First hole in one

By: jasons280

First hole in one. Hit it 3 yards past the hole spun it back for the ace.

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First hole in one

By: louiem1

Played Lincoln Hills and on #16 I hit a pitching wedge from 128 yards with a slight downhill- flew it right into hole! First one ever for me

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My First Hole-in-One

By: toddh90

I've been playing golf for 47 years and my wife got her first hole-in-one on August 22, 2015. I was a bit jealous. But then just 39 days later on October 1, 2015 I got my first hole-in-one too. A beautiful 8 iron uphill and into the wind on the 125 yard 3rd hole at Burl Oaks Golf Club.

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First and only Ace

By: genea15

I hit this shot into a stiff breeze, saw the ball mark on the green and thought it rolled off the back. My golfing buddy says, "Gene I think you made it!!!" As we rode up to the green, I didn't see my ball, so to avoid the jinx, I didn't take my putter with me. As I walked up the backside of the green, still no ball, then I see it as I approach the cup, that's when the goose bumps hit me... Just glad I had my friends there to witness greatness lol

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My First Hole in One

By: ericht2

I've been a big fan of Titleist Drivers and Fairway woods since the 910 series. I found they have the lowest spin then the other commercial brand. I switched to the 915 Driver and Fairway woods this past summer. Over Labor Day weekend, I played University of Michigan's Stadium Course. On hole 12, a Par 3, measured to 240 yards. I used my laser finder and measured it out to 240 yards. I pulled out my 16.5 degree 3+ 915 Fairway wood along w/ a brand new Titleist ProV1x ball. I hit a slight cut shot. It landed about 10 feet left of the pin and rolled left to right right in the hole.

The 3 other guys that witnessed it were my friends from college that went to U of M as well. It was a special day for sure. My first hole in one and it was shared w/ special friends.

Guess that club will never leave my bag!

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Hole in One

By: jacobc42

As an avid golfer and someone who had played competitively, I have always dreamed of hitting a hole in one. When I got a chance to play in an outing with the CEO of my company, I didn't hesitate.

On the 4th hole, I hit a great shot and knew it would be close, but we couldn't see the ball land on the green. As we drove up to the green, I couldn't see the ball, but I could see the divot about 5 feet short of the pin. I had a feeling might have gone in, and I rushed to the pin to find my ball. What a great feeling!

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