My first hole in one

By: johng399

I had my first hole in one yesterday! It was on the first hole at Napa Valley Country Club which is a 130 yard par 3, downhill. I hit a pitching wedge a couple of feet past the hole and it spun back into the cup. I had pulled out a brand new Titleist NXT Tour S which was immediately retired. It was a great way to start a round of golf and a three day weekend.

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My Third Hole in One

By: darrellv1

Playing in the first day of a long running local tournament called "The Gold Rush" with three of my good friends, #9 was playing 141 yards into a little wind that day. I pulled out 8 iron, struck it well, and it landed about 8 feet behind the hole, backed up, and disappeared. It was awesome. The 1 was for a 33 on the front side. We may or may not have had many, many drinks on the back side leading to a 33-42 75.

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I've been golfing for over thirty years and the only thing on my bucket list was a hole in one. My husband and I love to golf and enjoy each others company and encourage each other with each other's game. Its been a bit of a healthy competition as to who was going to be the first!
I've played with the Pro V and the Pro V1x, but this past May, I switched to the Velocity ball and my game has improved. We play with a group of people on our weekly Monday night scramble, this past June 9th 2014, everyone breaks off into teams of three or four. It was our last hole, #3 of our nine hole game at Paris Grand, my game wasn't stellar but we were having fun, my team mates were on the green but it wasn't going to be a short putt. We had an elevated green and I couldn't see the last foot of the pin. It was 85 yard shot for me and I was using my gap wedge. The shot was a draw and the ball was looking like it was going to be close but it was hard to tell. When I arrived at the green, my team captain was looking for my ball past the hole in the fringe of the green, since he didn't locate it, he proceeded to the hole, and there it was in the bottom of the cup!!! Since the tradition has been that the clubhouse patrons were to receive their free beverage, my scramble mates were delighted!
My second hole in one was on August 10th in the same year, at the same course, #6, and it was 79 yards so I knew it was going to be a soft gap wedge, and my new ball choice the Titleist Velocity. The ball fell short of the hole by approximately 18", and rolled towards the hole and disappeared into the hole, my husband just shook his head and I couldn't stop laughing! Thanks for letting me share.

Thank you Titleist, I found my new golfball! The "proof", as they say, is in the pudding!

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Hole in one

By: bryanh54

What a day, golf with the Cleveland Clubbers at Roses Run in Stow , Oh. #17 168 yards 6 iron.
I don't hit many par 3's but today was a different story. Yes my first hole in one! All I can say is, what an awesome felling!

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First hole in one

By: paulj83

My friend and I have made a real commitment to the sport this year. We have been hitting the links and swinging the sticks religiously at the local par 3 and Executive course that offers "All you can Golf" on Fridays for a nice budget price. We golfed many places around us, but on Fridays, we do our budget course from breakfast til dinner time.
So, like many Fridays this season, we each start out with a bucket of balls at the course range and get warm. The par 3 side was a little crowded so we started with the Executive half. Started out with a nice par on my first hole of the day, the 10th hole, one of only two par fours in the whole course.
I had honors on 11, with calm conditions. 119 yards to the pin so an easy 9 iron was all I was hitting. The ball went high and straight. She came down within four feet of the cup to the front left of it. My golf partner said something, probably "Nice shot." We watched it roll in, looked at each other and exploded in celebration.
I putted very poorly for the next hour at least!

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What a day of Golf

By: michaelr327

I was hitting the ball the best I have hit it since I began playing only a year and a half ago. I was in a practice round before my Thursday night league play and I stepped up to the tee on the 4th hole of Trigg golf coarse. I took a nice smooth practice swing and then let it rip!! Wow that ball is tracking at the pin!! One my buddies yells that it's in the hole!! I thought to my self no way!! It was 185 yards up hill and you can't see the hole. As we approached I was stunned not to see my ball! I assumed it rolled through the green and got caught in the rough. Josh yells to me go get your ball in the hole! I said no its not in the hole! He responded I am a ball indicator and that is in the hole!! Ok, I walked up and there it was nestled in the hole with the Titleist 2 logo staring at me!! The bag dropped and party began!!! One of the best moments in my Life!!

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