It Took 61 Years!

By: venaa1

Wow! I never thought I would get a hole in one! My brother, who had won a car with a hole in one, told me that it is 10% skill and 90% luck. I guess he's right... I have been close many times, but the thrill of actually finding the ball in the cup is like nothing else.

I was standing on a 147-yard par 3 at Hillcrest Country Club in Lincoln NE (Hole #8). It is a two-tiered green and the pin was back on the lower tier. Fortunately for me, it was early in the morning when the dew was still on the grass. I played a 5-Hybrid, hit the sweet spot, and thought, "Hey, I think that's going to be close. I could get an easy birdie out of this."

When I approached the green, I kept looking for the ball and said, "I can't believe it went over!" So, I searched all around the fringe and in back of the ball... I decided to backtrack to the green and follow the dew trail. Lo and behold, it led right to the cup!!! I was stunned!

Thank you, Titleist, for your Pro V1. That ball is proudly on display in my office.

Vena Alesio

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Jerry Ruis

By: jerryr61

I got my first hole-in-one on Aug 27th on the 4th hole at Terrace Hills Golf Course, Altoona, Iowa. It was 143 yards using a 9 iron and a Titleist Velocity ball. Awesome experience.

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#7 The Prairies/Kalamazoo Mi

By: matthewb188

This hole has an elevated tee, it was playing down wind, pin was forward, ball landed right center 2 ft or so short, bounced a couple times and rolled about 5ft into the hole. Conditions were hot and dry.

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My recent hole in one occurred during my clubs Member-Member Tournament. The unique part of the story was that it happened on the beat the pro hole. Our pro Ryan Owens hit the green about 20 feet away, then, our opponents both hit the green with George about 5 feet, my partner Ralph zings one on about 8 feet. Now it's my turn, I hit a high soft draw the landed just over the bunker, the ball kicked left and hit the flag, the ball was wedged between the flag and the hole. The clubs CEO and GM were also witnesses in addition to our pro and my group, very cool experience. When I straightened the flag the ball dropped to the bottom of the cup! This was my third career hole in one!

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Slam Dunk from 190 Yards

By: rodl18

Hit the ball in the hole on the fly from 190 yards. When a golfer hits a bad shot, it's bad luck. But when a golfer gets a hole-in-one, it's skill. What do you call hitting a 1.5" diameter golf ball, on the fly, into a 4" hole from 190 yards? A HOLE-IN-ONE.

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I was on Pine #7 at Longwood Golf Course...I had my Bushnell, it stated 135 to the front, 150 to the middle and 161 to the back! I took a 7 Iron teed up the middle of the tee box...There was pond to right of the green and a sand trap in front of the green as I hit the ball it flew over the sand trap,it then hit the pin in flight and dropped into the hole!!!!

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