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Steve Chalk Records First Ever Hole-in-one

Titleist golf ball loyalist relives moment golf paid him back...and the expensive afternoon that followed.

My grandfather got me started in golf when I was eight years old and I've been playing now for more than 50 years. Even though there were times I could only get in a couple of rounds a year, I've always loved the game.

Recently, my love and dedication for the game was rewarded.

My good friend John Soto and I have been playing golf together for about 10 years. With an annual tournament coming up at Delta View Golf Course in Pittsburg, CA, a course we visit only once a year, we decided it would be a good idea to play a practice round to brush up on our course management skills. As we normally do, John and I arrived at the course early to hit a few balls on the range and putting green before teeing off. However, when we checked in, the starter told us the tee was open so we went right out. 

With no warm up, I double bogeyed the first hole. John is a 3 index and I'm a 10 and he hates giving me strokes, so nothing makes him happier than for me to mess up. I couldn’t putt to save my soul so didn't do much better on the next two holes. When we got to the 120 yard par-3 fourth hole, I was really concentrating on making a smooth swing. After a good practice, I told myself "just like that," teed up my Titleist Pro V1x and made a really good swing with a 9-iron. John kept saying "that's all over the pin", "right on it." And wouldn't you know he was right. The ball flew right into the cup! At first I couldn't believe it had gone in the hole. I told John I couldn't see the ball on the green and asked "did it bounce off the pin?" John was grinning and told me "Hell no, it's in the hole!" 

Having never recorded a hole-in-one, I still wasn't sure, and didn't want to get too excited until I got down to the green and saw the Titleist logo at the bottom of the cup. Sure enough, there it was! Since it was after lunch John immediately flagged down the beer cart and advised me, with a big smile, he wasn't paying for a single beer the rest of the day...and he planned on having several. As you would expect, at that point my game went south, and I could only manage an 87 for the round. John shot a 78 and managed to win the tournament the next day with the same score.

I've been playing Titleist golf balls for what seems like forever. I've tried a sleeve or two of others over the years but always came back to Titleist. I’ve also relied on Titleist DCI irons for about 14 years and have been thinking about buying a new set, but now I think there might just be a few more rounds left in the "ole sticks!"

I have attached a photo of John & myself. I'm the guy on the left!

Steve Chalk

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