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New Season of Golf Fitness Academy Presented by Titleist Premieres on The Golf Channel

Second season begins July 11th with the first of 10 new episodes for 2005

Fairhaven, MA (July 11, 2005) - Promoting a better game through fitness, Golf Fitness Academy presented by Titleist returns to The Golf Channel in 2005 with 10 all-new episodes. The first episode of the new season, titled "Lower Back," will air Monday, July 11 at 8:40pm EDT.

In its second season on The Golf Channel, Golf Fitness Academy Presented by Titleist offers a wide range of useful tips that directly relate to producing a more efficient swing, from conditioning exercises for all golfers which improve upper and lower strength, flexibility and endurance to identifying obstacles and prescribing solutions for specific categories of golfers, such as women, juniors, and players with bad posture.

Filmed at the state-of-the-art Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California, the 2005 series will feature Titleist-affiliated tour and club professionals, as well as special guests from the golf and fitness communities.

"Titleist is known for providing innovative products to optimize the performance of golfers at all skill levels and we've recognized the importance of fitness as another tool golfers can embrace to reach their potential," said Dr. Greg Rose, cofounder, Titleist Performance Institute. "Our partnership with The Golf Channel enables us to share with the audience the same personalized training and performance tips we have learned through years of working with some of the world's best golfers."

Dr. Rose and Dave Phillips, cofounders of the Titleist Performance Institute, return as co-hosts to provide various exercises, stretches and golf-specific motor skills designed to enhance golf performance through fitness.

In tonight's first episode, Greg and Dave are joined by Gray Cook, Physical Therapist-Board Certified in Orthopedics, to show viewers how to test for lower back limitations and exercises to incorporate into an exercise program.

Dr. Rose, a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic who also holds a degree in Engineering, helped pioneer the field of analyzing computerized 3-D motion and how the body works during the golf swing. Greg specializes in strength and conditioning, manual therapy, rehabilitation, nutritional supplementation and therapeutic exercises as they relate to golf. He has worked with more than 500 professional and 3,000 amateur golfers to help them reach their peak performance.

Phillips is a PGA Professional and is among GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Teachers. Considered one of the world's premier instructors, Dave applies his expertise in computerized swing analysis and biomechanics to create a clear picture of what happens during the golf swing. Born in England and raised in Africa and Australia, Dave has had the unique experience of playing with and instructing some of the game's greatest golfers worldwide.

On this season of the Golf Fitness Academy presented by Titleist, viewers will also have the opportunity to enter weekly drawings. Prizes, many of which viewers will see used on the show, include SPRI Home Gyms, True Stretch Cages, and a Life Fitness Stationery Bike. One person will also win an all-expenses paid trip for four to the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, Calif. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY to enter this contest. Void where prohibited. For Official Rules and eligibility requirements, please visit

Titleist, FootJoy and Cobra comprise the major golf brands of Acushnet Company, an operating company of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE - FO). Titleist, FootJoy and Cobra are trademarks owned by Acushnet Company. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Golf Fitness Academy Presented by Titleist Episode Guide:

