Talk of the Tour: Spieth, Kerr and Compton

The final official 2015 tournaments of the PGA TOUR and LPGA are in the books and the holidays are just around the corner. Titleist Brand Ambassadors and golf ball loyalists recorded a great season, with the worldwide ball count coming to 23,059, and tallying 173 victories around the globe.

See what Titleist Brand Ambassadors Jordan Spieth and Erik Compton, and golf ball loyalist Cristie Kerr shared with us about playing the Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Jordan Spieth: “I've been playing this golf ball and it's been improved year in and year out. It's been an easy transition for me. I know that I have that versatility. I know that it'll spin when I hit it up high or I hit it a certain way on the face. I know what's going to happen with this golf ball so when I'm over the shot all I’m worried about is the swing that's needed in order to produce it.”

Titleist Pro V1 loyalist Cristie Kerr: “The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are not only great for me, but they’re great for the amateur golfer. I rely on my golf ball to save me – the touch, the feel and the spin. The amateur also gets those benefits from the golf ball. The ball is going to perform for them in times when they need it. That’s what Titleist golf balls are all about. They have the best feel, the best spin around the greens.”

Titleist Brand Ambassador Eric Compton: “What I enjoy about the new Pro V1x is being able to get instant feedback if you hit a good shot. We're always looking for a great trajectory. For me, off the driver, I seem to be getting a higher launch and lower spin. I picked up a little bit more yardage. It’s a ball that I can really trust when I'm playing well. I know how it's going to react. I’ve played Titleist my whole life.”


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