I attended the 22nd Annual CARSTAR Golf Tournament for Make-A-Wish foundation held at Staley Farms Golf Club in Kansas City, MO. The tournament raised funds to grant 14-year-old Dylan's wish to go to Disney World in October. I hit my Titleist 138 yards with an 8 iron for my first ever hole-in-one. A great day for a great cause!

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My Hole in One Story

By: jonathanh73

My story begins at Riverside Town and Country Club in Blue Earth, MN. I was a high school freshman preparing for my state golf tournament. Disappointed that the morning was filled with rain, I quickly went to the course with my dad after the weather cleared. We came to the fourth hole which was playing 143 yards with no wind. I hit a high pitching wedge with a three yard cut and it looked good the whole way. It landed two feet short of the pin, released perfectly, and gently rolled into the hole. It was perfect. Lucky for me (and my dad), the course was relatively empty because of the weather earlier in the day. I'll never forget it.

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Hole in One

By: matthewc133

Shot a 39 on the front. Made the turn and hole #1 on the reds is a downhill shot. Must carry over the junk in the front, bunker on the back. Green slopes to the front edge. The 2 other guys in my group teed off first and hit knockdown shots within a foot of each other. I hit last. Ball stayed right on line with the cup. One hop and in. Thanks, Titleist, for the NXT Tour.

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Brian Rhyner

By: brianr160

I was home babysitting our grandson and received a call late in the day from my cousin asking if I had time for 9... my lovely wife was nice enough to take over babysitting duties ... I was hitting the ball well 4 pars in the first 6 holes... when we got to 7 I pulled the 7 out of my bag and swung away, we could see it was a good shot but unfortunately the base of the flag was impossible to see from our location so we did not see the ball go in the hole. When I got to the green I looked short then long for the ball and when I didn't see it I said loudly... "I think I got a hole in one" to which my golf mates laughed said "yeah right" and asked me to get off the green so they could hit... I walked to the hole and sure enough there it was.

I did not know never having a hole in one before that it would cost me a night of buying beer... me the guy who got the hole in one literally had to buy all night??

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my first to come

By: gaigek1

It was just a regular day at the golf course with my friend Connor it was hole 7 par 3. it was over water, I have never made it on the green in the hundred times I have played that course. I went up to the tee box and hit the ball, at first it looked like it was in the water but then it hit the fringe. The hole was placed in the front of the green, it rolled my friend said get in the hole and right when he said that it dropped, I could not believe it I was so happy.

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My First

By: douglass51

Hit uphill to blind hole location. Ballmark was about a foot behind pin location, so the ball must have rolled forward and then back down a slight grade into the cup. I wandered around the back of the green and the my friends looked into the cup. Screaming was heard many fairways away!

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