My First Hole in One

By: lloydm17

After 53 years and many rounds of golf, I have finally achieved my first Hole in One. I played Olivas Links in Ventura, CA on Sept. 10, 2014. Hole no. 5, 132 yd. par 3. I used a Titleist Pro V1. The shot was high to an elevated green with the pin placement between middle and front of the green. Very bright morning sun into our faces. The shot felt and looked awesome.I used a 9 iron. I play to a 10.9 index and have been close in the past but never in. I've been playing the Pro V1 for over 10 years and have not found another ball that matches the feel of this ball. This was a very special day

Thank you,

Lloyd Messineo

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The time for a hole in one

By: davidm684

I was playing in a family tournament in remembrance of a friend's grandfather. I was invited because of the great pulled pork I cooked and not necessarily because of my golfing prowess. I am a 16 handicapper and as luck would have it my team was even par when we arrived at the third hole which was the "closest to the pin hole." The distance to the pin was about 162 yards from the senior tees. The pin was back and so my idea was to just land it on the green so we could maybe birdie the hole. I pulled out my Swoosh hybrid and my Titleist Pro V1 ball which I have become a big fan of. I lined up for the middle of the green and the pin was back center. I hit a very pure shot which bounced once when it hit the green and started tracking toward the hole. As it got closer and closer I thought we would have a great chance at birdie and perhaps "closest to the pin." Well as it got near the ball turned to the left ever so slightly and then dropped out of sight. My teammates said I think you just made a "hole in one" to which I responded lets see when we get to the green. Low and behold the ball was in the cup when I arrived. Hole in one, eagle and closest to the pin. We also won the tournament. My only regret is that I did not play the lottery on the day I got my hole in one.

Now I am planning my next hole in one after another 25 years of golf. While I will be ninety then, if I do get another ace I will be using a Titlest Pro V1.

David Mineo

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Hole In 1 Woodlands Golf Course Alton IL

By: brockl5

I decided to go out early this weekend and play by myself. I got to the 7th hole at Woodlands in Alton, IL. A Foursome had just tee'd off and told me to go ahead and play through. I stepped up from the blue tees with my PW which was playing about 130 yards. I hit the ball and it was going right at the hole the entire time. It landed on the green, began to roll, and then went out of sight. It was a crazy feeling and i didn't really know what to say.

What a great feeling though.

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Third Ace

By: kenb118

My third ace, playing against a much younger, former High School state champion. After he hit his drive on the par 3 pretty close, I complimented him on his shot, and he said that he had never had a hole-in one, nor ever saw one. I casually mentioned that I had 2, then proceeded to make my third with them witnessing. I think they enjoyed it as much as I did!

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My First Hole in One

By: joanieh1

On my least favorite hole, 110 yards, over water with an elevated green. The flag was in the front of the green with the sand trap in front of the green. It was the first day of our big member/guest tournament. I knew I hit a solid ball- the ball didn't hit the green- it just dropped straight into the hole.

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Two eagles

By: arthura7

September 7 and September 14 2014. I eagled 18 at Edgewood Park golf course. Par 4 350 yard hole. The September 7 eagle was 108 yard gap wedge. The September 14 eagle was a 128 yard pitching wedge both shots hitting pro v1x ball .

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