My hole in one

By: anthonye14

Went golfing today with my wife number 9 at Northwood Golf Course in champion Ohio hundred and fifty five yards drained it hole in one I'm glad my wife was there to share it with me.

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On June 21, 2015, at approximately 10:50 am, my son and I were playing
No.4 hole, Mountain Glen Golf Club, Newland, N. C. in North Carolina
Mountain Men's Invitational Golf Tournament. This was the first day of a
three(3) day tournament and the hole required an uphill shot, with the flag being
at the very back of the green. I chose a 7 iron, because if you went over, it was very easy to get out of play. There was a steep incline at the back. I swung a little harder than normal because I didn't think I had enough club. The ball flew straight and
true landing about 10 feet in front and hunting the hole. It was a wonderful feeling
except for one thing. They were giving away, your choice, of three cars for a
hole in one on No. 12. I guess that is why I never won anything.

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1st Hole-in-one

By: chuckg33

First Hole-in-one. Arsenal Island Golf Course Rock Island Illinois. Beautiful Memorial day Monday, nice round playing fairly well on my home course with a couple of friends. Course is a military base designed in 1897 on an island in the middle of the Mississippi river between Iowa and Illinois with a rich history and stately buildings as well as a national cemetery across the road from the course (rows of white marble markers) very humbling place to play. The round was filled with patriotic music and large artillery rounds being fired for the Memorial Day activities. Hole 17 150 yards playing up at 141 (signature hole) with an American flag pin flag which is only placed on patriotic holidays.  i10 9 iron to the center of the three tiered green with the ball mark three feet in front of the pin, the ball made one hop and went in the cup on the fly (Titleist NXT Tour). It was a great day with some great friends at a great place not soon to be forgotten.

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1st hole in one

By: charliew25

Going into the 7th hole and rouge park golf course I was having an up and down day so far but felt comfortable about the tee shot. I had played the hole and couple times in the past and knew how to play the hole. The 7th is a short, up-hill par 3 where you can only see the very top of the pin. My two buddies both had taken their tee shots before me and carried the ball a tad far. I swung my 56 degree wedge nice and easy. In the air i was telling the ball to go because of the steep hazard. Fortunately the ball just cleared it and bounce once in the cup. The shot was completely blind but me and my friend had the suspicion that it dropped. I ran up the hill and found the ball in the hole. Pretty cool experience.

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I hit my 5 Wood off of the 5th hole at Bing Maloney Golf Course in Sacramento. It was my first hole in one since I started golfing three years ago. I hit my shot and the flag was tucked behind a bunker and when I went to hit my second shot we couldn't find the ball. One of my buddies checked the cup and my ball was there.

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Mr James Stambaugh

By: jamess408

It Was My First Hole-In-One Ever! I Was Ecstatic & So Were Members Of My Team!!!!

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