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Tyler Archer Aces Fourth Hole at Delta View...For the Second Time

Early morning round on Christmas Eve delivers memorable gift for 14-year-old

Tyler Archer

The Saturday I scored my second hole-in-one was like most others I play golf...only it was Christmas Eve. As usual, my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. and, normally, my mom or dad would give me a ride to our local course, Delta View in Pittsburg, CA. However, that day I decided not to wake them and rode my bike to the course instead. It was windy and cold, but the course is only a mile or so away so it wasn't too bad.

I met Wayne, the golf pro, and my friend Toby around 5:15 a.m. to help open up the shop. Toby, Tommy, Alonzo, Fred, and I teed off at 7:30 a.m. After two bogies and a par through the first three holes, I was feeling a little frustrated. As I approached the par-3 fourth hole, I reminded myself that if I stayed calm and kept my head on straight, I could get those strokes back over the next few holes.

The fourth hole plays about 120-yards but there was a slight wind in my face that day, the pin was back right and you have to carry a bunker, so I decided to take a little more club. I teed up a Titleist Pro V1and hit a knock-down 8-iron with a slight draw that headed right at the pin. The ball bounced once on the green and I knew it would be close depending on the roll. The guys in my group were convinced it went in and I knew I made a good swing, I just didn't think there was any way it went in.

As we approached the green, I didn't see my ball but did see a divot right up close. I walked towards the pin, looked down in the cup, and there it was - my Pro V1! I couldn’t believe second career hole-in-one...both on the same hole...and both with a Titleist golf ball!

That was all I needed to turn my game around that day. I finished the front nine at even par and got a birdie on the back nine to finish my round at 1-under par.

After the round, I called my dad and said, "Dad, I have a problem." He asked me what was wrong. I told him, "I shot a hole-in-one," and he hooted and hollered and said, "That’s fantastic! What’s the problem?" I told him I had to buy everyone a round of drinks! He said, "Buy everyone a drink, and put it on my tab!" So I did, and it felt great. My dad and my sister, Brittani, came down to the club about half an hour later and paid for the round – of drinks that is!

I’ve been playing golf for about two years. I gave up competitive ice-hockey to focus solely on my game. I played in a bunch of tournaments last year and have improved a lot. I’m looking forward to playing for my high school starting in February and more JGANC tournaments this year. A few years from now I hope to play in college and after that....who knows?


Tyler Archer

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