49th Annual Avon Oaks Country Club Member-Guest Invitational. Par 3, #17, 169 yards was the official distance with witnesses on the green as well as at the tee box. The offer was a 2015 Cadillac CTS 2.0 Turbo for the first hole in one. I was the last to tee off in my foursome and my partner had just dunked his tee shot in the water in front of us. My ball was a Pro-V1x,, and I used my Titleist AP2 7 iron. Front pin with slight wind in our face. Flushed the iron, saw the ball land and instantly disappeared. The witness on the green was jumping up and down, and my playing partners all yelled while they tackled me on the tee box. I had just won the Cadillac. It was hard to digest at the moment, especially since we were still playing a tournament. One of the greatest feeling of my life.

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Hole-In-One On Hole #8

By: ashleys20

I've only played golf on a regular course about 5 times so it's still all new to me. I used my driver to hit from the 150 yd. mark, I did a few practice swings then finally took the actual shot. I used my only Titleist ProV1 ball to make the shot, when I looked up I saw that it hit the pole and went straight in the hole.

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Hole in One

By: grantm42

I was playing with my Dad and two members of Riverbend Country Club when I hit my first hole in one. My Mom and sister joined us afterwards for drinks. A few minutes before making that swing on number 10 we had seen a bald eagle fly overhead. A premonition...

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By: jeremyh45

On July 25th 2015, at The Loon Resort in Gaylord Michigan, I made my very first hole-n-one using a Titleist Pro V1 on the 108yd 8th hole at the Ridge Course. What a great experience that day of golf was, which I will never forget.

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With a 2 year old daughter and 4 month old son at home, I don't get to play too often these days. My buddy Kedar plays often, and when I get the chance to play, I'll text him and he usually has a game scheduled. That was the case this past Saturday, July 25, 2015. We played a public golf course in Duncan, SC called River Falls Plantation. It's a beautiful Gary Player design course. I started off with a par on the Par 4 Hole #1. So, I thought, "Today is going to be a decent day!." Well, score wise it wasn't my best (I'll refrain from posting my round's total score.) But, I didn't realize how memorable it would be. I enjoy being on any course no matter how bad I play. So, let's fast forward to Hole #11. I tee up last of our 4some (the norm for the day) on Hole #11, a beautiful 176 yard Par 3. I'm not a big fan of my 5 or 6 iron, so I pulled out my 4 Hybrid. I took an easy swing that I felt hit so purely. I didn't even feel the ball hit the face of my club. It had a perfect ball flight. I hear the guys saying things like, "It's tracking.", "You're going to like that.", "That's going to be tight." I see the ball hit the green, and then start rolling towards the flag. I hear, "that's going to be close!" Then, I suddenly couldn't see the ball. At that same instance, all 3 of the guys scream and come running at me! I wasn't sure what had just happened. I was in disbelief! I ran to my cart, and wanted to confirm what I thought was the impossible! Adam was the first to the green, and he went straight to the cup, and confirmed the excitement. I walked up to the flag, and saw my ProV1 nestled ever so comfortably at the bottom of the cup. It was the most memorable golf experience of my life so far. I hope to have that feeling again, even though it may not be likely. I only will use ProV1s going forward, in hopes of my ball disappearing on the green in the future. Thanks, Titleist!

Bah Ahmed

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By: williamm289

Hit during annual Georgetown County Gamecock Scholarship Golf Tournament at Heritage Club - Pawleys Island, SC
Hole #13 - 175 Yards - Hybrid 4 - CWY

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