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Titleist Unveils First Blended Iron Set With Introduction of New Forged 735.CM Irons.

Combine benefits of cavity back long irons, shallow cavity mid irons and muscle back short irons in one set for optimum performance

FAIRHAVEN, MA (August 8, 2005) – Combining years of experience, innovation and success, Titleist provides serious golfers a decided edge with its tour-proven family of irons. Titleist expands its offerings with the introduction of two new blended iron sets for the skilled player seeking the ideal combination of shot control, maneuverability and playability.

The new Titleist Forged 735.CM irons offer continuity in performance and aesthetics with a fluid transition from cavity back long irons to muscle back short irons. Progressive blade heights, blade lengths, offset, topline, center of gravity and moment of inertia allow each club to perform to tour level standards for every shot that is required.

Titleist 735.CM irons are available in two different alloys – forged stainless steel and chrome plated, forged 1025 mild carbon steel. Forged 410 stainless steel provides a soft, solid feel with a rich, non-glare satin finish and offers a wider range of custom options. Forged 1025 mild carbon steel, the primary choice of tour players, provides a soft, solid feel with a traditional bright chrome plated finish for a classic appearance.

"Our family of high-performance forged irons has been used by the world’s best tour players, club professionals and better amateurs who can distinguish, appreciate, and benefit from differences in feel, design and performance,"said Chris McGinley, Vice President, Golf Club Marketing, Titleist. "Now, for the first time, we’ve combined the best features from all of our forged irons – from the cavity backs through the muscle backs – and blended them all together in the new 735.CM."

Cavity Back Long Irons
Cavity back 2, 3 and 4 irons produce easy-up launch conditions for a high, penetrating ball flight with greater playability and forgiveness.

Shallow Cavity Mid Irons
Shallow cavity mid irons deliver the ideal blend of maneuverability and playability required to access tough pin locations.

Muscle Back Short Irons
Muscle back short irons offer skilled players precise trajectory, spin and shot control into and around the greens.

The Titleist Forged 735.CM irons feature a modified bore-thru design that removes non-essential mass from the hosel and repositions it directly behind the hitting area. This creates the optimal center of gravity for consistent launch conditions. The modified bore-thru is finished with a lightweight polymer (chrome model) or aluminum (stainless model) pin that dampens vibration and improves sound and feel.

Like all Titleist high performance products, the new Titleist Forged 735.CM irons were put to the test at golf’s most demanding venues by the world’s most discerning golfers – the PGA Tour - prior to being introduced to the marketplace. The Forged 735.CM irons are being played with success by players such as Brad Faxon, Frank Lickliter II, Steve Stricker and up-and-comers Lucas Glover and Hunter Haas among others on the PGA Tour and across all of the worldwide professional tours.

Features and Benefits

• Blended Iron Set (with cavity in long, shallow cavity in mid, and muscleback in short irons)
• Optimum continuity in performance and aesthetics.
• Progressive Center of Gravity (CG) and Moment of Inertia (MOI) for performance, playability and shot control.
• Progressive blade heights, blade lengths, offset, topline thickness for visual continuity, sole widths, and inertial properties.
• Modified Bore-Thru Design removes mass from hosel and relocates it behind the hitting area.
• Two Alloy Options:

Forged 410 Stainless Steel - Soft, solid feel
- Expanded custom options
- Rich, non-glare satin finish

Forged 1025 Mild Carbon Steel, Chrome Plated
- Soft, solid feel
- Traditional classic appearance

• Precision Forging Process
o Six step forging process for high quality parts in shape, weight and dimension.
o Tightly controlled forged pressure and heat for optimal surface quality and grain structure.
o Post forging heat treatment to assure balance in material softness and strength.
o Parts are CNC finished for proper face flatness and groove geometry.
o Provides tighter tolerance for face flatness, dimensional accuracy, loft and lie angle.
o Precision finishing process for shape and appearance accuracy.
o Tight tolerance on profile, blends, sole and artwork dimensions.

Club Specifications:


2 iron

3 iron

4 iron

5 iron

6 iron

7 iron

8 iron

9 iron





















































* Stock Shaft is True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel in R and S flexes with Titleist Tour Velvet Cord grip. Additional shaft and grip options are available through the Titleist Custom Department.

Price and Availability

The new Titleist Forged 735.CM irons will begin shipping to golf shops on August 15, 2005 and are available in both right and left hand. The suggested retail prices for the Forged Stainless model is $112/per iron with steel shafts and $129/per iron with graphite shafts. The 735.CM Chrome model is $120/per iron with steel shafts and $137/per iron with graphite shafts.

To view the Titleist 735.CM Irons brochure, click here to download a printable PDF file.
Download the brochure in PDF format.

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