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David and Betsy Schneider Team Up for Memorable Hole-in-One

Dave follows Betsy's hole-in-one with one of his own after years of near misses.

I had been playing golf nearly 10 years when my wife, Betsy, decided to take up the sport about 6-7 years ago.  We play together every chance we get and I often shared with her how anxious I was to get the hole-in-one that had eluded me for so long.  I would like to say that as a fellow golfer she could relate to my quest...but she couldn't.  Within three years of playing the game she carded her first ace on our home course in Cincinnati! 

David and Betsy Schneider on the 18th green at Pebble Beach

While I was certainly very happy and proud for Betsy, I was also a bit envious.  I had her ball mounted on a plaque and engraved with the date, course and hole information and
hoped one day my plaque would go up next to hers. Realizing this, and intended as motivation, she even went so far as to have a plaque made for me with my name on it and with details to be inscribed "at a future date."

This past year we built a house at The Country Club at Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, FL home of the PGA TOUR's Honda Classic the last four years. Monday, January 30, 2006, we were scheduled to play the Sunrise Course (where the Tour plays) one morning with my wife's best friend and her husband. However, four minutes before our tee time, it began to rain...hard. All golfers were required to leave the courses and tee times were cancelled or postponed. Knowing storms usually pass quickly in Florida, we decided to wait it out.   

During the two hour rain delay I wandered through the clubhouse looking at the paintings of past Honda Classic winners and perused the hole-in-one plaques that commemorated all the holes-in-one at Mirasol.  I lamented the fact that I had not achieved a hole-in one yet and knew when my buddies came to visit, they would notice the plaques and ask why mine was still missing.  Finally, they reopened the courses for play and our foursome went up to the starter to go out on the Sunrise course.  While there, the starter suggested we play the adjacent Sunset course instead, since the event that was supposed to occupy the course had been cancelled so it was wide open. That was all we needed to hear!

The course was very wet and played very long. I started out with a double bogie at the first hole and continued to struggle through the first six holes.  After I three-putted for a bogie on the par-5 7th, I was pretty discouraged when we arrived at the 146-yard, par-3 8th hole.  To make matters worse, the flag wasn't even in the hole, having either been blown over during the rainstorm, or having been abandoned during play when the course was cleared for the weather delay.  Betsy offered to replace the flag but I said it didn't really matter.  To her credit, she insisted and drove off in the cart with her friend, ran up on the green and reinserted the flag.  She then scurried back to her cart and headed back towards the tee.  Little did I know how important that kind gesture would actually be.

I was first to hit, chose my Titleist 704.CB 7-iron, and teed up a Pro V1.  I hit it pure and the ball took off with a beautiful trajectory, piercing through the humid air, heading just left of the flagstick. The ball finally landed about a third of the way onto the green, bounced once and began tracking relentlessly toward the stick - breaking slightly to the right, rolling, rolling, rolling...until it rolled right into the cup!

I screamed, jumped up and down and my partner and I screamed, high-fived, chest bumped and hugged.  My wife couldn't believe it and after everyone had hit, we went down to the green.   I walked up to the hole and, sure enough, there was my Pro V1, nestled in the bottom of the cup.  I let out one more howl and my life hasn't been the same since.  Thank God for my loving, golf partner wife, without whom, this would never have been possible!


David Schneider
Cincinnati, OH

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