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Two Aces - Same Round, Same Pro V1

Did you ever just have “one of those days?”  Mine happened back in August when I was playing in a scramble with two of my good friends, Frank Millar and Hal Ray Phillips at the Milton-Freewater Golf Course in Oregon.  Now that we’re all retired, we try to get out and play 4-5 times a week if possible and hope for sun and 70's, like we had for the tournament. It was just one of those perfect golf days – but we had no idea just how perfect it would be! 
Using the same Pro V1 golf ball, Roger Everett (front, white shirt) recorded two aces in the same round.

The third hole is a 207-yard par-3.  Teeing up a Pro V1 and relying on my Titleist DCI 2-iron, the shot felt great as soon as it left the club.  It was long enough and headed straight at the pin which was set in the back portion of the green.  The ball landed about five yards short of the green, rolled up to the hole and disappeared.  We were pretty excited, jumping around and yelling, but, of course, at over 200 yards and with old eyes, we weren't completely certain the ball had gone in the hole.  Like most golfers, I've been fooled before.  Our excitement was soon justified, however, when we all walked (okay, ran) up to the hole and saw the ball at the bottom of the cup.  We continued to celebrate for several holes but the conversation soon shifted to the number of celebratory drinks I would have to buy after the round!  

We played well as a team pretty much all day and knew we had a shot to win as we came to the 160-yard par-3 18th hole.  Word spread quickly about the hole-in-one so many of the teams had gathered around the green to see what kind of score we would post…and to add some additional pressure.  There were also teams watching from the adjacent 10th and 17th tees so we knew we had to be in the lead, or at least pretty close to it.  

After Frank and Hal hit, we still had room to get something close so I was trying to recall my positive swing thoughts from the third hole.  For some reason I never retired the Pro V1 hole-in-one ball and teed it up again on 18 – even with water in play short of the green!  Fortunately I found a safe place to land… 

Using my DCI 7-iron, I put a smooth swing on the ball and watched as it headed directly towards the flag once again.  The 18th green has a ridge in the middle and the pin was on the front side of the ridge, so we could see the flag and the hole very well.  The ball landed two feet on the green, took two hops and went in the hole.  The groups up on the hill went absolutely nuts.  I turned around and Frank and Hal Ray were just standing there in silent disbelief.  Then Hal Ray said, “We’re gonna drink the good stuff tonight.” 

Everyone gathered in the clubhouse afterwards where we were crowned tournament champions. I think some people must have called friends around town with the news of the hole-in-ones because I sure had a lot of new friends hoping to join in the celebration - another reason cell phones should be outlawed on the golf course!  It wasn’t long before I was calling my wife to arrange a ride home later that night.  It was one of those great impromptu parties that people are still talking about.  

I began playing golf about fifteen years ago when my sons were taking junior golf lessons. I saw how much they enjoyed it and saw it as something we could do together for many years.  Initially, I took some lessons but mostly I’ve benefited from some very patient and generous friends.  In the last year I have made the most improvement with the help of good friend, Delbert “Deb” Leighty, lowering my handicap from 14 to a 3 with Deb’s help.   

Since I retired last year, I’ve been playing more than ever and there’s hope for all those golfers juggling a job and family who can only play occasionally on the weekends.  Based on my experience, their best golfing days may still be ahead of them!

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