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Scotty Cameron on the new Detour putter

The new Detour is truly a departure from conventional putter design. With the most prominent feature being its arched—or curved—body, some may ask why? Great question. Until now, most putters have been designed to swing straight back and straight through the target line. This would be ideal if the rules of the game allowed players to putt straddling the target line using a pendulum stroke. We know this is not allowed, so we must compensate.

It is a fact, proven by years of working with the world’s best players at my Putter Studio, that the proper putting swing path naturally follows a curve. It is the lie angle of the shaft that creates an arc. As the putter head travels slightly inside on the back-swing, back to square at impact, and slightly inside on the follow-through, the body tries to manipulate the face to square. I’ve simply designed a putter that keeps the face square to the path line through the entire stroke by showing the player the way.

The arched body combined with design features like the high toe and triangulated balance points make the Detour one of the most technologically and mechanically advanced putters of its time. In simpler terms, it allows the player and putter to work effortlessly together to achieve ideal ball performance by putting along the proper path. The Detour is the path to better putting.

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