My 5th Ace!!!!

By: damiong1

On November 11, 2015, Veterans Day, I was playing with the Vista Valencia Mens Golf Club. It was a busy day so we had groups waving people up on long par threes. Hole No. 3 was playing 204 yards. The group in front of us (five players) waved us up. I placed my Titleist Pro V down on the tee and took out a 21 degree Titleist 909h iron. The day was a bit breezy so I placed the ball back in my stance and hit a low stinger. The ball stayed about 15 feet from the ground and bored through that wind. The ball flew about one foot above the edge of the front left bunker, landed on the green, rolled about 35 feet directly into the cup. The feedback from the group waving us up was immediate. I got to the cup and got my picture taken as I retrieved the ball from the cup.

Special Veterans Day.

Damian Gutierrez

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Jim's hole in one

By: jamesk200

I was scheduled for knee surgery on Wednesday 11/18/15 also the date of my 42nd wedding anniversary and was elated at scoring an ACE on my final round of 2015, what a perfect way to finish my golf year.

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Sam McElroy

By: samm71

I am 64 years old and have been playing golf for 45 plus years and never had a hole in one, until this fall when I had two within less than 2 months.
The first one was at Kirkwood National Golf Club in Holly Springs, MS on 9/18/15. It was hole #4, 120 yards downhill and I hit an 8 iron. The ball hit passed the cup and due to the slant of the green roll back about 8 feet into the cup. Jubilation!

Then on 11/11/15 playing at Fair Oaks Golf Club in Oakland, TN on hole #3, 115 yards up hill, hitting a 7 iron, the pin was just behind the right sand trap and the ball cleared the trap and rolled straight into the hole. Unbelievable!!

My oldest son who played college golf who has had 2 hole in ones himself, said that's enough dad!

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First Hole in One

By: titleistfan4247

I have been an avid golfer for 40 years and registered my first ever hole in one Thursday, November 19, 2015.

A perfect 7 iron on the fourth hole at Rustic Canyon Golf Course playing 145 slightly uphill.

Funny thing is I did not see the ball go in. The flag was visible from the tee box, but the hole was obscured by a slope in front of the green. My playing partner had a clear view of the pin, and calmly announced, "Well you can't say you haven't had a hole in one now, JD."


J.D. Lobue

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First Hole in One

By: jordanw13

It was just a normal afternoon and my and my friend decided we wanted to try and play a quick nine holes. So we got in the car and drove a couple minutes down the road to the local course and started playing, not thinking anything special would happen. As the round went on I was playing pretty good, I was -3 through 6 holes and we came up to the 7th hole. As we were walking up to the tee box I said "It sure would be cool if I hit a hole in one" just joking about it. I hit my shot and knew that I had put it on a good line but it might have been a little much. As we got up to the green I was looking for it and couldn't find it. I started to think to myself, "did I hit it short in the creek?" Because there was a creek right in front of the green with grasses grown up extremely tall and I couldn't see the bottom of the flag. Well I was looking all in the tall grasses trying to find it, and my friend says, what if its in the whole and we both started laughing. Well he went up to check just to be funny and he stopped laughing immediately and was just starring at the hole and there it was sitting in the bottom of the cup.

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hole in one

By: JohnW578

it was one of the greatest moment of my golfing career. I loved the feeling when the ball went in the hole, i threw my 7 iron and sadly scratched it.

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