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DT SoLo Loyalist, George Boehm of Sebastian, FL Records Three Holes-in-One…in One Month!

DT SoLo Loyalist, George Boehm of Sebastian, FL Records Three Holes-in-One…in One Month!

George Boehm
63-years old
Engineer, Northrop Grumman Integrated
Sebastian, FL

Not many people were more reluctant than George Boehm to flip the calendar from June to July. Of course not many people have made three holes-in-one in one month either…including two in one round!

A Titleist golf ball loyalist his whole life, George Boehm has been playing golf for 36 years, including the last 20 at the Sebastian Municipal Golf Course since moving to Florida from Illinois. On Friday, June 3, Boehm lofted a perfect 6-iron to about five feet on the 151 yard 2nd hole and watched in amazement as his Titleist DT SoLo rolled into the cup for his first ace!

Not surprisingly, Boehm chose to use the DT SoLo golf ball again three weeks later during a Saturday round at Sebastian with Don Balas, Rick Smith, and Len Eddy.  Playing the 161 yard 5th hole, Boehm opted for a 9-wood. As he watched his tee shot disappear behind a small mound on the green, he thought the ball went long of the green, but was astonished to find his ball at the bottom of the cup.

Despite already having a hole-in-one on the front, George was trying to “salvage a good round” as he approached no.17 after struggling on the back nine. Watching the first two gentlemen in his group hit in to different sand traps left and right of the green, Boehm was determined to put his ball on the green. With the hole playing about 141 yards, he chose a 7-iron and left the ball about 10 inches above the hole….where it proceeded to trickle down in to the bottom of the cup for his second hole-in-one of the day and third in one month!

June 3, 2005

Sebastian Golf Course
2nd hole
151 yards
Club: 6-iron
Ball: DT SoLo

June 25, 2005                         June 25

Sebastian Golf Course              Sebastian Golf Course
5th hole                                     17th hole
161 yards                                 141 yards
Club: 9 wood                           Club: 7-iron
Ball: DT SoLo                          Ball: DT SoLo 

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