29 Years of Waiting

By: davidp353

This morning I was not having a very good round. I was hitting most mid and short irons less distance than normal, so upon approaching the 140 yard Hole number 8, I pulled an 8 iron instead of the usual 9 iron.

Rarely second guessing my club selection (not one to make the game harder than it is!), I hit a less than average speed 8 iron that looked pretty good. While we did not see the ball go into the hole, I said out lout "Boys, that could be in the hole!"

Three of us are regular walkers, and the 70+ year old guy rides every week, so he got to the green first. By then we knew the ball was not on the green. I told Jack to go check it out. There it was! In the cup!!

Earlier this year I hit one two inches from the cup on the same hole (don't recall, but sure it was a normal 9 iron).

I think Jack was more excited about my first hole-in-one that me! And I am quite pleased!!

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Did that just go in

By: jims358

My first hole in one happened on sept 7 2014 at sugarbush golf club in garrettsville,oh.Our 20 man league was coming to an end and this was the last time all of us were going to play for the 2014 season and what a way to end it.Hole #14 was a 162yd par 3.To see the ball hit the green and then suddenly disappear was amazing and even better was having 3of my fellow golf partners watch it go in was great!

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My First Hole In One

By: suzannef4

Okay, here it is. There I was on the 7th tee box during our weekly Women's Club tournament. I guess all the planets and stars aligned perfectly because I hit a beautiful shot with my 4 hybrid that banked off the knoll in front of the sand trap, bounced onto the green and rolled into the hole! It was gorgeous. My playing partners and I were jumping around in a circle and laughing. I was so surprised. When I came in to the clubhouse after our round, all the members that played that day gave me a hearty round of applause. I bought drinks for everyone! It was a fantastic experience! Of course, I was using a Titleist DT Solo ball which is now part of my hole-in-one plaque hanging in our den. Thanks for letting me brag about my first ace!

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Hole in One at South

By: johnm786

Hit a 4 Iron 192 on 11th hole at South. To my surprise it was in the hole.

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August Ace

By: johnm786

Hit a 4 iron 192 yards on number 11 at Sun City Golf course, Sun City AZ. Thought it was long but to my surprise it was in the hole.

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31 year wait

By: devind1

On Wednesday September 5, 2014 I was playing a practice round for a member/guest tournament at DeCordova Bend Country Club. Lucky hole #13 was 170 yards from tee to flag stick that day with a two club wind in our face. So I selected my 5 iron and teed up my Titleist Pro V1 and hit the shot of my life. I've been close many times but this time we all watched the ball disappear into the hole. Thank you Titleist for being a part of this special moment.

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