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Titleist, The #1 Ball in Golf, Strengthens Technology Leadership

Product Enhancements Made to Already Best Selling Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour, NXT and DT SoLo Models

Fairhaven, MA (February 23, 2005) – Titleist, the golf ball technology leader wherever competitive golf is played, is not resting on its laurels or current golf ball market share momentum and worldwide professional Tour success.

Titleist again raises the bar for high performance by making the already best selling golf ball models in the world even better. The introduction of five advanced golf balls has been designed to deliver exceptional performance for golfers at all levels of the game. Providing product improvements to its three established microbrands – Pro V1, NXT and DT SoLo – Titleist offers a variety of performance options for golfers seeking a simplified choice.

Consistent with its continual pursuit of Best of Category product performance, Titleist’s golf ball line-up for 2005 consists of the New Pro V1 and Pro V1x, New NXT Tour and NXT, and the New DT Solo, and features proprietary advances in core chemistry, cover materials, construction, dimple aerodynamics and manufacturing processes, while delivering new levels of distance and performance for players of all levels of the game.

"Our golf ball product line for 2005 has been designed to further accelerate our most meaningful point of difference by making the already best performing and best selling golf balls in the world even better,” comments George Sine, Acushnet Company’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning,-Worldwide. “From the tour-proven Pro V1 and Soft & Long NXT franchises to the Feel Good Golf Ball, DT SoLo, we have advanced each model with the goal of exceeding golfers’ expectations and establishing new benchmarks for distance and performance within the golf ball category."

“Whether it is optimizing performance at the highest levels of the game or improving the performance of aspirational and recreational golfers seeking to take their games to new levels, golfers will soon experience improved golf balls from tee–through-green,” added Sine. “We will continue, as we have throughout our nearly 75-year history of golf ball technology leadership, to improve upon current models and pioneer new technologies that will benefit the most discerning and demanding players of the game.”

All Titleist high performance golf balls are tested and validated across the worldwide professional tours, as well as with club professionals and better playing amateurs, prior to being shipped to the marketplace. The New Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls have found instant acceptance and success on the 2005 PGA Tour, having been the most played golf ball models at every event to date.

Darren Clarke was the first tour player to win an official world-ranked event with the New Pro V1x when he posted a six-stroke victory at the Visa Taiheiyo Masters in November. The golf balls first became available to PGA Tour players at the season-ending 2004 TOUR Championship where Jerry Kelly (3rd), Mark Hensby (T4) and Scott Verplank (T7) all posted top 10 finishes the first time they put it in play, setting the stage for the introduction of new Titleist flagship franchise. To date, more than six times as many players tee up a Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x at PGA Tour events than the nearest competitor.

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New Pro V1
Since taking the golf industry by storm in the fall of 2000, the Titleist Pro V1 continues to serve as the high performance standard by which all other golf balls are being compared and measured. By developing improvements to the core formulation and redesigning the casing layer, Titleist has advanced the game’s most revered golf ball product with improved launch conditions, while maintaining its Drop-and-Stop™ performance into the green. The New Pro V1 leaves the clubface faster and with slightly lower spin for longer, straighter distance and penetrating ball flight. The New Pro V1 benefits a wide range of golfers with varying launch conditions and will remain the most suited and game optimizing technology within the Pro V1 family for the majority of professionals and amateurs. (MSRP: $58/dozen)

Features and Benefits
• New high velocity 1.530” core formulation provides soft feel, while contributing to increased velocity
• Redesigned ionomer casing layer improves launch conditions for longer distance
• Maintains Drop-and-Stop™ greenside performance
• High performance soft and thin Urethane Elastomer cover
• Tour-proven 392 high coverage icosahedral multi-dimple design (5 different sizes of dimples)
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New Pro V1x
The ultimate performance companion to the New Pro V1, the New Pro V1x features a new, softer inner core and firmer outer core and ionomer casing layer. The Pro V1x’s reformulated dual core controls the spin rate on full iron shots into the green, providing golfers with a more controlled iron flight and better green-holding ability. Utilizing Titleist’s industry-leading multi-component technology and manufacturing process excellence, the New Pro V1x is most suited for players with high spin and high lift launch conditions, and is designed to lower the ball flight and increase driver distance. (MSRP: $58/dozen)

