An incredible experience

By: jank10

Well, this story is kind of crazy, but it was the best moment in my golf life! It was a PAR 4 here in Czech republic, it standardly has around 240m but the tee box was under reconstruction so it had around 210m at the moment. There were some people behind us but I planned to play cca 10m behind green so I took my 5 Iron (Titleist AP2) and didn't wait. It was the most beautiful shot I've ever made, straight, long. I mean really long so I skreamed FORE to people on the green. The ball landed maybe 2m before green and I didn't see anything. Those people started to scream and I was afraid I hit somebody. Than they scream that my ball is in the hole! They said it was an incredible experience so I was also happy for them! :-)

My gear: 5 Iron Titleist AP2 712, Project X 6.0 shaft, Pro V1 ball

Thank you! :-)

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My first Hole In One

By: jonh62

Stone Creek Golf Course in Valdosta, Ga has a Charitee bet. For 3 dollars you get a ticket. Hit the ball within the flag stick get a $20 gift card, get a hole in one $1,000. I was playing in our annual member guest tournament and the hole was playing 118 yards. I hit a 52 wedge and it landed 4 inches behind the hole and spun back in. Not only did i get my first hole in one, but i also won a $1000. i think other competitors from around the golf course heard me screaming.

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346 yrds par 4 hole in one

By: pablom3

3 November 2014. Got my first hole in one in a 346 yrds par 4. Hole #5 at Butterfield trails golf course in El Paso Tx. Used a titleist 913 D2 Driver 8.5 degrees.

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I waited 37 years

By: markj126

I've been playing sparingly for 37 years. I took up golf because my brother was playing and it gave us one more thing to compete against each other in. I've just recently retired and been able to play at least once a week. We were playing the Donald Ross designed course in Asheboro, North Carolina. It is a "tight" nine hole course in the center of the city. If you can't hit it straight and know your yardage you'll be in trouble. We were on hole #7 on the first nine and smelling all the fast food aromas from the restaurants just over the fence. The yardage on my Garmin said 112 yards and I chose a 9 iron because it was a little windy and I wanted to control the ball better. Yes, I can hit it farther than 112 yards with a 9 iron. I wanted control and that's what I got. From where the divot was, it hit a few feet behind the hole and spun back in. I hope it doesn't take another 37 years to get another one.

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My Hole In One at Pilara

By: user2437661

We were playing the 2nd hole at Pilará Golf Club in Buenos Airess, on 11/15/14. It is a very pretty Par 3. The hole was playing 180 yards that day and I hit my Titleist AP2714 #4-iron. The pin that day was on short position. My ball hit the green and i'm don't see more, so once I knew I was safely on.When I got to the green didn't see my ball ... I walked to the hole and to my surprise there in rested my ProV1. It was great

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My First Hole in One

By: benc47

I was playing the second round of the James Avery Hill Country Classic in Kerrville, Tx. We are on the Second hole at Scott Schreiner Golf Course, the hole was playing 120 yds with elevated green, you could only see the top third of the flag. I hit my pitching wedge well right at the flag. Two of my competitors say the shot is going to real close, my playing partner says, I think that is in the hole. We go to the green, we only see 3 balls, the excitement starts to build, we look in the hole and there she is, my Titleist ProV1 with the 3 dots. After high giving everyone, I mark my distance on the sign next to the green for closest to the pin. Pretty positive that is going to hold up. I win a skin and closest to the pin, I feeling pretty good. The next day at the conclusion of the tournament the Club pro announces to everyone that I had a hole in one the previous day, everyone congratulates me and he then announces that the tournament had a hole-in-one fund, $800. Now I am really excited. I was happy with the closest to the pin and skin, now I am ecstatic. Perfect time to get my first ace. To top it off, my team finishes second overall. Best golf week ever!

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