1 Year Later

By: joelb33

On July 25th of 2013 I tore my hamstring off my pelvis while playing hockey with my son. Yesterday 1 year to the day of having 41 staples removed and starting rehab for my leg I was fortunate enough to be playing golf and lucky enough to hit a hole in 1 on the 196 yard 16th hole at Pheasant Acres golf course in Rogers Mn. Using a Titleist Pro V1x and a 4 iron

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1st hole in one

By: waltert13

It was the day before our annual VO golf tournament on friday August 1st on the fifteenth hole par 3, 148 yards at St Johnsbury Country Club in Vermont. It was a straight shot on the fly into the hole. I used a Titleist 7 DT solo and it felt great.

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2nd one

By: danc142

Playing golf with 2 of my brothers and a good friend on Wednesday, August 20 2014 I was finally rewarded with my first one since 1986. It was great that they were all there. Number 17 at the Nemours course at DuPont CC. Elevated green with no view of the hole. 165 yards, a PRO VI and a 4 hybrid I hit a sweet shot at the pin. My brother and my friend were busting me saying it went over into the bunker. As we arrived at the green my brother ran ahead to check the rear bunker....no ball. He looked the hole and there it was...I knew it all the way!

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Hole in One with my son and wife

By: taylorh17

Golfing with my wife Mackenzie and my son Quinn I approached the 8th tee box, which was playing about 160 yards long. I decided on a PW and hit a good shot to the right of the flag, it hit the sloped green and spun back and to the left ending up in the bottom of the cup. My first one! I have to say though, having my son and my wife there as the witnesses was even better. I asked my son if it was in the hole and he said, "yep a hole in one dad!" It was pretty cool!

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First Hole in One

By: cathyh6

Used a 7 wood from 141 yards. The ball hit the green took a hard bounce to the right rolled a bit, hit the pin loud enough to hear it then fell in.

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Early Birthday Gift

By: ronr104

I was playing Sanctuary Lake Golf course with 3 of my best friends a few days prior to my 49th Birthday. I have been golfing since I was 16 years old and was wondering if the magical ace would ever show up. We were on an elevated tee box and the hole was 188 yards away with a slight downwind. I teed up my Titleist Pro V1 and hit a perfect 4 iron. The ball tracked on a straight line towards the pin, bounced once, and rolled into the cup. It was something special.

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