First Hole-in-One

By: genac2

Today I was playing a fun fall round of golf with my husband Randy and two great friends, Jeanine and Doug Douglas. On the 13th hole at Cateechee Golf Club, I hit my Titleist DT Solo yellow ball from the tee with a 6 iron. My ball flew just past the hole and began slowly rolling back toward the pin. It just slipped in the hole for my very first hole-in-one. We were all very excited. My friend Jeanine took my picture retrieving the ball from the hole on the green. What a special day!

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Saturday,Nov 15, was a beautiful day in Ohio, so my grandmother said, "Let's go golfing. It's too nice to stay indoors." We went to her club, Rustic Hills , in Medina, and had a relaxing game. On the last hole, I drove across the water- and I saw the ball bounce, then disappear! I thought it went in, but my grandmother and my sister were not sure. She told me not to touch anything... We went to investigate, ,and there was my beautiful little Titalist ball, IN THE HOLE!!!

We headed back to the club house, and my Grandmother told the men that had just just come in. By the time that I got into the dining room all of the people that were there to watch the Browns play, plus the golfers , were cheering for me. everyone came over to the table and congratulated me, ladies and men. Because it was tradition, my Grandmother bought drinks for everyone, and the Club gave me a free dessert. My name will go on a plaque, and. The Cub is going to put it in the paper.
Titleist and the luck of the Irish....couldn't be better,

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Never knew it went in.

By: chrisg236

Playing at Foxborough Country Club in my League Match on a beautiful night on August 12th, I crossed off a line on my bucket list. I grabbed my 6 iron on the 169 yard par 3 and hit it pure. The pin was middle green behind an elevated bunker. The Titleist Velocity landed atop the grass above the bunker and disappeared from view. While walking to the green my concentration was on finding the other golfers balls and when we didn't see mine, my opponent looked in the hole and there it was. A great reception at a fantastic club awaited me when I made it in. Thanks for creating the Velocity.

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OMG it's in the hole

By: titleistfan4161

I was with the Lawlor family on our annual golf weekend. I was playing with Bob and Tom Lawlor when it happened. 171 yards to the hole that was in the back left behind a bunker. I hit a 6 iron with a nice little draw that hit the green about 20 ft. From the hole and rolled right in. When it dissapeard in the hole we said did that go in??? Wow walking up to the hole with my friends and seeing the ball in the hole. 1st ace Bob and Tom had witnessed.

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Jim R

By: jimr26

Beautiful fall day on November 11, 2015 at Brown County Golf Course in Green Bay playing with John P. Came to 15th hole and selected an 8 iron to hit a low draw to a short left pin position. My caddy, John P complimented the ball flight as the ball drew from the middle of the green towards the hole. The ball hit 5 yards from the pin and rolled in for the first hole in one of my life! A couple adult beverages were consumed with friends that night. Great Day!

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Good, Better, Best

By: harrisonb1

I've hated the 4th hole at the Furman Golf Club for quite some time. Far too many big numbers in the past year. But on Oct. 12, I was swinging the club relatively well, and I knew a good pass would lead to a good score on that day. My playing partners and former college teammates, Alex and Bryce, both hit before me. The 205 yd hole wasn't playing particular difficult, so it was no surprise both guys hit the green. But Bryce's ball, as seen in the picture, was a particularly brilliant shot. Less than 4 feet for birdie. And within our little match, that was bad news for me. So I said to myself, "Gotta have a good one here." Turned out to be the best 4 iron I've ever hit. Struck beautifully, a soft draw that came back to cover the pin. I knew it would be a good shot, but because of the shadow layout around the green, I couldn't tell exactly how it reacted when it hit the green. Then Alex chimes in ... "I think that went in...." Then Bryce "Yea, man. Pretty sure that's in the cup." I, being a realistic pessimist in situations like this that are in limbo, said "C'mon, guys. Let's not get ahead of ourselves." I walked the entire way to the green with my head down, in hopes that I wouldn't see the ball until I looked in the bottom of the cup. And there. she. was. Judging by the trajectory and the location of the mark, the ball more than likely took two hops and jarred immediately.

In the immortal words of Bryce, "I can't believe I hit it to 3 feet and I'm teeing off second."

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