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New Titleist Pro Titanium 907D2 Driver Delivers First Albatross

Sixth Career Ace but First Ever for New Titleist Driver

Jim Gormley

A loyal Titleist golf ball and equipment user for many years, I was excited to try the new Pro Titanium 907D2 driver once I discovered it would be available. I was very happy with the performance of my Pro Titanium 905R (9.5 degrees, Speeder 757 x-stiff shaft), which I used to qualify for last year's Nissan Open on the PGA Tour, but was intrigued by the enhanced MOI of the 907D2. After trying one, I immediately placed my order, keeping the exact same specifications as my 905R, but cutting the shaft down to 44.5 inches.

I had probably played 15 rounds with the 907D2 before our Palos Verdes team competed in a qualifier for the Lexus Team Challenge. Most recently, I put it in play during the PGA's Western Winter Series and drove the ball great, finishing T6th overall. The 907D2 has been in the bag ever since and I also recently added the new Pro V1x.

Qualifying for the Lexus Team Challenge was held on the Champions Course at the PGA of Southern California Golf Club, which I've played in the past, and we were paired with the team from Mesa Verde, including the head pro, Tom Sargent. The third hole is a dogleg left par-4 that usually plays between 340-367 yards. Normally, I don't hit driver on that hole, but the wind was blowing right to left, so if I had laid up, the second shot would have played dead down wind and the pin was cut close to the right hand side of the green. With the enhanced MOI of the 907D2, I noticed my misses were exceptionally straight and felt a lot more confident about the shot, so I decided to go for it.

I didn't see the actual flight of the ball because it's a blind tee shot to the green. I cut the corner of the dog leg which has a hillside blocking the green, but my teammates, Karen Mabli and Joe Spirito, had walked down to where they could see the green and watch for me. Karen said she saw the ball land on the front of the green and roll up to the second tier, breaking right to left. She said, "I think it went in the hole!"

I know the green slopes away from you on the back so I thought it may have rolled over the back edge. The male amateur for Mesa Verde also hit a Titleist driver and his ball landed on the green, rolling just past the pin and stopped about 15-20 feet away. When we got to the green I only saw one ball on the green and knew it was his so, while the others hit their approach shots, I looked at the back of the green and all around it. When I couldn't find it, I decided to look in the hole. Sure enough, my Pro V1x was staring back at me from the bottom of the cup for my sixth career hole-in-one but first on a par-4!

Karen was very excited and I gave everyone a high five, although I think there was still some shock and bewilderment among the group about what just happened. I tried not to get too excited because I knew we had six holes left to play. I followed up the ace with birdies on the next hole and on the ninth hole, which was our eighteenth and final hole. What an amazing day! Honoring the tradition of celebrating after the round, I took both groups back to the clubhouse and was more than happy to provide the celebratory drinks.

From what the folks at Titleist have told me, this is the first recorded hole-in-one using the new driver, but hopefully not the last! Thanks Titleist, for another incredible new product! Keep 'em coming.

New Pro V1x, Pro Titanium 907D2 driver, PT 906F2 fairway metal (15.0), which I put in the bag after one range session, PT 585.H utility metal, Forged 735.CM irons, Vokey Design Spin Milled TVD prototype sand and lob wedges and a Scotty Cameron putter.

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