Ian Patterson's Hole in One Story

By: ianp39

I had given up on ever getting a hole in one, but on occasion I would think about it and I was convinced if I did it would be a sloppy one like the ball hitting a wall, rolling through a sand bunker and going in. Well, my shot was dead on the pin all the way.

The ball hit about six feet in front on the pin and rolled perfectly into the cup. The other thought I had over the years is if I made a hole in one it would be with an old beat up ball unsuitable for displaying. What I actually hit was a brand new Titleist ball I took out of my bag as I walked up to the tee.

Ball was used once and it was for a hole in one!

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luck y to get two hole in one

By: asifa2

i have got to hole in one in different cities

the first one was at my home course karachi golf club KGC the best one part for this was i was not able to gt on the green for five or six days but it was a lucky to be on the green with a hole in one
the second was at garrison golf clun in lahore never thought to have another hole

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Hole in One

By: stephenn22

Playing a late round on Wednesday 3/18/15 with a 12 year old phenom, Michael and his mom, Jane. He had just made bogey on the fourth hole to my triple bogey. I was telling him about Yoda saying, "There is no try....there is only do." He made the next green in regulation. I kept chanting, "There is no try...there is only do."

84 yard sand wedge bounced once on the first cut of the green and rolled up to the pin. The wind had tilted the pin and trapped the ball at the lip. The three ladies on the next tee went wild when they saw what was happening.

The ball fell for my first hole in one.

I have been inside of three feet many times but this was my first. Just another great reason to get back out on the course.

It may not be a great day to play golf, but every day playing golf is a great day.

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Hole in One on Valentines Day

By: bruceh76

My Wife is my true Valentine of 30+ years and the sweet wife that she is let me go play golf this past Valentine's Day. I was playing as a single at the DeLaveaga course in Santa Cruz Ca. When I got to the 3rd hole two friendly gentlemen, Zig and Russ, asked me to join them. It was a par three and the hole was 140 yards back left according to my range finder. I pulled out my 9 iron and using a Titleist Pro V1 I hit just a perfect shot at the flag. As the ball is on the way, Russ says I'm feeling thirsty and sure enough the ball hits about a foot and a half behind the hole spins back and goes in. So I bought a drink for Russ at the turn because he had to go and I bought drinks for Zig and myself after the round and shared stories with him and the bartender. Great day for all 3 of us.

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my 2nd hole in one

By: jiml187

my opponent hit to within 10'. My partner says " you gotta get it inside that shot.. I hit it to within 6 feet and it rolled in!

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My first hole in one

By: timothys47

I have been playing golf since I was 8 years old, I am now 59 1/2 years young. On Friday February 27, 2015 I was playing at Encanto Golf Course in Phoenix, AZ and on the 7th Hole a Par 3 110 yard hole using a 9 iiron and mt Titleist Velocity golf ball I had by first and hopefuly not my last Hole in One. I want to thank Titleist for have such great product it certainly help. This was something I never thought would happen in my life and especially at 59 1/2 years of age.

Tim Seibold

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