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Titleist Introduces Four New Putter Families to Scotty Cameron Franchise.


Studio Style



Fairhaven, MA (April 21, 2005) - The undisputed choice of the world’s best players, club professionals and competitive amateurs, Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters are precision milled to inspire pure confidence. This trust is born from the product and player research conducted at the state-of-the-art Cameron Putter Studio, and the fact that the Scotty Cameron by Titleist franchise provides golfers with more Tour-proven, high performance choices than any other brand.

For 2005, Cameron introduces four versatile putter lines, including the new flagship Studio Style series, Futura Phantom and Futura Phantom Mallets, and the new American Classic III family. The popular Red X and Red X2 mallets and traditional Studio Design models remain in the line, solidifying the unmatched depth and breadth of Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters. All of the new Cameron putters are available immediately.

STUDIO STYLE: By combining the finest milled stainless materials with precision inlay technology, the new four-model Studio Style line of putters provide a superb feel and sound for a soft yet responsive touch. A pure, high grade machined inlay of German Stainless Steel is attached to the precision milled, satin mist Studio Stainless Steel body through a special vibration pad. The entire inlay is surrounded by an elastomer cushion to further enhance the feel and sound, and contributes to the soft yet responsive touch.

The Studio Style line features two primary body styles, the softer, more flowing lines of Newport and Newport 1.5, and the crisp, boxier lines of the Newport 2 and Newport 2.5. The line also features two neck styles. The square plumbing neck on the Newport and Newport 2 is designed with a full shaft of offset. This neck produces less toe hang and therefore encourages a slightly inside to square stroke. The shorter, flare neck on the Newport 1.5 and Newport 2.5 designed with only a half shaft of offset. This neck provides more toe hang, or toe flow, and encourages a more flowing toe open to close stroke. (MSRP: $300)

Newport Softer, flowing lines with a square, plumbing neck hosel and single sightline.
Newport 1.5 Softer, flowing lines with a short, rounded flare neck and single sightline
Newport 2 Crisp, boxier body with a square, plumbing neck hosel and single sightline.
Newport 2.5 Crisp, boxier body with a short, rounded flare neck and single sightline.

Click here to download a hi-res image of a Studio Style putter:

Futura Phantom
FUTURA PHANTOM: The new Futura Phantom improves upon the original high tech Futura mallet putter introduced by Titleist in 2003. Cameron’s Futura design created an entire new category of putter products. Contemporary and high-tech in appearance, the Futura Phantom features a milled aluminum face and frame and a deep semi-circular steel backweight. The result is a dramatically deep center of gravity for unmatched balance, forgiveness and roll. The bottom sole rudders on the Futura Phantom have been extended for better stability at set up. The shaft insertion point is behind the face, closer to the center of gravity allowing the player to more easily create a flowing backstroke and the proper path. The shaft bends forward from its mounting point for a straight, no offset appearance at address. The combination of the shaft design, the black, extended T-shaped frame and single silver sightline, makes the Futura Phantom very easy to align. On the forward stroke the deep backweight helps the putter track dead square producing putts that roll along the intended line. (MSRP: $285)


Futura Phantom Contemporary mallet with a forward shaft bend and no offset set up.

Click here to download a hi-res image of the Futura Phantom putter:

Futura Phantom Mallet
FUTURA PHANTOM MALLETS: The new Futura Phantom Mallet and Futura Phantom Mallet 2 extend the Futura family and heavy backweight concept into a more conventional mallet profile and size. Both mallets are force balanced due to the heavy backweight being closer to the face. Force balanced means they have no toe hang like a face balanced putter, but putt like they toe flow, which helps produce the ideal stroke.

The topline on Futura Phantom Mallets slopes up slightly from heel to toe, helping the golfer sole the putter with the proper loft and face angle at address. The Phantom Mallets feature a faceted leading edge and five sight lines on the body for easy alignment.

The Phantom Mallet features a clean single bend shaft configuration for a softer looking, less mechanical set up, while the Phantom Mallet 2 features a straight in shaft configuration. This near center shaft putter is designed with the bore positioned slightly towards the heel. (MSRP: $285)


Futura Phantom Mallet Semi-circular, high-tech mallet with flowing, single bend shaft.
Futura Phantom Mallet 2 Semi-circular, high-tech mallet with a near center shaft configuration.

Click here to download a hi-res image of a Futura Phantom Mallet putter:

American Classic III
AMERICAN CLASSIC III: The new American Classic III family has roots to the original brass Bulls Eye putter. The three-model line features longer blade lengths that are pinched in the heel and toe to produce a sleeker, more contemporary look and improved performance. The milled one-piece steel construction flows up from heel-to-toe and features a satin mist finish, copper tungsten heel-toe weighting and a single elegant sweet spot dot on the topline. The Blade model provides the simple yet timeless, no offset original Bulls Eye-like set up. The Flange and Heavy Flange models feature one quarter shaft of offset with a perpendicular sightline on the back. (MSRP: $200)


Blade Bulls Eye style blade with smooth topline.
Flange Bulls Eye style blade with back flange featuring a perpendicular sightline.
Heavy Flange Shorter, heavy flange putter with a perpendicular sightline.

Click here to download a hi-res image of an American Classic III putter:

Scotty Cameron became interested in the art of putter making as a teenager, watching and learning from his father who enjoyed tinkering with golf clubs after work and on weekends. From his humble beginnings of hand-making putters in his garage for friends more than two decades ago, Cameron’s expertise and his precision instruments of uncompromised feel, control and performance are now sought after by many of the world’s best tour professionals and amateurs. His hands on approach to product creation and player fitting, and a singular focus on making the finest putters in the world make Scotty Cameron the game's most respected name in putting.

On the 2005 PGA Tour, Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters have been the choice of more players and more champions than any other brand. In fact, Cameron putters have topped the player and win counts on the PGA Tour every year since 1997. For the fifth consecutive year, a Cameron putter was played by the Masters champion.

Titleist, FootJoy and Cobra comprise the major golf brands of Acushnet Company, an operating company of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE - FO). Titleist, Cobra, FootJoy, Scotty Cameron by Titleist, American Classic III, Bulls Eye, Futura, Futura Phantom, Red X, Red X2, Studio Design and Studio Style are trademarks owned by Acushnet Company. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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