A Shot in the Dark

By: nicholasd30

Now the title of this story doesn't do the shot and experience any justice, just like every other hole-in-one ever made. A well-struck pitching wedge grabbed ahold of my Pro V1x and sent it on a path that ended in the back of the cup. Now I couldn't tell whether or not it had gone in due to the slope on the front of the green, but I knew it was close. The feeling I got when I walked over that hill and didn't see the ball on the green, on which I was sure it had landed, there was a feeling of relief and happiness that coursed through me and now I can say that I am one of the lucky golfers who has an ace to their name.

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2nd hole in one in 4 months!

By: royh36

Just wanted to share my story...again. For the 2nd time in the past 4 months I made a hole in one! The wind was in our face and I took a 9 iron to the tee. I shot the pin at 137 and didnt think Id be able to get it there so I grabbed the 8. Nice and easy swing, one bounce and right in the hole. Yea! Only had to buy 6 beers :)

Roy H.

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Arlen Hanson

By: arlenh2

I am 66 years old and was playing in a scramble tournament in our weekly
senior’s tour at Osgood Golf Course, West Fargo, ND on 9/29/15. I was using
a Titleist Tour S golf ball when I made my hole-in-one. I used a
7 Iron for the 140 yard par 3 hole #10.

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Where do the albatross stories go?

By: titleistfan3648

Double eagle. The Golden Bear Club at Keene's Pointe. 17th hole. 243y. Titleist 915 3w.

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Hole In One

By: williamh215

Got my first hole in one on 9/25/15 @ Timacuan Golf and Country Club in Lake Mary, FL on hole#13. 165 yards with a six iron. Did not see the ball go in the hole. Ball landed six feet left of the cup and caught slope to roll right into the cup. Last two holes got rained out.

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Jake Pardi Hole In One

By: jacobp29

HighSchool JV Golf Match against Balston Spa High School.

The foursome couldn't tell that the ball went in the hole because of the elevation of the green. I knew it was a good shot but when we got on the green and didn't see my ball I thought I must have went long. When we couldn't find the ball I finally looked in the hole and there it was!

I shot a 43 and won the 2 points for the match.

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