A perfect day! Hole #4 approximately 161 yards from the white men's tee box. The pin was center green. I used a 24 degree "Perfect" club, easy swing, low line drive, right on line. The ball hit just short of, or just barely on, the green and ran up toward the pin.
I knew it was close but no one in the group actually saw it go in the hole as the sun glint made it difficult to see clearly. Approaching the green, three balls were easily accounted for but all were somewhat off line. My Titleist with a blue dot marker under the "2" was in the cup. Yeah!!

This was my second Hole-in-One. My first was on 16 Dec 2011 at Pine Ridge Golf Course on hole #5, 150 yards, using a 6 iron.

Thanks and Regards,
Bill Geraghty

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Hole In One - Western Turnpike GC

By: duncank11

Playing in a middle group of 3 teams in a weekly match at Western Turnpike Golf Course in Guilderland, NY on a bright, perfect day for play. Teamed this day with Steve Lippincott, Don Dieckmann and Tom Heinz from our regular long-running golf league. Working our way through the Blue 9, we were 2 under through 4. #5 Blue possesses a large green tilted a bit left to right, sloped back down to front and usually quite firm. Sand trap middle left tight to green, pine trees back right. With 2 shots already in fair position for a pin front third middle and playing longer than the 162 yards from the middle tee due to a solid breeze in our faces, I made a good turn with a PowerBilt TPS 7.0 5 iron. Shot followed the target line left of the pin to allow for roll right, and the PRO-V1 finished the mission with a hop right and roll towards the cup. Due to glare on the green near the hole we could not see where the shot ended. Don arrived at the green first, accounting for 3 balls and then his WHOA! exclamation at the hole informed the rest of us the happy location of this 4th shot. Keeping the immediate news from our competitors, our hole by hole match of cards after the round provided me the opportunity to exclaim EAGLE after the first group recited Birdie - usually a winning score on this hole. I let the group process the message and when the realization settled, the congratulations, hand shakes and round of drinks followed post-haste. And, to make the day sweeter, we swamped the other two teams. After beginning the journey on this great game from my late father Robert's introduction about 54 years ago, this singular achievement rings out and now the records will show an ace for both father and son.

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Hole In One - Michael G.

By: michaelg358

Monday May 11, 2015, thought I'd go play a quick 9. At the 4th hole par 3, I hit an 8 Iron to the back of the green, the flag was in the front. The green has 60 degree incline. The ball began to trickle back down the green and fell in the hole. Wow!

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My First Hole in One! - Dave H.

By: daveh164

Par 3 5th hole at The Golf Course at Glen Mills, playing about 130 yards. Hit a pitching wedge straight to the flag, but not thinking it went in. My partners all said it had a good chance of going in! There was a mound and sand trap in front of the green saw we didn't see it go in. We got up to the green and my partner's ball was about 10 feet away. I walked over to the cup and had the thrill of a lifetime when I saw the ball sitting at the bottom of the cup!!

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My first hole-in-one - Leo Q.

By: leoq1

It was an awesome feeling to get my first hole-in-one after 30 years of playing golf. I used a 7-iron on a 162 yards with the pin front. I hit it flush but pushed it right a bit and landed on the fringe that slopes down the green...my friends and watch the ball roll down the green and rolled in the hole. That was so amazing to see the ball roll in the hole!!!

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Perfect 5 Iron

By: titleistu227

Par 3 117 yards to the pin with winds coming in, I hit a shot that I was imagining in my mind. I was just happy to have hit it well. Due to the shade around the green, I was unable to see the ball roll in but my friend thought it had a great chance. I was just hoping to be on the green. When we got to the hole, my friend ran to take a look. He just looked at me with the biggest grin and ran toward me. I thought it was a cruel joke but it happened. Hole in 1. Never thought I get one but today was the day.

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