Jerry K

By: jerryk47

Playing in the Hampton Hall club member guest with my guest GT, we had our first hole in ones! Mine was during the match and on a prize hole! A new golf cart, a 181yard 3 hybrid to the bottom of the cup. His was doing the practice round the day before, a 167 five iron.

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Mr. Rod Ours

By: rodo3

This was my third hole in one in as many years with a Titleist Golf Ball. I do not know how rare of an achievement this is but I would love to hear from Titleist if they have any data regarding the significance of my accomplishment.

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By: donaldh50

Hit the ball, it took one hop and went in. End of story.

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Jon Rocco Giammatteo

By: drlennyg1

My Dad and I were playing Easter weekend. I was so mad that I made a bad score on the previous hole. I told myself I need to make a hole in one. I used a 21 degree Titleist hybrid and NXT tour ball. My dad hit first a nine iron to the back part of the green. I hit after him. The pin was in the front part of the green. The ball one hopped and went into the cup.

I said to my Dad. I think it went into the hole. We both looked shocked at each other. We drove the cart up to the hole and it was in the cup.

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Hole in 1 - Jim C.

By: jamesjimc2

I had not played in 5-6 years and a friend help me put a set of Clubs together. Some people from the office got me out to play at Squirrel Run Golf cource in Plymouth, MA on May 13, 2915. The  first few holes I use a lot of strokes and then with a 7 wood on the 13th hole going over water Just wanted to stay dry. I hit the ball and could not believe it went over the water and landed on the green started to go it rolled in to the cup. The 2 people I was with 1 who has played for over 40 years and never had one was more excited than I was which was a lot because I just loved it. Made me want to play more.

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Hole in one - Stephen S.

By: stephens58

I was playing on Saturday, May 15th, 2015, my playing partners were Lenny, Dave and Steve, on the 15th hole using a 6 iron from 174 I knocked it in using a titleist nxt tour s ball

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