My Hole in One

By: dannyh36

Hole 9 at Cochecho CC is a 185 yard par 3 from the white tees. It was day one of the 2015 member member tournament. My 3 playing partners had all hit good shots to the green. This is not always the easiest of shots. The hole is tree lined on the right and to the left is the entrance road to the club. The green has a false front with a bunker on the left and right of it. It was a windy day so I chose to hit a choked down 4 hybrid. I hit it just as I had envisioned. A bit lower than normal and straight at the flag. As it flew I knew it would be a good shot and would find some part of the green. Sadly at the age of 63 I do not always see the ball land and this was one of those moments. So I just picked up the tee and started walking to the cart. One of the guys said he thought it was close and another said it was in the hole. I played it cool, but inside I was very excited.
When we got to the green we saw 3 balls. My initial reaction was to look in the rough at the backside of the green for my ball. My partner went to the hole and just the look on his face told me my ball was in the hole. I am still trying to be cool as I walk over to the hole. Well there it was a Titleist Pro V1 with my 4 purple dots on it. Everyone was so happy for me and in all honesty and can't tell you what happened the rest of the time on that hole.
Word spread quickly around the course. The 9th hole comes right up to the club house. My nickname is Jazzman and soon I could hear people yelling that everytime someone saw me. I am a professional saxophone player so it is a very appropriate nickname.
It was a very exciting day and I am very happy that I had the club's hole in one insurance.

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My Hole In One

By: titleistfan3284

My friend and I set out to have a fun day at the local course as we have many times over the years not knowing what excitement it was to be. We played the first four holes fairly well for us with the usual ups and downs. The next hole is a tough 3 par sloped hole which presents a real challenge to even a seasoned golfer was next. My friend was up first since he won the previous hole. He had a decent drive to the edge of the green. I usually use a five iron on the hole but chose to us my driver for some reason even if it is only 145 yards. I teed up my ProV1 and hit an excellent drive right between two bunkers where you would want the ball to go and it did: however, I couldn't where the ball went after it bounced. We got in the cart and could see his ball but mine was no where to be seen. We searched and searched but no ball was any where. Of coarse I was mystified as to where it could have gone. I looked at my friend and said I guess I will drop a ball so we can get on with the game but instead I chose to walk to the flag to tend it for his chip shot and then is when I got the thrill of my golfing life, there was the ball in the hole. There is no describing of that acceleration and I yelled hole in one to my friend and he being the doubting one came over to see for himself. He high five and knuckled me in his excitement. We left the hole in our excitement to the next hole which goes back to the clubhouse and played it and went to the patio to share our excitement with our friends. They were happy for me and said you should get something from the course for your achievement but the clubhouse lady said they didn't recognize individuals that achieve this challenge and if I wanted a certificate I would have to get it myself which I did but had to pay $17.00 for it. It was worth it since that is a once in a lifetime achievement that I will relish.

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Second Hold in One

By: brians318

When I was on the first hole of my round of the Santa Teresa Short Course, I hit my shot right next to the pin and then spun off the green. Fortunately, I got up and down for par. On the next hole, #2 I told my friend Jay that I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. It was a front right hole location. When I hit my shot, I immediately saw it going towards the pin. As I spun off the green before on my previous shot, I was expecting the same result. In amazement I saw my ball hit the green about 20 feet behind the pin. At that moment I had to sit and watch my ball spin back into the hole. As soon as it dropped I started screaming and gave my friend a high five. At that moment in time I knew that God gave me my second blessing in the game of golf and I was just extatic about the shot I just hit.

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First Hole in One

By: danah9

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015, I was playing with the ladies league at Birkdale Golf Club . I pulled out my 9 iron on the 4th hole. 122 yards to the flag. I placed my Titleist Pro V1 on the tee, took a practice swing and then a nice easy swing. The ball bounced twice on the green and then disappeared into the shadows. We drove to the back of the green. I scanned the entire backside of the green which ran into large rocks with a pond below. No ball? I decided to take a peek in the hole. It was in slow motion, I could see half of the bottom of the hole but no ball. I leaned forward to inspect the entire bottom of the hole, there it was ! Unbelievable !! What a humbling feeling. Love this game !

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First Hole-in-One/Albatross

By: valerieh5

Played the first nine (Beaver Course) at Breckenridge Golf Club. At the turn, began the Bear Course. Been playing pretty well and ended up with a great drive on hole 1. Maintenance guys said they thought it was on the green and could be in. Several bunkers guarded the green so I wasn't sure if I could have squeaked through. Walked up to the green and thought, "Probably went off the back." Couldn't find it, and finally looked into the hole (slowly, like it was going to jump out and bite me!). There it was! My Titleist Pro V1 #2 with my three dots! Just made my day!

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First hole in one

By: titleistfan3283

It was in leagues play Mon. morning 9:20 first hole # 5 par 3 104 to the pin I was the first to play first swing and it when in

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