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Larry Genotossio Goes Long Way for First Hole-in-One

My friends and I take a golf vacation pretty much every year, usually to the Bahamas. We have 16 guys, ranging in handicaps from 5 - 27 so it's somewhat competitive but always fun.

Last year we played Lucaya GC, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas on December 5, which was our fourth straight day of golfing. I was pretty exhausted from playing 27 holes each of the previous three days so when we pulled up to the par-3 fourth hole, I offered each person in my group $5.00 to hit my shot. As I was about to find out, fortunately no one took me up on the offer!

Using a Pro V1, Larry Genotossio recorded his first career hole-in-one while on a golf trip to the Bahamas.

The hole was playing about 173 yards downwind, so I teed up my Pro V1 and chose 7-iron. I lined up my shot and let it fly - over water, one bounce on the green, and then it disappeared. It happened so quick there was a little confusion on the tee box. I was in shock, wondering if the ball went long or was over a mound, while two of my playing partners, Dick Mackin and Rick Ryan said they saw the ball go in the hole. Since I didn't see it go in, I said I would believe it when I saw it!

As we drove up to the green, Rick was slapping me on the back, congratulating me on my first hole-in-one but I was doing my best not to get too excited, knowing golf can let you down as often as it can pick you up. I walked slowly, and nervously, towards the hole looking all around for my Titleist but it wasn't anywhere on the green. As I got closer I felt like I was on cloud nine and finally looked in the hole and saw my beautiful Pro V1 sitting at the bottom. I was so shocked that I didn't even yell, but my partners did. It was quite a rush, definitely the best feeling I've ever had on a golf course. I was still shaking several holes after the hole-in-one and it was difficult to concentrate or even hold the club. I kept my composure as best I could and shot 86 which is a pretty good score for me.

Before this hole-in-one, the closest I ever came was in October, 2005. I was playing a round with my three brothers (Phil, Steve and Frank) at Waverly Oaks GC in Plymouth, MA. I had my best front nine going with six straight pars, but then double bogeyed the seventh hole. Intent on bouncing back quickly, I hit 7-iron at the 169-yard par-3 eighth hole directly over the flagstick. The ball, also a Pro V1, landed on the fringe and then started to roll back towards the pin, finally stopping two inches short! I tapped in for birdie and finished the front in 37, my best score ever for nine holes. The back nine was not so kind. I shot 43 on the back for a total of 80 - my lowest score ever.

My father Sam taught me the game of golf and I've been playing for over 23 years now. My father loved the game and always told me to play Titleist golf balls and clubs. I finally took his advice about seven years ago and now keep a sleeve of my father's old Titleist balls in my golf bag, surrounded by all of mine. It's the only brand I play now. I have been using Pro V1's specifically for about two years now and have seen my handicap drop from 19 to 12! Thanks Titleist!

Larry Genatossio

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