Steve Sacks Hole In One

By: steves366

Steve hit a hybrid into an elevated green at Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hill, Ca. The 8 hole 160 yard tee had a strong wind but the Pro V1 went into the hole.

This was witness by Rick Meeker, Paul Dodson& Jeff Dorosk. Since the course was giving us free drinks I got away without a bar tab.

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NY Hole in One

By: martind40

October 1, 2014 on a road trip and played Long Island National Golf Club with two friends from Vero Beach, Florida - my 6 month home as I also live in England.

The shot was great - witnessed by Steve O'Grady and Dave Redmond

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By: richardn71

My older ball was not doing very well (had to be the ball) so I switched to my Titlist DT with my company emblem on it. I had been saving the ball having retired 13 years ago. On a 136 yd hole on #7, my pitching wedge went right at the hole and disappeared. The green slopes off to the back and though I was suspicious, I thought I had overhit the pit. What a joy to see the Titlist in the cup.

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First hole in one at Northwood

By: mathewg1

i was playing our local course with my friend Brian Strong. On the third hole, a 145 yard par 3, I hit an 8 iron that hit about 20 feet in front of the hole and rolled in. We could not tell from the tee that it went in and I thought I was over the green. Brian looked in the hole and there it was. I live across the street from this Alister Mackzie 9 hole course so that made it even more special. It was my second hole in one.

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Mrs Elaine Marr

By: elainem4

After lessons with George Spinella at Palmetto Dunes on Hilton Head I finally started hitting the ball further and straighter. We arrived on the 6th hole of the Jones course where a gentleman was selling a chance to win $2500 for a hole in one. My husband his friend bought in and hit the green. My friend and I didn't buy the ticket but I hit the Titelist perfect. Two bounces, a roll, hit the pin and dropped. So this is the 5th hole in one on that hole where people didn't buy their chance to win. I'm still thrilled.

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Ian Patterson's Hole in One Story

By: ianp39

I had given up on ever getting a hole in one, but on occasion I would think about it and I was convinced if I did it would be a sloppy one like the ball hitting a wall, rolling through a sand bunker and going in. Well, my shot was dead on the pin all the way.

The ball hit about six feet in front on the pin and rolled perfectly into the cup. The other thought I had over the years is if I made a hole in one it would be with an old beat up ball unsuitable for displaying. What I actually hit was a brand new Titleist ball I took out of my bag as I walked up to the tee.

Ball was used once and it was for a hole in one!

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