectory. These players have a club or clubs in their set comp below their critical loft threshold. Typically the loss of playable trajectory and critical loft threshold occurs in the #2, 3, or 4 iron.

CRITICAL LOFT THRESHOLD is defined as the loft or club number below which a player loses playable trajectory and experiences a decrease in carry yardage gap from club to club. In many cases this creates an actual redundancy in the set (or two clubs that fly the same distance).

The Fitting Solution:
The new Titleist Mixed Set custom program enables the fitter to recommend a base set of irons with a #2, 3 or 4 iron from the next iron model up the playability spectrum. The added playability, lower center of gravity, and/or increased offset of the next model up provides a playable trajectory and restores useable yardage gaps.

Important Notes:
If a golfer cannot achieve a playable trajectory with a #5 iron, they are playing (or considering) the wrong base set of irons. A common question we hear is "why can't I get a mixed set of irons with a base set of #6-P and optional 3, 4, and 5 irons"? The answer is simple. If the golfer is properly fit into the correct base set of irons, the #5 iron will produce a playable trajectory. In addition, our research and testing shows the optimal performance break point between the different Titleist iron models (in terms of the loft and offset progression) is between the #4 and #5 irons.

The PGA Tour:
On the 2004 PGA Tour players using mixed iron sets are typically replacing only one or two long irons. It is for the aforementioned reasons that Titleist offers mixed iron sets in the following combinations.

Acceptable Model Combinations Base Set Long Irons
690.MB base + 690.CB long irons 690.MB #3-P 690.CB #2
  690.MB #4-P 690.CB #3
  690.MB #4-P 690.CB #2, 3
  690.MB #5-P 690.CB #4
  690.MB #5-P 690.CB #3, 4
  690.MB #5-P 690.CB #2, 3, 4

Acceptable Model Combinations Base Set Long Irons
690.CB base + 704.CB long irons 690.CB #3-P 704.CB #2
  690.CB #4-P 704.CB #3
  690.CB #4-P 704.CB #2, 3
  690.CB #5-P 704.CB #4
  690.CB #5-P 704.CB #3, 4
  690.CB #5-P 704.CB #2, 3, 4

Acceptable Model Combinations Base Set Long Irons
704.CB base + 804.OS long irons 704.CB #3-P 804.OS #2
  704.CB #4-P 804.OS #3
  704.CB #4-P 804.OS #2, 3
  704.CB #5-P 804.OS #4
  704.CB #5-P 804.OS #3, 4
  704.CB #5-P 804.OS #2, 3, 4

When ordering, please keep in mind the following program guidelines:

  • All mixed set combinations will be subject to the custom limitations of the base set
  • All mixed set orders must specify the same shaft and grip (on the base set and optional long irons)
  • No mixed set orders involving 670 or 731PM irons

If you have any questions regarding the new Titleist Mixed Set custom program, please feel free to contact your local Titleist Sales Representative. Our goal as always is to provide you with the best high performance products, fitting tools and education to help you add value to the club buying experience for your members or customers.

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