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Adam Scott Update: The season is over!

In his latest diary entry, Adam talks about his performance in the his last few tournaments of 2005, the launch of the Adam Scott Foundation and how he plans to relax before teeing it up again in 2006!

Well, that's it for 2005 for me! I now have 4 weeks off before I start 2006 at the Sony Championships in Hawaii. I'm really looking forward to a break back in Australia - the weather is warm and I am sure to be spending plenty of time on the beach and in the surf!

In some ways it's a funny feeling to have that length of time without playing a tournament or travelling. I guess we all get so used to the almost constant action and routine of playing that it takes a bit of time to get into a new pattern. I'll have a few social games with friends and family and get stuck into some serious practice early in January.

The Home Stretch

The last few weeks have been hectic for me, since I got back to Australia around the middle of November. First up I did a golf day for my home club in Australia Sanctuary Cove, then flew to Melbournefor the Australian Open. Boy, did the wind blow down there! I never really took advantage of a good first round and ended up just drifting through the rest of the tournament. I played OK, but just made a couple of silly mistakes here and there which kept me from ever really getting into a strong position.

I then hopped over to South Africa for the Sun City event (about a 12 hour flight from Australia. It is really a fun week with lots of social activity, and of course the chance to get out on safari and see the animals. We did that early in the morning a couple of days and it was absolutely fabulous. No matter how many times you see those animals it is still awe inspiring watching them in their natural habitat.

The golf was pretty good at Sun City as well! The course was set up pretty tough so it was hard work to make birdies. I thought I did well to get into the play off as I maybe wasn't on top of my game, but then Jim Furyk chipped in on the second play off hole to grab to the title (and the cash!) so I had to be content with second place.

The Sun City event also marked the comeback tournament for Ernie Els, and whilst he was probably a bit rusty, and being careful with his knee, it was pretty obvious that it won't take Ernie long to be back at the top. It's great for golf that he's back in business - he's a great guy and the crowds all round the world love him, so welcome back Ernie!

After Sun City, I headed back to Melbourne again for the MasterCard Masters, and it was a week of mixed success for me. On the one hand I played pretty badly - I was lucky to make the cut after shooting 76 on Thursday, I holed 4 good putts the last 4 holes Friday to get in on the number - and on the other we launched the Adam Scott Foundation which proved to be a huge success.

Launching The Adam Scott Foundation

The Foundation activity during the week was a "birdie blitz" where MasterCard and I donated money for every birdie made during the tournament, with all proceeds going to a charity for underprivileged youth in Melbourne (The Reach Foundation). We raised about $78,000 for the week, so it was a great start for my Foundation. We have lots of activities planned for next year and we are getting fantastic corporate support so I am really confident that we will be doing some good work in helping youth in Australia. The charity work that happens every week on the US Tour has really inspired me to see a lot more charity driven activity in Australian golf and our launch at the MasterCard tournament will just be the start.

So, I didn't do very well in the tournament but the week was good in all the other ways. And that leads me to now, and holidays!

Thanks to everyone who writes in - if I haven't got back to you yet I will soon - and I wish you all the best for the Festive Season. See you on Tour next year!



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