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Get In the Proper Set-Up Position

Get In the Proper Set-Up Position
When the best players in the world set up to a golf ball their spine is tilted away from the target. Watch this simple drill that you can work on at home to help with proper set-up. This drill may feel awkward at first, but it will help you come into the golf ball at a shallower angle and improve your ball striking


INCORRECT (left); CORRECT (right)

Jon Tattersall is the founder of Georgia-based Executive Golf Links, where he conducts dozens of golf events each year for a client-base of executives and corporations that represent a varied cross section of Fortune 100 companies across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Prior to launching Executive Golf Links, Jon worked closely with top instructor and former ABC commentator Gary Smith, assisting golfers of all abilities, from beginner to professionals on the PGA, Nationwide and Champions tours. Jon's expertise and instructional talents have earned him GOLF Magazine Top Teacher (Southeast Region 2002, 2003) status. He is a Class A Member of the PGA of America and a Titleist Leadership Advisory Staff Member. A
native of England, Jon and his wife Diane have three children, Jordan, Kirby and Christine.

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