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Introducing the new Forged 695MB, Forged 695CB and the Forged 775.CB.

Fairhaven, MA (April 5, 2006) – Building upon its rich forged iron history, Titleist extends the most comprehensive family of high performance irons in golf with the introduction of three new models – the tour-proven Forged 695MB and Forged 695CB, and the Forged 775.CB. The Forged 695 series is designed for the highly skilled golfer seeking a traditional blade iron with the latest improvements in technology. Both the muscle-back blade (695MB) and cavity-back (695CB) models feature a tuned center of gravity that provides for maximum shot control and workability with optimal launch conditions, energy transfer and solid feel. The Forged 775.CB provides high single digit handicap and aspiring golfers with better player preferred forged iron construction and a blended set design, offering maximum playability and a high, straight ball flight.

“We have expanded our best-in-class forged iron family with the new 695 and 775 models taking their place alongside the recently introduced Forged 735.CM. In total, we offer choices in blade size, shape, offset and loft specs that range from subtle to distinctly different, yet collectively meet and exceed the expectations and shot-making needs of serious golfers,” said Chris McGinley, Vice President, Golf Club Marketing, Titleist. “Better players – that is, tour professionals, club professionals and competitive and aspiring amateurs – can distinguish, appreciate and benefit from these differences in design, feel and performance.”

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Forged 695MB Irons

Forged 695CB Irons

Forged 775.CB Irons

Forged 695MB and 695CB Irons
The Titleist Forged 695MB and Forged 695CB irons have been played in competition on the PGA Tour as prototypes since mid-2005. Preference across the worldwide professional tours is virtually evenly divided between the two models with players such as Ernie Els, who won the Dunhill Championship on the PGA European Tour the second week he put the new irons in play, Davis Love III, Adam Scott, Ben Curtis, Mark O’Meara and Stephen Leaney trusting the Forged 695MB. Meanwhile, Jay Haas, Fredrik Jacobson, Zach Johnson and Ryan Palmer are among those who opt for the Forged 695CB model. Combined, the Forged 695 is among the most played iron model series on the PGA Tour. Johnson Wagner was the most recent winner, capturing the Nationwide Tour’s Chitimacha Louisiana Open with the Forged 695MB’s.

“While there are distinct differences between the two iron models, the key feature is the patent-pending Z-Muscle Design in the Forged 695MB and the Z-Cavity Design in the Forged 695CB,” said McGinley. “The Z-design removes weight from the heel area of the clubs, shifting the center of gravity closer to the face center for a solid feel, more efficient energy transfer and consistent launch conditions.”

The Forged 695MB features a thinner sole with medium bounce which offers highly skilled players traditional turf performance and greater shot making options. The Forged 695CB is designed with lofts that are 2 degrees stronger than the Forged 695MB. The combination of the stronger lofts with a medium width sole and medium bounce produces reduced spin and a lower, more penetrating trajectory for aggressive, hard-hitting players.

Both models are constructed of Forged 1025 Mild Carbon Steel to provide a soft sound and feel. A precise forging process guarantees consistent head shapes, weights and dimensions through the set. Compact, constant blade lengths provide a traditional appearance and enhanced shot-shaping control, while a small progressive offset offers a clean appearance for easy blade alignment. Dual hosel lengths, that is, shorter in the 2 through 7 irons, and longer in the 8 through PW, provide better weight distribution for precise trajectory management.

“I hadn’t switched my irons in nearly four years before I received the Forged 695MB’s the day before the start of Loch Lomond last year,” said Adam Scott. “I put them in my bag for the Wednesday Pro-Am and I’ve played them ever since. I get a beautiful ball flight and the long irons are just fantastic. They have a traditional blade shape, yet provide just the right amount of forgiveness.” Davis Love III concurs: “I consider the Forged 695MB the ultimate in a better players’ muscleback iron. The Titleist playing staff had a lot of input on the design of this iron as the Titleist R&D team embraced our feedback and came up with a traditional looking club with the best in modern technology. Aesthetically, it is a beautiful club that is pleasing to the eye when you look down at it, providing confidence before each shot. More importantly, it provides me the combination of spin, control and launch angle that I want in my ball flight, especially with shots into the wind.”

Zach Johnson, an “old-school” player when it comes to equipment, switched to the Forged 695CB at the beginning of the year. “You could say I don’t change irons much. In fact, I was so pleased with my previous Titleist irons that this is my first new set since 1999. They’re sharp, very simple and clean-looking, a great all-around golf club. I said I would not switch until I found something that worked better for me and the Forged 695CB’s are it. I can work the ball the way I want and still get the forged feel I require, which is nice.”

Forged 775.CB Irons
The new Forged 775.CB irons employ the similar blended technology as the popular Forged 735.CM irons favored by many of the world’s best players with the added benefit of a slightly oversized design for maximum distance and forgiveness, especially in the long irons. The Forged 775.CB’s will appeal to a wide range of golfers who either need or prefer oversize performance in the long irons blending to traditional short, all with the outstanding feel of a forging.

“With the introduction of the new 775.CB irons, Titleist invites a wider range of better golfers to experience the tour-proven performance, looks and solid feel of a high performance forged iron,” said McGinley. “We’ve combined the blended set technology that has made our Forged 735.CM irons popular on professional tours around the world with the appropriate level of playability and forgiveness features allowing us to fit more golfers with a high-performance Titleist iron to match their individual game.”

Innovative features built into the Forged 775.CB irons enable the long irons to play more like utility irons. The forged stainless steel body of the 3, 4 and 5 irons accounts for nearly 80 percent of the weight of the club head. This locates the majority of the weight back and around the perimeter for enhanced off-center impact performance. The oversize, channel-back, multi-material long irons, featuring a thin face insert and forged aluminum vibration dampening bar, deliver an easy-up ball flight for maximum distance and forgiveness. The more conventional, mid-size, shallow cavity short irons enable greater shot control and playability into and around the greens.

Price and Availability
The new irons come in both right and left hand and are available in golf shops immediately. The stock shaft for the Titleist Forged 695CB and 695MB models is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel (130g). The Forged 695 irons carry a suggested retail price of $135 per iron. The stock shafts in the Forged 775.CB are the NS Pro 100 (112g) and the lightweight Titleist 3970 (70g) graphite. The suggested retail price of the new 775.CB irons is $112 per/steel and $129 per/graphite. The Titleist Tour Velvet Cord is the standard grip. Additional shaft and grip options are available through Titleist Custom. The launch of the new irons will be supported by national print and Internet advertising and the Titleist FittingWorks program.

Titleist, FootJoy and Cobra comprise the major golf brands of the Acushnet Company, an operating company of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE - FO). Titleist, FootJoy, Cobra, Forged 695CB, Forged 695MB, Forged 775.CB, Z-Muscle and Z-Cavity are trademarks owned or licensed by the Acushnet Company. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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