Greatest Shot Ever

By: johnl463

Awesome story. Get to the number 6 tee box at Twin Creeks Country Club. I get out my range finder and shoot 189 yards to the flag and the wind was into us. I pulled out my 3 Hybrid. I stood up to the ball and took 1 practice swing. I setup and hit. I hit a little baby fade just left of the flag. The ball hit the green about 10 feet short of the flag and then we watched it roll in the hole! Amazing!!!!

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Mr. Dennis Nicholson

By: dennisn34

Been playing golf for 45 years. I have had many near misses for hole in ones over the years, but it finally happened on 11/20/2015 while playing with my good friends Roddy Johnson and Mike Baker.

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Pro V1x

By: titleistfan4271

First hole in one. Absolutely amazing feeling. I thought I hit a bad shot but with a bit of side spin it started rolling left down the hill and disappeared.

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First hole in one

By: jacobo7

I walk on to the ninth hole coming of a birdie from the eighth and it was about 3 miles of wind and I decide to draw the ball cause the wind would had made it straight so I hit my 7 iron when it came of the face I was like this is going to be good I look and my shot landed in front of the green and rolled in cause the pin was middle front and came out shooting 3 under and a par 3 course was working out my new clubs.

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Pure Luck

By: jamesb430

After using the range finder to get the yardage of 156, I selected an 8 iron and played the shot slightly back in the stance to keep it under a slight breeze. The hit was not perfect (a low screamer). In fact, the ball landed just short of the green and ran out toward the back of the green. There was a significant glare and my partners and I thought it had a chance, but believed it may have rolled through the green. Upon reaching the green, I immediately went to the back to check the rough and did not see any sign of the ball. My partner, said "Check the hole". Well, the rest is history. Just glad to be able to score one with my regular friends. Thanks Titleist. By the way, I bought the beer.

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1st one

By: rickw114

Enjoying a early Saturday round of golf with my good friends. 2 hole took my wedge out for 115 tee shot. Popped it up over the front mound in front of the green. Couldn't see the ball fall into the hole but there was a lot of chatter as we walked up to the hole. As we approached the four of us looked around the rough to see if we could locate it. I walked up to the flag and there it was down in the hole. What a feeling. Lots of high fives and congratulations. Free beer for everyone.

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