I started playing golf as a 24 year old in 1994. The first course that I played was rattle run in suburban Detroit, MI. With my job in the auto industry being very busy and the weather in Detroit area limiting golf to perhaps 5-6 months a year, I played as much as I could and over the years I had a handicap as low as 15 and as high as 22. Since then I have traveled a lot, played a lot of courses. Now I live in Hyderabad, India and play the excellent Hyderabad Golf Association (HGA) course at-least onece a week with a handicap of 18. Today, April 15th, 2014, I stepped up to the third tee which is a short 92 yarder and used my pitching wedge with my favorite "par 3" ball - the titleist prov1x - because of its ecellent control on fast greens - and lo and behold I landed right next to the pin and backspun into the hole! My first hole in one in 2 decades of playing. Wow!

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The Unicorn of Amateur Golf

By: orlandoh5

Now I've witnessed a hole-n-one and played behind and in front of a group when someone got a hole-n-one. But never the "Unicorn of Golf (UOG)"; The Double Eagle.

While playing with a friend at Rancho Solano Golf Course in Fairfield CA I found the Unicorn of Golf (UOG)...The Double Eagle!

Yours truly scored a Double Eagle at Rancho Solano in Fairfield CA. It was #7 Par 5 (466). I hit Driver (913D2 – 4 Iron (193 yards) and yes I used a Titleist ProV ball. And yes I have witnesses. One of my golf buddy's Warren was there. 

I excitedly proceeded to the club house after the round and asked how do they acknowledge that accomplishment? To my shock they said they don’t. While they do for an Ace they don’t for a feat that’s even rarer! Wow! No flag, no write-up and no recognition.

Since the odds of a Double Eagle are closer to winning a lottery I wanted to tell my story. Don't leave me hanging...

Orlando Harris

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First Hole In One

By: garyc177

This past Friday, April 11, 2014 I knocked in my first hole in one using a Titleist Pro V1. It was hole number 2 at the Hattiesburg Country Club. It was set up for 135 yards that day and I used a 9 iron.

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Second Hole in One

By: phylliss3

This was my second hole in one. The first one occured on the 4th hole of the Nashua Country Club in Nashua,NH.on July 29, 2005.

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first hole in one

By: stevenm97

it was my first time out at my home course. we just opened on Friday. i played in Florida two weeks prior ,we played five times. so i was very excited to finally play at home. i had a par on the first hole and i also had a par on two
on the third hole a 154 yd par three i would have normally hit an 8 iron but i thought i would try my 7 i just got my new titleist ap1 last fall on demo day. i tee'd off last in my group my buddy's were saying its all over the flag but i thought it was short. but when we walked up the ball was in the cup with the ball mark 2 inches in front of the cup. i have been playing golf since i was 11 years old and i'm now 54 with my first. awesome feeling i am very happy with my new irons and my titelist balls. i never play anything else i'm very superstious.

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I was due for an Ace

By: davidj161

Do you ever feel like you are overdue for an ace and that you've just got to have a hole-in-one? Neither did I, but I often made jokes about it.

This weekend I was playing in the Golf Channel AM Tour event at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg VA. The first round was on the Plantation Course. It was a great day for golf and I had my usual slow start and mediocre round going when we got to the par 3, 5th hole, I told my cart partner "I am due for a hole-in-one. I think that after 40 years of playing golf the time ought to be about right" I missed the green chipped on and then three putted for a double bogie. The joke was quickly forgotten.

The next par 3 was the 9th hole, a 96 yarder over a fairly deep waste area. The green was protected by a bunker in front, and the pin was center of the green. I leave too many sand wedges short, and pitching wedge was too much club. There was the bunker and if I was short of the bunker, I'd be down in the ravine.

I took the pitching wedge, laid the face open, choked up, and aimed a little left of center. I don't know where that swing came from but it was a well timed and very smooth swing and my ProV1 was on it's way.

I said "That's sweet! Get in the hole" The ball on a nice high trajectory landed on the green 6 feet from the cup, checked up for a split second, then released and tracked right to the hole. Perfect line, perfect speed, perfect shot.

I was so shook up, I couldn't do anything right on the final 9, but I got my Ace so I'm no longer overdue.

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