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John Fisk, Son Rollie, Share Special Golf Moment

Dad records first hole-in-one during son's first visit to a golf course.

I thought you'd like to hear this story about my first ever hole-in-one!

My family and I vacationed this summer in Canada and I decided to take my 7-year-old son, Rollie, with me to play golf at Island Springs on St. Joseph Island in Ontario. It was his first ever on a golf course so we were more interested in having fun than playing very serious. We were really enjoying ourselves; I wasn’t playing particularly well, but loved just goofing around with him. Letting him hit shots, ride around in the cart, use the ball washers, etc.

Rollie and John Fisk

When we arrived at the 175-yard par-3 seventh hole, I reached in my bag for a Pro V1. My son Rollie asked me right before I hit if I thought anyone had ever had a hole-in-one on that hole before. I said "Probably", and swung my 5-iron. It took off like a laser beam, heading right at the pin. I knew it was going to be close, but the green was elevated so I couldn’t see the ball land. When I got to the green, I was shocked when I didn't see my ball. After staring at the green in disbelief, I resigned myself to the fact my ball probably carried over the green into the rough.

As I made my way to the back of the green, I did what most people do as they walk, disappointed, to search the rough. I checked the cup, and wouldn’t you know, there was my Pro V1! After I called Rollie over to see where the ball ended up, we both started jumping up an down in celebration. We continued the celebration after the round at the clubhouse with a beer and a Gatorade. Fortunately there were no other golfers around at the time, so I only had to buy drinks for my son and myself!

What a day. After 35 years of playing, my son witnesses my, and his, first ever hole-in-one the first time he set foot on a golf course. I just hope he doesn't expect it every time we go out now!

I'm definitely a Pro-V1 guy from now on. Keep up the good work.


John Fisk
Dayton, OH



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