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Brad Faxon Featured on ''Golf Fitness Academy presented by Titleist''

Learn the workout secrets of a veteran Tour player when 8-time PGA TOUR winner Brad Faxon joins co-hosts Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips on Golf Fitness Academy presented by Titleist tonight on The Golf Channel.

Faxon explains the importance of golfers building workout routines around strength and flexibility to ensure they’ll play well for many years. He begins by demonstrating his pre-round workout routine which focuses on stretching every muscle group used in the golf swing. He next takes golfers through his full workout routine which he does after most rounds, usually 3-4 times per week. To conclude the show, Brad shares with viewers some of the yoga exercises he does to stretch and lengthen his spine and muscles, including several advanced techniques he’s learned during his 23 years of practicing yoga.

"Brad Faxon" will air Monday, April 17 at 8:40 p.m. EDT on The Golf Channel. It will re-air April 18 at 3:00 p.m.

Now in its third season on The Golf Channel, "Golf Fitness Academy presented by Titleist" offers a wide range of useful tips that directly relate to producing a more efficient swing - from conditioning exercises for all golfers which improve upper and lower body strength, flexibility and endurance to identifying obstacles and prescribing solutions for specific categories of golfers, such as women, juniors and players with bad posture. Filmed at the state-of-the-art Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California, the 2006 series will feature Titleist-affiliated tour and club professionals, as well as special guests from the golf and fitness communities.

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About the Hosts

Dr. Rose, a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic who also holds a degree in Engineering, helped pioneer the field of analyzing computerized 3-D motion and how the body works during the golf swing. Greg specializes in strength and conditioning, manual therapy, rehabilitation, nutritional supplementation and therapeutic exercises as they relate to golf. He has worked with more than 500 professional and 3,000 amateur golfers to help them reach their peak performance.

Phillips is a PGA Professional and is among GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers. Considered one of the world’s premier instructors, Dave applies his expertise in computerized swing analysis and biomechanics to create a clear picture of what happens during the golf swing. Born in England and raised in Africa and Australia, Dave has had the unique experience of playing with and instructing some of the game’s greatest golfers worldwide.

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