First Hole in One

By: scottt105

I started playing golf on my 60th birthday. As you might imagine I was not very good. I took several lessons from a PGA Pro and earnestly practiced daily. I didn't actually play a round of golf once I got serious for about 3 months. After 6 months I was invited to audition for a show on the Golf Channel called How Low Can You Go, and I won the audition. This was 2006. I've been playing quite a bit of golf over time, about 2-3 times per week. My first Eagle was this spring on a par 5 and chipped in from 90 yards out for a 3. On May 30,2015 My wife and I played Devils Thumb Golf Club in Delta Colorado. It's a mountain course with elevated tee boxes and lots of terrain change. #7 is a par 3 and from the Blue Tees it was playing 136 yards. I was first to hit and the green was elevated and you could only see 1/2 the flag stick. It felt good. My buddy hit his shot and it looked as if they might be just next to each other. The two ladies hit their tee shots and when we got to the green we could only see 3 balls. I looked for about 10 seconds and decided to look in the cup and there it was. Thankfully I had witnesses and we all were excited. I've played the Velocity ball since it was introduced and feel it really suits my golf game best. Thank you, Scott Taylor 12 hndcp.

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Rod's hole-in-one

By: rodf15

It happened on a 102 yard par 3. The pin was a sucker pin on the front left of the green. The green was elevated and 6' to the left of the pin went down into a creek. I told my brother that I was going to hit my ball to the center of the green and take my 2-putt and go on. I took my wedge and hit the sweetest little draw that landed, bounced twice and dropped in the hole. This was my first one ever. I had been close on a couple of 185 yard par 3's, but this was my first hole-in-one. This all happened at Kings Creek Golf course in Spring Hill, TN. I was visiting my brother on vacation. We only got 12 holes in before the rains came and rained us out.

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First Ever Hole in One

By: stevep145

I got my first ever hole in one on May 30, 2015 on hole 13 at The Bridges at Tillsonburg. It was a 172 yd par 3 and I used a Titleist 710 AP1 6 iron and a Titleist NXT Tour. I made a good swing but was a little right of the green. The ball took a good bounce off a hill and funneled down towards the green so I figured I would have a putt. When I got to the green I didn't see the ball on the green and I didn't see it any where on the fringe. I looked in the hole and there it was. it was Awesome.

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On hole 11 at the Bluffs 107 yards from Women's Tee but down hill and with the wind that day so I took PW and pitched for 65 yards. Ball was landed at higher level of green and rolled down from right to left and into the hole. It was incredible!!!

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Hole in One

By: paulp121

Every Memorial Day weekend a few of us at our local course hold a two day Ryder Cup event. Two teams of ten players. Day one begins with a two man scramble on the front nine followed by an alternate shot on the back. My partner and I missed a birdie putt on number nine to tie the scramble match :(. We came back fierce during the alternate shot with a birdie on 16 to take us 1 up with two to play. Teeing up on the 17th it just felt right. Hit a beautiful shot, took one bounce, and went in the hole! Not only did it close out the match...but it was A HOLE IN ONE!!!! I've never been so psyched in a round!

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Mark Padila hole in one

By: titleistu397

This is 2nd hole in one with a prov1 I was playing with Morris Huling, David Giron, Carlos Treviso and Robbie Hererra. None of us saw the ball go in there was a large trap blocking the view. I thought it would be close to the pin but it was in the hole. We were playing a game called wolf and David was the wolf and he picked Carlos not knowing that I went in the hole. Carlos was about 5 ft away. I think I told David Bad choice for picking Carlos. It was a great day with great friends at Tanoan Country club.

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