This year at member member with my 16 yr old son as my partner. We played 16th hole at Tillery Tradition, a 235yd par 4. I was playing my usual pro v1 golf ball and I used my 20deg. Hybrid to hit off the tee. I picked a line over a green side bunker right side. I swung with great rythem and watched the ball fly over the trap, bounce once and disappear. We get close to green looking for ball and I notice group in front of us coming back towards our green? I told my son they must have forgot a club?? They were coming to see who hit that shot!! They saw it go in. I went cold all over and ran to see ball in hole. My first hole in one!I 

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Finally I made one An ACE

By: Rick M

After 44 years of playing this beloved game I finally got my hole in one. I probably play 35 to 50 rounds of golf a year and have come about as close as you can. I have been a 10 handicap for most of my life but never had an ace. Until now. I made it at Bent Creek in Jacksonville, second hole with a 7 iron. A couple of hops on the green and then in the HOLE! Finally!!

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Thom tillema

By: thomt2

While on vacation in Arizona the wife and I decided to play Tegavah for our last day in Arizona. Teeing it up on the 290 yard par four, I made the great choice not lay up and to go for the green! Tee'ed up my ProV1 and let 'er rip. Hit a beautiful draw back to the center of the green. And the rest as they say, is history! And to boot, looking into the hole, the first thing I saw was that "Titleist" logo! Titleist for life!

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Double Eagle

By: richards351

Of course I hit ProV1 golf balls. There just is not another ball on the market that comes close to the quality, playability and distance of a ProV1. On the week of thanksgiving I was playing Brained Golf Course in Chattanooga TN. On the par 5 fourth hole I hit a good drive 260 in the fairway leaving 240 to the pin. Wind was blowing left to right 10 to 15 mph helping some. I hit a 3 wood and knew it was a good shot going straight at the stick, the ball hit 2 ft. from the pin bounced straight up and rode the flag into the hole for my first albatross of my golfing career. I asked for a ruling in the clubhouse. I know when you make a hole in one the player buys the drinks but who buys when you make a double eagle or albatross. the clubhouse ruled my playing partner and witness buys and it has a happy day for all. Sincerely Richard Stephens Chattanooga TN

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Marlon Williams

By: marlonw1

While playing 18 holes at Charles T. Meyers Golf Course in Charlotte, NC, on Sunday, 12/7/14, I scored a hole-n-one on hole # 17; as witnessed by Carl Jones & Michael Bailey.

Marlon L. Williams

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First Hole in One

By: johnnyt3

Well, it only took 63 years but last Sunday, the 7th, I made my first hole-in-one at Stonebridge Ranch CC on the Hills Course in McKinney, Texas.

Playing with the wife as guests of another couple, it was on the 153 yard par 3 15th with a 7 iron and a Titleist ProV1X #3. Well struck, it was dead on the whole way. Landed about 10 feet short and rolled in.

The only thing that would have made it better would have if it had happened at my home course. I'm in the hole-in-one club there and it would have been worth about $1,500 in pro shop credit.

But I'm not complaining.

Johnny T.

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