234 yards par 3

By: steveb316

Par 3 #13 at Yoche Dehe golf course at Cache Creek Casino. Playing 234 yards to the pin and wind in my face, I chose a 3 wood and played a draw into the green and the ball bounced, rolled, and fell into the cup just at the ball was done rolling up to a back pin location. Awesome! My first and only time. The Head pro and director of golf were following our group and witnessed it from the greenside cart path.

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Better Lucky Than Good

By: dwaynen2

Bought me a new 915 5-wood and first time out into a very strong head wind trying to beat out a oncoming thunderstorm I aced the 192 yd up hill number 7 par three. Although this wasn't my first it still never gets old straight at the flag 2 hops and in. Man was I fired up. May have a new favorite club at least until the next good shot.

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Second Ever

By: lukes52

I lined up with an open stance and swung. The next thing I new I was sprinting down the cart path yelling that's 2 baby! The same hole a year ago to the date! It was in.

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Bad Round Turned Perfect!

By: timothyh41

I couldn't have been playing any worse. It was men's league night and I had taken advantage of the "gimmie triple bogey rule" on the first 3 holes. I couldn't do anything right and I didn't know what to do about it. My fourth hole was a par 3, the pin was in the middle of the green and was 151 yds from the tee. I selected 7 iron and hit a perfect little fade which landed near hole high and about 4 feet left of the flag. It bounced once, spun right and disappeared. It helped get my round back on track. My partner and I lost our match, but it didn't matter.

I won $11 for closest to the pin, $11 for a skin but then spent $45 on a round of drinks for all the guys. Totally worth it!

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First Hole in One - Scott C.

By: scottc258

I was playing a quick nine with a friend and hit a nice little SW at the stick on the 143 yard 5th at the Links at Fayetteville (Arkansas) course and it was headed right at the stick. I thought it would be close but never really thought it went in.

As we walked to the green we could see the ball was right by the hole, but it looked as though it was a few inches away. It wasn't until I was at the green did I notice that the ball was just in the hole just below the surface wedged against the hole by the flag. I had to acually wiggle the flag for the ball to drop to the bottom of the hole. It was a pretty strange feeling.

I hit a perfect drive on the very next hole and the hole is about 260 (and drive-able) yards and I thought for a second I got two hole-in-ones in a row. That would have been crazy!

My older brother Chad is the only other one in our family who has gotten an ace and he has been bugging me for years and now we are finally even!!! Time for number two!

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The shot in the 50 degree weather

By: brycez1

I am 14 years old, it was 50 degrees and misting. It was 130 yards to the green with a front hole location. So I took out my pitching wedge. And I thought to my self come on just this once. I took my back swing and then turned my hips through the ball and my hands hurt because it was so cold. And I hit a perfect shot right where I was aiming. Which was a little to the left of the flag. This was only my second time playing this course so I didn't know that their was a slant from left to right. Since the ground was so soft the ball just stopped and started rolling. And so I just thought to myself it would be a easy put for birdie and all of a sudden it just disappeared. Then I realized that I got a hole in one. I couldn't get the smile off my face for the rest of the match.

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