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Where to Position the Golf Ball

I am going to simplify the great debate of where the golf ball should be positioned in a player’s stance when hitting a driver or iron. I subscribe to the “one swing, 13 different clubs” theory where consistent position throughout the bag translates into consistent golf shots. Here’s a drill to show you how:

1. Position the golf ball off your front foot.

2. An imaginary vertical line should run from the golf ball to just outside your left shoulder.

3. It is very important that you are postured correctly. For every inch the ball is back in stance, the golf ball will go 20 yards to the right of target at 250 yards.
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1. Continue to position golf ball off your front foot so a vertical line would run from the top of the ball to just outside your left shoulder. Your left side of the body does not change from your driver position.

2. Because an iron is a shorter club than the driver, the ball will be closer to your body in your stance.

3. Move your right foot in for proper set-up.
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Jon Tattersall is the founder of Georgia-based Executive Golf Links, where he conducts dozens of golf events each year for a client-base of executives and corporations that represent a varied cross section of Fortune 100 companies across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Prior to launching Executive Golf Links, Jon worked closely with top instructor and former ABC commentator Gary Smith, assisting golfers of all abilities, from beginner to professionals on the PGA, Nationwide and Champions tours. Jon's expertise and instructional talents have earned him GOLF Magazine Top Teacher (Southeast Region 2002, 2003) status. He is a Class A Member of the PGA of America and a Titleist Leadership Advisory Staff Member. A
native of England, Jon and his wife Diane have three children, Jordan, Kirby and Christine.

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