It took 50 years

By: arthurb23

I am 64 years old and I have been playing for over 50 years. I did not take lessons until I retired a couple years ago. Last week I had a lesson with a new instructor, Ryan, later that same day I played Tijeras Creek with my buddy Dennis. On the 5th hole Dennis hit first and he suggested I change from the 8 iron in my hand to a 7 iron. I took his suggestion and the rest is history. Thank you Dennis and Ryan !

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I really don't know how unusual it is to hit a hole in one I have not been playing golf for too long, just three years. The hole was 221 yards long so I could not see it actually going into the hole from the tee box. I knew I hit it straight and I knew it bounced before the hole. I was playing golf in a foursome and as we walked towards the hole, we could not see my ball anywhere. One person said, "well maybe you hit it over the green". I said, "no I didn't hit it that long and I know I hit it straight towards the pin, so I think it might be in the hole". So we all walked to the hole together, where sure enough, the ball was resting comfortably in the bottom of the hole. Once we saw that we all started hooting and hollering. It was fun.

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My First Hole in 1

By: brandonl42

After playing 18 holes in an A-Team match my partner and I wanted to play an emergency 3 holes.
We started on hole 10 at about 7:00 o'clock pm. We got to number 11 and I has 181 to the flag, threw a ball down and hit a high draw. The pin was on the right side of the green and the ball landed about 3 feet right and a little past the hole with left spin. The ball then started to track towards the hole and fell in the back of the cup.
We had to play 18 holes before dark that day and made it coming in by the clubhouse lights. The ball was a Titleist 1 which has seen its last active day on the course.

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First Hole In One!

By: richarde72

My first hole in one after almost two years of playing. It couldn't be one those short par 3s. Nooo, that would be way to easy... LOL 154 Par 3, AP2 714 7 Iron, Pro V1X. Dropped it right in back of the hole, one small hop back and into the cup she went. God I love this game!


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Group golf weekend

By: ruthg3

22 of our friends got together for a yearly outing. This was our first time my husband and I attended as it finally fit into our schedule. I had the hole-in-one on Friday, the day we arrived. My thunder was short-lived as 2 men in our group both had one on Saturday. We truly wonder what the odds are that 3 out of 22 got a hole-in-one the same weekend. They have been having this outing for years and only one person had one previously on this particular get-together and that was in 2009. I think we will all remember this weekend whether we were one of the 3 or one of the people that got to watch them fall.

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49th Annual Avon Oaks Country Club Member-Guest Invitational. Par 3, #17, 169 yards was the official distance with witnesses on the green as well as at the tee box. The offer was a 2015 Cadillac CTS 2.0 Turbo for the first hole in one. I was the last to tee off in my foursome and my partner had just dunked his tee shot in the water in front of us. My ball was a Pro-V1x,, and I used my Titleist AP2 7 iron. Front pin with slight wind in our face. Flushed the iron, saw the ball land and instantly disappeared. The witness on the green was jumping up and down, and my playing partners all yelled while they tackled me on the tee box. I had just won the Cadillac. It was hard to digest at the moment, especially since we were still playing a tournament. One of the greatest feeling of my life.

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