I usually use a Pro V1, but I just bought a sleeve of the Pro V1x in the club house. First shot of the day on a shotgun start, I drove the green on a par 4 and the ball went in. This is my first ever hole-in-one and I'm told it has never happened on the 17th hole on the Tama Hills Golf Course, Tokyo, Japan, before.

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By: scottd153

Just moved back to Omaha from Philadelphia. First time playing with my twin sons, Lance & Drew. Elevated tee box across creek, #2 hole at Pacific Springs GC. Titleist 990 6 iron with Titleist ProV1; 167 yards. Boys went crazy; the best of times.

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Pretty Long and Uphill

By: jamesp214

Never think hole in one. This one like my other 3 were just shots toward the flagstick. Unexpectedly, the ball rolls in and I can't see it as the green is uphill 195 yards. Just hard to imagine a small ball going into a 4 inch hole that far when I miss putts less than 3 feet!

Got off easy as only two drinks were bought!.

The progressive four hole in ones were 145, 155, 165 and 195 yards. Never had an eagle (although these par 3's were eagles).

Index 14.5.

Retired by second Pro V1.

More than I hate taking a penalty stroke is losing a Pro V1!

Love to see a yellow Pro V1!

Go Low

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Happy Birthday, Jay

By: margiem3

I took my brother Jay golfing for his birthday. I was actually having a terrible round up to the hole in one. I was trying out a new putter...without practicing! Duh! I was also trying the new driver that my brothers gave me for my birthday. I was so frustrated, that I said; I'm going back to playing MY regular game of golf. That's when I stepped up to the tee box at 7. Jay, Jim, Bob had already hit, when Jim said; "I'd go up two clubs (wind in our face). I grabbed my driver, hit, and we all heard a LOUD 'ding!" I couldn't see my ball. I went looking behind the green, and in the sand, while Jay walked over to the hole. He said; "I found your Ball." I screamed!!! and ran and jumped up onto my brother. Jim and Bob were congratulating me. Even the MARSHALL said he'd be waiting in the clubhouse for a drink after (lol). I am not a great golfer, but there is nothing that I would rather do than play 18. This, needless to say was my very FIRST hole in one. A MEMORY OF A LIFETIME.

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1st H-I-O

By: ald27

golf outing and my foursome started on #9. Hit the wedge to a up pin, bounced a few times and in it went !!
Just as planned !!

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Back in Michigan

By: andrewb61

Moved to Texas. 2nd round at my old club. Number 17 217 yard par 3 into the wind....choke down 3 wood and prov1x. Learned the shot in Texas.

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