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First Ever Hole-in-One with the New Pro V1x, Courtesy of Mitch Flemming

Since the Pro V1, and later the Pro V1x, were introduced in 2000, I haven't teed up anything else and my game has improved dramatically. I've achieved many "firsts" with these balls on the golf course, including my first double eagle and my first hole-in-one. However, I was shocked to find out my first hole-in-one was also the very first recorded with the New Pro V1 or New Pro V1x. Considering the number of tour players around the world who have probably been using it longer, it makes the accomplishment that much sweeter!

Mitch Flemming recorded the first ever ace with the New Pro V1x

It was November 27, 2006 and, when I arrived at Lakewood CC, our Titleist Sales Rep, Mark Wise, asked me if I had seen the New Pro V1 and Pro V1x. I had not, so he gave me a plain white box with the new balls and told me to try them out. When your Titleist rep hands you a plain white box, you can be assured you're getting something special! At first glance, I immediately noticed the different dimple pattern and the new black alignment line.

My very first shot with the new Pro V1x was a little off line due largely to the fact it was late November and I had not swung a club in a while. However, I managed to hit my second shot out of the trees to about pin high and chipped it close for a tap in par. I hit the ball very well the rest of the round, and noticed a lot of new enhancements to the ball, especially around the greens. It definitely felt softer and I got more spin on my softer, touch shots. The distance control with my irons (especially short irons) was very good as well and, as I mentioned earlier, I also liked the new alignment line on the ball.

When we arrived on the 16th tee, I hit last. We were playing "wolf," and the tee order alternates every hole. The hole was about 145 yards with the pin tucked in the back left corner of the green which sloped severely from back to front. The green was guarded by a bunker to the left and water which wrapped around the front of the green and along the right side. The wind was about 15-20mph in the face and slightly out of the left. With all that trouble in play, it's not usually a pin to shoot for but since three of the first four shots in the fivesome landed near the center of the green, I knew we were guaranteed at least a par and needed a birdie to win the hole.

I chose an 8 iron which I normally hit about 160 yards and hit a solid shot with a three quarter swing to control the spin and trajectory of the shot. My natural draw held the ball against the wind and the ball landed on the downslope about three feet behind the hole, trickled down and into the hole for my first ace! I actually wasn't sure it had gone in (partly out of disbelief, I guess) but everyone in the group did and congratulated me. You wait for a moment like that for so long that when it happens, it takes a while for it to sink in and then you almost feel relieved that it finally happened after so many years of playing. I still find it somewhat unbelievable!

I missed a short birdie putt on the 17th hole and made a long birdie putt from the fringe on the 18th to finish my round with an even-par 71. The hole-in-one was definitely a career highlight, but I have to say, the best part of the round was taking Tom Waitrovich's (Head Golf Professional at Lakewood CC) money.

This is my third year as a Titleist Staff Member. I play the New Pro V1x, Pro Titanium 907D2 7.5 deg. with a Diamana 83 X flex shaft, Titleist Forged  695.MB irons 3-P, Vokey Spin Milled 54 and 60 degree wedges, and a Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 putter. I am a higher speed player and I'm always looking for equipment to reduce spin, increase my distance and improve distance control and accuracy.

To follow the hole-in-one, in January of this year, I scored a 2 on the 510 yard par-5 6th hole at the Sanctuary Golf Club on Sanibel Island in Florida. I hit my Cobra 2/R Baffler from 240 yards out of the right rough. I saw it land but did not see it go in. I got up to the green and knew it had to be in. I walked up and sure enough, it was in the hole. Unfortunately, it was with the old Pro V1x because I had run out of the sleeve Mark had given me, but I'm sure if it was the new Pro V1x it would have gone in the center of the hole instead of falling in the left edge on its last revolution!

Thank you Titleist for producing another great golf ball!


Mitch Flemming
PGA Assistant Golf Professional
Chagrin Valley Country Club

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