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Double Eagle Leads Team to Tournament Win

Steve Menz Aces par-4 Using Titleist Pro V1x

This past September I was invited to play in the Annual Fall Classic at a Shamrock Golf Course in Slippery Rock, PA, about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. Shamrock Golf Course is a 9-hole public course with two sets of tees to make it an 18-hole course. My work and travel as an Assistant Golf Professional had taken me away for several years, so I was excited to be back playing with so many good friends, including my three teammates - Jon, Brad and Denny. I had also not played this course yet so I was really looking forward to the tournament.

Playing in a shotgun format, we started our round on hole number five. We were playing really well and making a bunch of birdies right from the start. It got even better when we reached the 285-yard par-4 10th hole. The hole is obviously drivable off the tee, but you have to fly it on since there's a large mound in front preventing players from running the ball onto the green. I hit driver and flew it high onto the green just to the right of the hole. I said "that is either 4 feet or in the hole!" When we got up there, we saw my ball right where I expected it to be, knocked stiff less than three feet from the hole which we converted for an easy eagle. I knew this was going to be a special day, especially when I was told we would have another shot at that green.

Menz, second from right, with friends

When we got back around to the first hole we were 11-under-par after 14 holes and knew we were in contention. The first green is shared with the par-4 tenth, the hole we eagled earlier, except the tee is about 20 yards further back. You have to carry a pond and there are trees blocking your line to the green. Still measuring "only" 305 yards, my buddy Jon explained you can reach the green by cutting the corner over some trees and pointed out the proper line to take. So I teed up a Pro V1x and nailed my driver along the line Jon gave me.

When we got to the green we could not find the ball. I hit the ball pretty well off the tee and knew I struck that one solid so was looking behind the green, assuming the ball had carried over it. Finally someone jokingly said to check the hole. Brad walked back to the green, reached the hole, looked into the cup, and saw the distinct markings of my Pro V1x. He yelled "here it is!"

I had a hole-in-one some seven years earlier playing with my brother, but this was my first Double Eagle. And the timing couldn't have been better...we ended up winning the tournament by one shot!

I have been playing Titleist golf balls for years and have won on various levels - high school, college, amateur and professional. Of course the next win is always the best! I always play Titleist because I know how they react and I trust them. They feel great off the clubhead, even better off the putter and are the longest balls on the market.

Thank you, Titleist, for making golf balls that make memories for a lifetime.

Steve Menz
Butler, PA

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