1: Lower Back
Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips are joined by Gray Cook, Physical Therapist-Board Certified in Orthopedics, to show you how to test for lower back limitations and exercises to incorporate into an exercise program. July 11, 8:40 pm
7/12/05 1:10 AM; 7/12/05, 8:30 AM; 7/18/05 5:30 AM; 7/23/05 2:00 PM; 9/24/05 1:30 PM; 11/11/05 3:00 AM; 11/14/05 8:30 AM
2: Getting Started in the Gym
Randy Myers, Director of Fitness at Sea Island Resorts, joins Greg and Dave to introduce a beginner’s guide to cardio, flexibility, strength and stability training for those new to the gym. July 18, 8:40 pm
7/19/05 1:10 AM; 7/19/05, 8:30 AM; 7/20/05 5:30 AM; 7/23/05 4:30 PM; 9/25/05 6:00 AM; 11/11/05 3:30 AM; 11/15/05 8:30 AM
3: Shoulders
Tom House, a former MLB pitcher and co-founder of the National Pitching Association, joins Greg and Dave to demonstrate a series of shoulder warm-ups and exercises, including a dumbbell workout for the rotator cuff. July 25, 8:40 pm
7/26/05 1:10 AM; 7/26/05, 8:30 AM; 7/27/05 5:30 AM; 7/31/05 11:30 AM; 9/24/05 2:00 PM; 11/11/05 4:00 AM; 12/10/05 6:30 PM
4: Power
The Pinnacle Distance Team joins Dave and Greg to discuss Power. Demonstrations include the lower body workout with Jason Zuback, 4-time Re/Max World Long Drive Champion, and development of a strong core with Brian Pavlet, 1997 Re/Max World Long Drive Champion. Team member Mike Moulton will focus on the upper body. Bobby Wilson, the 2004 Senior Division Re/Max World Long Drive Champion will show how even those over the age of 45 can still develop power in their swing. Aug. 1, 8:40pm
8/2/05 1:10 AM; 8/2/05, 8:30 AM; 8/3/05 6:00 PM; 8/3/05 5:30 AM; 8/7/05 12:30 PM; 9/24/05 2:30 PM; 12/11/05 6:30 PM
5: Train like a TOUR Player
Greg and Dave welcome PGA TOUR player Tom Pernice, Jr. and his health and fitness coach “Joey D” Diovisalvi, who also trains Vijay Singh, to give you the secrets of how to train like a tour pro. Aug. 8, 8:40pm
8/9/05 1:10 AM; 8/9/05, 8:30 AM; 8/10/05 6:00 PM; 8/17/05 5:30 AM; 9/25/05 6:30 AM; 10/27/05 1:00 AM; 11/16/05 8:30 AM
6: Balance
Greg will explain how the golf swing utilizes single leg balance and weight shifts and how you can test your own balance. He and Dave will then walk through an exercise routine geared towards improving your balance. Aug. 15, 8:40pm
8/16/05 1:10 AM; 8/16/05, 8:30 AM; 8/17/05 6:00 PM; 8/20/05 10:30 AM; 9/25/05 1:30 PM; 10/3/05 5:30 AM; 11/17/05 8:30 AM
7: Ladies
Suzy Whaley, the first woman to qualify and play in a PGA Tour event in 58 years, joins Dave and Greg to talk about swing faults that are common to women and exercises that can be incorporated into a workout routine. Aug. 22, 8:40pm
8/23/05 1:10 AM; 8/23/05, 8:30 AM; 8/24/05 6:00 PM; 9/25/05 2:00 PM; 10/17/05 5:30 AM; 11/17/05 1:00 AM; 12/13/05 3:30 PM
8: Loss of Posture

Greg and Dave tackle loss of posture in the golf swing, show how to test your posture and then prescribe corrective exercises.
Aug. 29, 8:40pm
8/29/05 1:13 AM; 8/30/05, 8:30 AM; 8/31/05 6:00 PM; 8/31/05 5:30 AM; 9/5/05 6:30 PM; 10/9/05 12:00 PM; 11/18/05 8:30 AM
9: Slice
Greg and Dave will demonstrate a slice and talk about what causes it. Together they will walk through a series of exercises that will directly tackle this swing fault. Sept. 12, 8:40pm
9/12/05 1:10 AM; 9/13/05, 8:30 AM; 9/14/05 6:00 PM; 9/14/05 5:30 AM; 10/29/05 12:30 PM; 11/19/05 8:30 AM; 11/23/05 1:00 AM
10: Juniors
David Donatucci, a sports scientist at the International Performance Institute (IPI), is joined by one of his students to discuss how to get kids into a workout program and safely progress them into advanced training. Sept. 19, 7:30pm
9/19/05 1:00 AM; 9/21/05, 6:00 PM; 9/25/05 2:30 PM; 10/29/05 1:00 PM; 11/20/05 8:30 AM; 11/28/05 5:30 AM; 12/6/05 3:30PM

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