Dave Phillips

By: davep101

Hole # 2 WHITMOOR SOUTH....AUGUST 14, 2014

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Two aces in nine days

By: corye5

Saturday afternoon golf game with friends Ben and Dan at Patty Jewett golf course in Colorado Springs Co. Hole number two on the Peak course, 143 yards with a PW, for my second hole in one. Nine days later while playing the Plains course with men's club friends Mo and Chad, also the second hole, 163 yards with a nine iron. Which was the most exciting of my three, it was incredible for it to happen ever again and so soon.

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First Ace

By: cameronz2

Normally play the Pro-V1x, but I only had 2 balls in my bag. One being a Titleist Velocity. I played the ball the whole round, came to the 163 yard 14th and hit a pitching wedge that took one bounce and hopped right into the cup!

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I can't think of a better time to get a hole in one than at my church's charity golf tournament at Deer Run in Moulton, AL.
I am the pastor at FBC Double Springs in Northwest Alabama. We are presently in construction of a Multi-Purpose Building and I thought a golf tournament would be an excellent fund raiser.
I was up very early on Saturday getting everything together for the golf tournament. I have played in many charity events for Christian organizations, but this was the first time that I had been in charge. It was exhausting getting the drinks/coolers, food, goody bags, tee sheets, hole sponsor signs, score cards, and golf clubs (which I almost forgot because I was getting everything else). When I arrived at the golf course the craziness just continued with getting everything set out in its proper spot (I realized very quickly that next year there will be more delegation). However, we were able to tee off at the appropriate time and it seemed like everyone was excited about the day ahead.
We started off with a birdie which always makes you feel good, but I recognized that we probably would not contend for any of the winnings (the putts were not falling). We had a great time of fellowship and we did hit some good shots, but none of those shots came close to the shot that I hit on the par 3 #6. This hole always plays longer than what the card reads. It measured 135 yards into a fairly stiff wind. I would usually hit a 9 iron but I was not going to come up short and so I took my 8 iron and choked up and hit the shot. When the ball left the club it never left the flag, and then I saw the ball hit the flag. It made a loud noise and the flag shook back and forth. When I saw the flag vibrate I thought that ball would probably roll off the green. But as I looked around I didn't see the ball anywhere. I saw a shadow about 5 feet from the hole and thought that might be the ball, but when we drove up to the hole and realized it was a leaf; I knew that it was probably in the hole. Sure enough, I walked up to the green and looked into the hole and saw something that I had never seen before--my Titleist Pro-V1 in the bottom of the cup. I had seen countless other balls in the hole before, but never on a tee shot on a par 3. It was pretty cool; the guys I was playing with went nuts and congratulations were offered all over the place. I got my picture taken with the ball and the flag and then moved on to the next tee.
I can't think of a better time to make a hole in one than in my own church's golf tournament. We raised a lot of money for kids and teenagers and I made a hole in one. It was a good day

Phillip Twilley

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By: ryand98

Hole in one, over a gorge, good bounce and rolled in

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Full House with no Ace In The Hole

By: jays91

I am a 31 year old SOP (Son of a Pro) who has played since I could walk. I am on average a 6 handicap and the best I have ever been. Having said that, I am still waiting on my first ACE. Please do not take me the wrong way. I am not disgruntled! I fell it is more exciting waiting for the first one, than it would be to have had one. Of course my first will be much cause for celebration, but anxiously waiting is what keeps it such an exciting game.

I did, however, have my fist opprtunity to write a gross 1 on a score card for a good friend of mine. On #2 at Meadowbrook Golf Club in Gainesville, FL, my friend Donnie one hopped the cup from 138 yards. I was just as excited for him as he was.

It's things like this that keep the game so intriguing. As I've heard before, "It's the game I love to hate and hate to love." We can't live with it, and can't live without it. Such a bitter sweet game we play.

I feel I have exhausted all the cliches, so congratulations to the ones who have a 1 on your card! For those of us who have no Ace-in-the-Hole, remember that you still have a full house as long as you have GOLF!

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