Second Ace

By: andrewl150

Playing with my son in the Parent-Child Championship at my local club. Hole number 5 is an uphill par 3. Lasered the flag at 152 yards. Thought about a 7 iron but the wind was starting to blow at my back. Took out the 8 iron. Teed up my personalized Pro V1x #68. Swung the club. The ball started moving right at the flag. I yelled "blow wind!". The ball carried the front right bunker & I knew it was going to be tight. As we walked onto the green I could see my ball mark about six feet short of the hole right online. Once I got to the hole I looked down and there was my ball resting in the cup. My 12 year old son went crazy. We ended up winning the tournament by one stroke.

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my first hole in 1

By: darrella9

I made my first hole in 1 today at the wayne county golf course in fairfield il. Hole was playing 165 yards hit a 6 iron. I usually play a pro v 1x but today used a titleist velocity. I am 58 years old. What a thrill!!!!

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Hole in one

By: blaked19

I hit a solid 6 iron into a slight breeze, it landed a foot from the pin and disappeared.

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Hole In One

By: dakotaw6

I hit my first Hole in One. Milan Golf and Country Club. Hole #11 125 yards.

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Doug Combs

By: douglasc49

I have played golf for 55 years and never had a hole in one. On May 18, 2015 while playing at Augusta National during the golf outing for volunteers who had worked the 2015 Masters Golf tournament, I hit an 8 iron 141 yards on the 16th hole into the hole.

My playing partners had a birdie and a par, so our threesome had a combined score of 1,2 and 3.

I have come close to a hole in one many times even had a hole in three on a par three after hitting my first shot out of bounds in the mid eighties.

To have my first hole in one at Augusta National on the famous 16th hole was a incredible moment, one that I will never forget.

Doug Combs

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My 212YD Hole-in-ONE!

By: roberth337

We just came up onto the 14th Tee Box and I said to myself "uh-oh time for the long Par 3!" I was playing from the black tees that day and my range watch read 212 Yds. The pin was located in the middle on the right side of the green. I took out my 20 degree hybrid and decided to go for a nice and easy swing. I aimed straight at the hole took 2 practice swings and then "png!" It felt beautiful.

(I was playing with 2 random people that day that I did not know a friendly couple who were actually pretty good. For their privacy purposes I will not list their names.)
I watched with him as my ball flew at the pin and landed just on the fringe and proceeded to roll directly at the pin. I said "oh...oh.... oh...." but because of a slight ridge up ahead we couldn't clearly see what happened to the ball after a certain point. "I said to the gentleman do you think it went in?" He said "no probably not many times it will be behind the flagstick or something where we can't see it. Once we walk up let's talk a look from the side to be sure."

After his tee shot and the nice lady teed off her ball we proceeded to walk down the fairway from the side and I said "I don't see it!!" He said "if you don't see it from the side maybe it did go in!" Even after not seeing it I still was doubtful and thought maybe it ran off the green?

I started to briskly jog towards the green while frantically looking left and right wishing I don't see my ball anywhere but the bottom of the hole. Sure enough I went up to the hole and there was my Titleist ProV1x #1!!!!!! I screamed on the top of my lungs "AAAHHHHH HOLE in ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed so loud the gentleman putting across the small lake on hole #16 looked over and gave me a thumbs up and started clapping for me. I screamed "Hole in One!!!!!!" again and was the happiest man at that moment.

My playing partner said wow "I have played this course many years and I have never even seen anyone or even hear of anyone getting a hole in one on this hole!"

I immediately called my parents who were at a concert that late afternoon. Both of them didn't pickup so I called a few times again and no answer.

10 minutes later I spoke with my mom who had thought something was wrong as I called them so many times and told her and she congratulated me saying maybe something really good is going to happen soon!!

My father later texted me saying he heard a hole in one gives me good luck for 5 years and whoever I played with 3 years of good luck!

I still can't believe that only after 1.5 years of playing golf I already got a hole in one! My friends were so jealous!

Thank you Titleist and my ProV1x!!!!!!!

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