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Correct Your Slice

Steve Ball shows you how to work on your swing path.

A common problem for many golfers that we see throughout the day is the slice. One of the main reasons for this ball flight is an incorrect swing path. Those golfer's who slice tend to swing from the outside-to-in creating a large amount of side, or slice spin. This is a great drill to work on for an inside-to-out swing path and rid yourself of that slice. Click here for a video of the tip: video
Position three golf balls in a line at address, creating a "gate." The middle golf ball is your "target ball." If you make an outside-to-in swing, chances are you are going to come across the gate and hit the outside golf ball before you hit your target ball.
You want to make an inside-to-out swing path, through the gate. Your arm rotation will help clubface square up. This swing path should help the golf ball start out to the right of target and your arm rotation should help draw the golf ball right to left.
Steve Ball is a PGA Master Professional and owner of Ball Golf Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has been named the top instructor in Oklahoma by Golf Digest and has been a finalist for GOLF Magazine's PGA of America Teacher of the Year. Steve is also a Senior Consultant for Club Fitting to Titleist and Cobra Golf.

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