Hole in One - Tyler I

By: tyleri1

On a par 3 surrounded by trouble, a 209 yard uphill tee shot took one hop and hit the pin and fell right in!

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David Roos

By: davidr383

Asked my friend, "have you ever gotten a hole in one before? He responded that he had gotten close but had never quite made it. It was then that I hit the ball and it went in!

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My name is Suzaine Hollins.

Yesterday, May 15, 2015 I shot a "Hole-In-One" at the Arroyo Golf Club in Las Vegas, NV.

This feat was conquered on Hole #14, Par 3, 81 yards utilizing a Cally pitching wedge and a Titleist 2 golf ball.

Thanks, Arroyo Golf Club, for presenting me with a Certificate for this accomplishment.

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Taylor G Wright

By: taylorw8

Albatross! Hit a decent drive on a par 4 and hit near the green, my brother saw it rolled but didn't know where it ended up, looked at the back of the green for a while and my brother went and looked in the cup... there it was

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First Time

By: christophers115

On 5/15/15 I was playing in a big skins game that had carry over from the previous week. I was playing pretty good when I took a disastrous double bogey on #17. So going to the final hole which was playing 152 yard par 3 today. I was debating on club selection because of the steady wind in our face. I went with an 8 iron figuring that short was better than long if the wind pushed it down. I hit the ball and it was straight at the flag. I yelled out get in the hole! The ball hit about two feet in front of the flag and then just fell a little over to the right in the hole. We all celebrated and in which paid me $260.00 worth of skin money. The ironic thing is that my Dad had a hole in one on this same hole some twelve years earlier.

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My Hole-in-One story - 86158

By: Maria S

My first day of our 2015 ladies league.. Tuesday May 12

I'm at the 8th tee box uphill and wind in my face.. Couldn't see the hole, but I can see where the flag was.

I knew I hit the ball great, but didn't know it went in until the guy that's chipping behind the green started yelling. He was yelling it went in!! and started clapping .
So me and 2 other ladies I was playing with got to the green and sure enough, my ball was in the Hole!!
It turned out the guy (Ben) who witnessed my Hole-in-One that day is the same guy I played with last year when I had my first ever Hole-in-One!!

How weird is that the guy I only saw twice got to witnessed my 2 Hole-in-One⛳️
My first hole in one was in April, 24, 2014 at Park City Golf Club on hole #2 when I was playing with Ben. I call him my Hole-in-One angel

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