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A Quick 9: Jason Bohn

Titleist caught up with Jason while he was filming a Titleist commercial during the week of the Deutsche Bank Championship where he finished second by one stroke.

Jason Bohn is in his second year on the PGA TOUR. He earned his PGA TOUR card after finishing ninth on the 2003 Nationwide Tour. The 32-year old gave up his amateur status when he won $1 million in a Hole-in-One Shootout while attending the University of Alabama in 1992. We caught up with Jason while he was filming a Titleist commercial during the week of the Deutsche Bank Championship where he finished second by one stroke.

1. Which do people ask you more about, winning the $1 million Hole-in-One Shootout in college or the B.C. Open this year for your first victory on TOUR?
Well, the $1 million hole-in-one prize gave me the opportunity to chase my dream of playing professional golf. It’s expensive to travel around playing the mini-tours and I know that deters a lot of people. I was able to sponsor myself and travel around to tournaments to try and earn my card. Without the hole-in-one, I probably wouldn’t have made it to the TOUR and had the opportunity to win the B.C. Open. The contest was actually a fundraiser for a home they were trying to restore in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was a long process as there were several rounds of qualifying, so you actually had to hit a bunch of close shots to keep moving on. I was a red-shirt freshman at the University of Alabama at the time and it was my first ever hole-in-one. The winning shot was 135 yards and I used a 9-iron. I went bananas, I was 19 years old and didn't know what to do. The ball and the club are in a frame in my office. I look at them everyday with a big smile.

2. Going in to the B.C. Open, did you feel any different than any other tournament?
I wasn’t expecting much. I had been playing poorly and my wife and I had just had the birth of our first son. It was the first week we were all out on TOUR together so I was very at ease. I never took the lead until the 71st hole, which was a big advantage. I knew I was in contention, but I didn’t have to watch the leaderboard. I really only had one hole to think about it!

3. What jobs did you have before turning professional?
All of my jobs have been in golf. Cart boy. I drove the range cart picking up balls. In college, I was demo rep for Cobra, setting up demo days. I also worked at Tuscaloosa Country Club. In high school I waited tables and washed dishes.

4. Do you work out? If so, when did you start?
I started working out about four years ago. I do a lot of cardio but nothing too involved right now. I usually just focus on stretching for about 20 minutes before I play, to get my muscles long and loose. I prefer muscle stretching to bulking up. You definitely need to stay in shape on TOUR or everyone is going to pass you. It's such a huge part of golf now and I'm getting more and more serious about it. I don't really have a personal trainer, but my wife tells me when I'm putting on a few pounds and need to hit the treadmill! I almost wish I played back in the 70’s when it was about cheeseburgers and beer!

5. What do you drink and/or eat during a round?
Hydration and Nutrition are huge parts of golf and saving energy is so important. I like to "flood my nerves," and drink about 8-15 bottles per round. I also normally eat two peanut butter sandwiches during a round, one about every six holes.

6. You participate in a lot of pro-ams during the season. What’s the number one swing fault you see in amateurs with whom you play?

They come over the top. Everyone always swings way too hard. They believe the harder they swing the further the ball is going to go. They can swing better and with proper technique if they would just swing the driver like they swing a wedge.

7. Who were the golfers you followed growing up?
My favorite player to watch was Steve Elkington. I just loved how fluid he was. Obviously I watched Jack Nicklaus. Seeing him win the 1986 Masters was a highlight for me. Another guy I enjoyed watching and tried to model myself after was Lee Janzen. I had a great experience watching him win in 1993 at Baltusrol. I was there watching as a junior and followed him for his entire round. It gave me chills going back to Baltusrol this year remembering that moment. I also met Billy Andrade at an AJGA event he was speaking at when I was younger. I have a gigantic poster of he and I that my Mom enlarged. I’ve thought about asking him to sign it for me someday, that would be pretty cool.

8. You've said you have played Scotty Cameron putters for nearly five years. What’s your most memorable putt?

Absolutely, without a question the last putt on the 18th hole at the 2005 B.C. Open. It was one I'll always remember. It was about 7-feet downhill, almost identical to the putt I had to win on the Nationwide Tour (2003 Chatanooga Classic) and I used the same putter both times. I guess that's my range.

9. Do you have any superstitions or carry any lucky charms in your pocket or golf bag?
I mark my ball with the same coin every single time I play golf. It’s an old gold-plated quarter that I’ve used for the past five years. It doesn't have any gold left on it, but its really special to me. I won't put it in my pocket when I'm in a golf cart because I'm afraid it will fall out and I'll never find it. It's got a special carrying pouch and I put it in there everytime I'm done using it.


10. Favorite TOUR stop: Pebble Beach
11. Favorite city: New York City
12. Favorite band: Simon & Garfunkel
13. Favorite book: Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus
14. Favorite restaurant: That's an easy one. Hal’s steakhouse in Buckhead, near Atlanta.
15. Favorite actress/actor: Joe Pesci
16. If you could switch jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be?
I would like to walk in the shoes of Tiger Woods for one day, just to see what he goes through. But I would only want to do it for one day.

17. Do you think you’re experience on the Nationwide Tour helped you prepare for the PGA TOUR?
Absolutely, it’s an incredible Tour. If you can play well and win on that Tour, you can win on the PGA TOUR.

18. How would your friends describe you?
Easy going, happy-go-lucky. Grateful to be where I am.

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