A day Early

By: terrym94

My third Hole in One came the day before playing in the OGA Tour Championship. In the practice round. Had it only been a day later I would of won alot of great stuff, but would of had a huge bar tab. So it all evens out. A cold windy day, playing with 2 friends, Jerry Olson and John Garcia, a nice cut shot landing on the front of the green and rolling into the hole.

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First Hole in One

By: kevins246

Checked one off my bucket list!

On Sat Sept 27, 2014 3 of the 4 guys in my regular group decided to play 18 holes in advance of an outing.

My home club is the park district course in Lake Bluff Illinois. I was playing fairly well (for me) with an even 40 on the front nine and was 3 over on the back when we reached #16, a short par 3. Flag was middle left, about 128 yards, with a gentle breeze blowing in our faces. I figured 135 was the right number so used a 9 iron. Ball had eyes and looked like it might land in the cup. It hit and then disappeared from sight moments later. One of my buddies immediately said “that might be in”. I've been fooled before by shadows but could have sworn I heard something about the time I lost sight of it. As we walked towards the green I tried to contain my excitement but I could not see the ball and better yet had now changed angles and could see it was not behind the flag. My hopes were realized when I reached the cup and found my ProV1 inside. My shot was actually about a foot past and spun back. I rarely spin the ball back so that was icing on the cake.

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Where Dreams Come True

By: reinaldos1

The golfer's dream came true precisely in the place ...... ..

  "Where Dreams Come True", Walt Disney World.

On the morning of Saturday September 6, 2014, the small and great golfer Reinaldo Simoni Fleuriel he prepared to go out and play another tournament over the famous league US Kids Golf, Orlando Tour in the prestigious golf Disney Lake Buena Vista Golf.

At 5:10 pm, Hole 7, Par 3, 100 yards, surrounded by lots of water, Reinaldo with 11-year-old decided to use a pitching wedge, and his ball Titleist DT SOLO.....and he make his first HOLE iN 1 !!!! starting the season and placing in the Top Five of this competitive league.

"It was a hole in one that we will be marked in our lives," an indescribable happiness, commented his father, not only for his feat, also for the numerous witnesses who witnessed the exciting moment, with cheers and applause, competitors, caddies, and tourists from Disney congratulated him.

Was also a special witness, RG, PGA Tour star and 2 times the US OPEN champion (2001 and 2004), which approached Reinaldo and congratulate him. Disney dedicate a plaque to Reinaldo and US Kids Golf the prize.
Once again, we see the result of effort, perseverance, dedication, and faith that this little player is characterized when competing.

Congratulations to this great promise Golf !!!!

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After thinking I would never get a second one on Sept. 26 I hit a Pro VIx about 130 yards with a 9 iron. The ball flew over the flag about 6 feet and spun back into the hole My first hole in one in 1985 was with a Titleist Balata ball.

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My First Hole In One by Robert Mutch

By: robertm453

From tee to passed the green is water hazard. Deep long bunker also just right of pin. lazer showed 160 yds to target. I hit the sweet spot of my club and it had a perfect draw to the hole. All four of us saw it land just in front of the pin, it bounced once and then we could not see it. Ian said 'that it is in the hole!'. I thought maybe it was downslope after the pin. Evan hit his shot whilst we were chomping at the bit in the cart. We raced up there and I was still in denial. It was a good sized green and I could not see my ball, only the other player's balls. I ran to the hole, saw the landing mark about 2 ft in front of the pin. Then i saw my ball in the hole looking back at me. The funny thing is that it was a used Titleist Pro V1 that Ian had given to me on that tee as he did not want it. So I replied, 'ok, I will hit it!'. This is may first ACE of course. I shot a 77. Went to the bar and bought drinks, luckily it only cost me $55. I went home and told my wife that I got a 1 (ACE) on the 17th.

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Where is my Ball

By: hasmukhs1

On 09/03/2014 had a hole-in-one on hole #13, Par 3, 146 yrds at Wallinwood Springs Golf Club, Jenison, Michigan, during our last league game for the season. I had a little wind on my face and decided to use 8 Iron (Tim Wishon) for little low shot. The pin’s bottom was behind an undulated green, but was in front. I errored in my shot and hit a smidge “fat” shot in the process to keep it low but the ball (Titleist Velocity) reached the green as intended had one bounce and then just disappeared behind an undulated greens. All other foursome team members were either short or long on the green. When we reached the green we couldn’t find my ball, but looking at the ball mark, the ball shouldn’t have left the green. Karthik, one of team member said “I saw it bounced on the green, where can it go?” My league partner Dabesh Khattoi just thought of taking a peak in the cup (I was still looking back of the green) and he yelled, “hey Hash there is your ball in here!” We all rushed to see if it was mine and boy, it was in the cup! We all cheered each other and my other team member Adam Pietrafesa was excited and said “I never saw a live hole in one before!”
The back nine at Wallingwood is really tough. We carry many extra balls as there are natural hazards left, right, front, back, you name it and it is almost everywhere. I am Michigander, handicap 16. and looking forward to play more golf!!!

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