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Acushnet Company Awards More Than $130,000 in Scholarships to PGA.

Fairhaven, MA (January 27, 2005) - Acushnet Company, comprised of the Titleist, FootJoy, Cobra and Pinnacle golf brands, announces the recipients of its 2004 PGA Apprentice Scholarship Program. Through this redesigned program, Acushnet Company increased the number of scholarship opportunities to Apprentices completing the 3rd and final stage of the PGA Professional Management Program.

A total of 117 $1,000 scholarships are being awarded to the top graduates in each of the 41 PGA Sections. Scholarships were also awarded to the top graduate at each of the accredited PGA University/College Programs. Acushnet Company invests in excess of $130,000 annually in support of Apprentice education. Since the program's inception in 1998, Acushnet has provided over $1.6 million in educational support to Apprentices. Acushnet is pleased to announce the continuation of the program for 2005.

"Supporting Apprentice education is a core element of our PGA support portfolio and philosophy," comments Peter Broome, Vice President, Business Development & Partnerships, Acushnet Company. "Acushnet Company views this initiative as an investment in the future of the industry, as today's Apprentices will be tomorrow's leaders. We are proud to be assisting future PGA Professionals in their educational pursuit."

"PGA Apprentices represent a vital link to the future of the golf industry, and The PGA of America is pleased that Acushnet will continue its commitment with its scholarship program," said PGA of America President Roger Warren. "Acushnet, which is a valued partner to PGA Professionals, underscores our Association's commitment to the training and education of the next generation of golf's leaders."

To learn more about the program, please visit your local PGA Golf Professional. Below is a listing of the Scholarship Winners.

Aloha Christien Noda
Carolinas Jeffrey Evatt
Carolinas Jonathan Hughes
Carolinas/Philly new D. Scott Ammon
Carolinas/ No Fl new Kevin Strom
Colorado Ryan Eckroat
Colorado Caine Fitzgerald
Colorado Joseph Wilson
Connecticut Richard Cardoza
Dixie James Gunnells
Dixie Brian Willis
Gateway Nathan Charnes
Georgia Zachary Cutshall
Georgia Grant Gaalema
Georgia Brian Conley
Georgia/Coastal Carolinas University Matthew Joyner
Georgia/Florida State University Gaylord Fridley
Gulf States Sidney Neal
Gulf States Philip Schmitt
Gulf States Russell Bloom
Illinois Russ Lipinski
Illinois Eric Pratali
Illinois Michael Troy
Illinois/Ferris State University William Amundsen
Indiana Anthony Mynhier
Indiana Steven King
Indiana Michael Abbott
Iowa Josh Roseberry
Kentucky Derrick Griffitts
Kentucky Michael Higdon
Metropolitan John Banse Jr.
Metropolitan Gregg Gaulocher
Metropolitan William Wallis
Metropolitan/Penn State University Michael Conway
Michigan Todd Loughin
Michigan Daniel Tobiczyk
Michigan Brandon Roby
Michigan/New Mexico State U. Eric Geswein
Michigan/Penn State University Thomas Barnhart
Middle Atlantic Michael Rymer
Middle Atlantic Matt Wilson
Middle Atlantic James Holland
Middle Atlantic Bryan Stone
Midwest Brad Volker
Midwest Christopher Jackson
Minnesota Daniel Moris
Minnesota Michael Grube
Minnesota Andy Black
Minnesota David Branstad
Minnesota/Arizona State University Dallin Pender
Nebraska Mark Burke
New England Casey Bourque
New England Bryan Mussulman
New England Harry Rose
New England David Bennett
New England Steven McDaniel
New Jersey Glenn Holterman
New Jersey Michael Esposito
New Jersey Bryce Finnman
North Florida Christopher Sloan
North Florida John Koestner
North Florida Eric Pitts
North Florida Matthew Borocz
North Florida James Houston
North Florida Peter Maki
North Florida/Penn State University Kevin Stanton
Northern California Denise Bondurant
Northern California Andrew Short
Northern California Richard Beeghly
Northern California Thomas Fong
Northern California Jim Hayes
Northern Ohio Matt Creech
Northern Ohio Bryan Mineard
Northern Ohio Mike Pickett
Northern Ohio/ Mississippi State U. Steven Bordner
Northern Texas Rawleigh McCullough
Northern Texas Steve Conley
Northern Texas Brian Madison
Pacific Northwest Jeff Groshell
Pacific Northwest Robyn Schulz
Pacific Northwest Eric Berry
Pacific Northwest David Putney
Philadelphia Jared Cottell
Philadelphia Thomas Gilbert
Philadelphia Matthew Harvey
Rocky Mountain Andy Hollister
South Central Brent Mistler
South Central David Bryan
South Central Greg Bray
South Florida Amy Lourie
South Florida Brian Bachman
South Florida Eerik Kauppinen
South Florida William Marcozzi
South Florida Jeffrey Willenberg
Southern California Jack Farrior
Southern California Scott Heyn
Southern California Ward Sutton
Southern California John Milligan
Southern Ohio Jill McCoy
Southern Ohio William Ackman
Southern Ohio Melissa Yeazell
Southern Texas Wes Skaggs
Southern Texas James Hardy
Southern Texas William Bullock
Southern Texas Brian Davis
Southern Texas James Hubbard
Southwest Bradley Engel
Southwest Carl Podwika
Southwest Glen Gray
Southwest Adam Packard
Sun Country Derek Gutierrez
Utah James Kilgore
Western New York John Damore
Wisconsin Daniel Rainbow
Wisconsin Al Vizgaitis
Wisconsin Paul Bjerke

Acushnet Company comprises the golf business of Fortune Brands (NYSE: FO). For more information, please contact Joe Gomes, Director of Communications (508.979.3211) or visit us online at,, or

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