Features and Benefits
• New, softer inner 1.550’’ dual core design, similar finished compression
• Speed enhancing and spin controlling resilient ionomer casing layer
• High velocity and low spin for exceptionally long driver distance
• Lower spin for greater control and green-holding ability with full iron and wedge shots
• High performance soft and thin Urethane Elastomer cover
• High coverage 332 icosahedral multi-dimple design
For more information and performance comparisons, please visit:

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New NXT Tour
Titleist has improved the New NXT Tour through new advanced dual core technology, combining soft feel and optimum short game spin with measurably longer distance off the driver and irons. The New NXT Tour’s dual core technology consists of a very soft inner core and firmer outer core which results in longer distance, while not sacrificing its soft feel and short game scoring performance inherent. (MSRP: $36/dozen)

Features and Benefits

• New 1.580” dual core design
• Soft Fusablend cover formulation
• High coverage 392 icosahedral multi-dimple design
• Straighter, longer driver distance
• Longer distance and improved control on full iron shots
• Exceptional greenside performance
• Soft compression
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Titleist has improved upon the NXT by providing more controlled ball flight for even longer distance via new, high coverage 392 multi-dimple design aerodynamics. A soft, high velocity 1.550” core and resilient Fusablend cover retain the NXT’s soft, responsive feel and consistency from tee-through-green. (MSRP: $36/dozen)

Features and Benefits

• Soft, high velocity 1.550” core for high speed and low spin
• Lower spin and trajectory and increased carry and roll off driver and long irons for longer distance
• Resilient Fusablend cover formulation for durable, soft feel and optimum short game spin
• New high coverage 392 icosahedral multi-dimple design for straighter, more controlled ball flight.
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New DT SoLo
The New DT SoLo is driven by a new high-lift construction and soft, faster core formulation that delivers longer distance on all shots, while retaining its “feel good golf ball” performance. Golfers with moderate swing speeds who require additional lift for optimum carry and overall distance will benefit the most from the improvements to the New DT SoLo. (MSRP: $28/dozen)

Features and Benefits
• Soft, faster core formulation
• New high-lift construction design for longer distance on all shots
• Longer carry and total distance off driver for low and moderate swing speed golfers
• More spin off longer irons
• High coverage 392 icosahedral multi-dimple design
• Resilient Surlyn blend cover formulation for cut-proof durability
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The New Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour, NXT and DT SoLo golf balls will be sold in traditional dozen and three-ball sleeve configurations and will all sport contemporary new packaging retaining the color equity and lens flare graphic that has become synonymous with the Titleist golf ball brand. Merchandising support includes Launch Packs, dedicated trial and sustaining displays, a full product line trade presenter, as well as in-shop signage and point-of-sale materials.


The Pro V1 family will be supported by print, television and internet advertising campaigns. The Pro V1 and Pro V1x also will be supported through Tour leadership promotion, immediacy print advertisements and weekly e-newsletter updates. The NXT family also will be supported by print, television and internet advertising campaigns. Print and television advertising will include the return of legendary actor John Cleese as Ian MacCallister. DT SoLo will be supported by print and extensive internet advertising.

The entire line of new Titleist golf balls begins shipping to golf shops on March 1, 2005.

To obtain additional information or photography regarding Titleist golf balls, please visit us online at, call Consumer Relations at 1.888.TITLEIST or contact Joe Gomes, Director of Communications (508.979.3211).

Titleist, FootJoy and Cobra comprise the major golf brands of the Acushnet Company, an operating company of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE - FO). Titleist, Cobra, FootJoy, Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour, NXT, DT SoLo and Drop-and-Stop are trademarks owned or licensed by Acushnet Company. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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