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Cameron Rules at Q School

Scotty Cameron putters were the key to success at the 2005 PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament

The new school - and some of the old, too - discovered that carrying a trusty Scotty Cameron putter at Q School was the key to securing a PGA Tour card next season. No less than 15 of the top 30 finishers at the 2005 PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament at Orange County National Golf Center in Orlando, FL relied on Scotty Cameron putters to get the job done.

Not only did half of the Top 30 use Cameron putters, but the winner himself used a soon-to-be-launched Scotty Cameron Circa '62 No. 5 model. Finishing the brutal six-round event at 24-under-par, he collected the $50,000 winner's check and a coveted PGA TOUR card for 2006. He bested the runner up, who just so happened to be using a Scotty Cameron Red X Mid, by 3 strokes.

What's more, as you tick down the list of tomorrow's champions, you see more and more young players using Scotty Cameron putters. From Studio Style Newports to Red Xs, to Futura Phantoms to custom prototypes, the word is out - get a Scotty Cameron putter if you want to win.

"We really have some great players coming through the Putter Studio, dialing in their equipment and their putting strokes," said a beaming Scotty Cameron. "And, what's just as fun as tooling a custom prototype for an up-and-comer, is when a player pulls a production model off the rack and leaves with it as-is."

"It's showing that what we're doing here is really working, and that makes us really happy."

The proof is in the performance. The numbers are growing. The natives are getting restless, and more and more young touring professionals are relying on Scotty Cameron putters for the legendary mix of art, science, and the perfect roll to the hole.

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