My first round as a new member at my local Country Club, Tierra Oaks on the 11th hole at 139 yards. It was only four months after getting a screw put in my wrist so I was using an 8 iron.

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My First Hole-in-One

By: thomash195

I step up onto the tee box, the group ahead was whispering. I teed up my Titleist three with a American Family Insurance logo on the side. In my hand 7 iron I went through my pre-shot routine a little breeze into my face and the sun beating down in my eyes. I set up to the ball take a deep breath and take the club back. I make contact with the ball I feel good but I can't see the ball. All of the sudden I hear it hit the pin. The group ahead starts cheering and that was my first hole-in-one.

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By: davew7

This is my 3rd Hole In one, all 3 using a Titleist golf ball. It was a 6 iron from 175 yards. Neither one of my friends that I was playing with had ever seen one before. They were as happy as I was. I wasn't going to play that day, but the Pro at the course called me and said some guys wanted me to join them and I'm glad I did. Didn't play as well on the back nine, but still managed a 77. Bonus golf this time of year in Ohio.

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about time

By: titleistfan4135

While not being serious as a child-we always would whack balls around as my older brothers caddied-but playing about 50 years more or less-out at beautiful public course in Stony Point NY, high above the Hudson River which you can look down on from many of the elevated tees-my best friend who I brainwashed into golf some 15 years ago was in town from Istanbul for his birthday-I go to Turkey often and now know tons of Turks who play golf and because of my friend they all want to play Patriot Hills-not only for the golf but the herds of deer, red foxes, tons of squirrels and wildlife of all kinds-as it is public we are paired with great guy retired NYPD post-knee replacement and small Korean woman who doesn't say much, smiles and nods and has a backswing that makes John Daly's looks short-(on the 6th she gets a phone call drives up to her ball-picks it up and without looking back waves and drives off to who knows where)-BSing as we all do the question comes up from out retired friend asking-who knows why-about if we ever had a hole in one-we all talk of our "close encounters"-me 5 sticks and 3 with the ball over the cup but not in-and some other stories but none of us actually had a hole in one -that is until we tee off on the short 9th overlooking the Hudson-hitting a marked up Pro-V1-I'm sure I found it somewhere-hitting my ancient DCi pitching wedge-no exact measurement 113 on the card but more like 109-nice and easy-I knew it was close but we could not see due to the sun-as we drive up we only see two balls yet mine was clearly closest and I said -"you know it must be in" and there it was -dumb luck no doubt about it

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Lonnie L.

By: titleistfan4123

On November 9, 2015, on Hole #8 at Raymond Memorial Golf Course, Columbus, OH, I got the third hole-in-one of my life. 158 yards with a hybrid, ProV1X golf ball.

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Hole In One ball

By: connort15

It was the fourth hole at Duke university golf club. I had 159 yards to the pin, playing a few yards uphill. I pured a flighted down 7 iron and it never left the flagstick.

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