Two Aces in 1 Week

By: robk55

April 7, 2014. 230 yds with fairway metal 3.
April 14, 2014. 155 yds with an 8 iron.

First and second hole-in-ones!
Couldn't stop laughing for a month.
Both at Oak Hill Country Club in San Antonio.

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One of Many to Come

By: tylerr46

October 28, 2014 age 15
Fitting my first hole in one comes with my favorite Titleist 52 degree wedge and a Titleist prov1x playing with my Dad. 108 yards pulled back into the front pin, very fun.

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Awkward Swing Great Swing

By: matthewl101

I broke free on my first day of vacation on the Outer Banks. I played a great round at Nags Head Golf Links yet bettered the round finishing it off with a hole in one on #17. The swing felt awkward but it apparently was pretty powerful as it carried my PW shot up the hill 132 yards flying over the flag in the middle of the green. The ball was still moving, moving back down the slope. It disappeared. I asked "Did it" and my playing partner looked at me and said "I think it did, lets get up there". Sure enough, a hole in one. The feeling of elation carried me through the next two days. My plaque hands above the mantel.

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It only took 15 years

By: tjs2

On Mother's Day, I assumed the activity at my favorite course in Arizona (WeKoPa in Fountain Hills) would be light and I was right. The starter indicated I could go out solo if I wanted and that there was a twosome 3 start times behind me so I ventured out, expecting to savor the weather and beautiful Saguaro course. After playing the first 5 holes, I caught up to a foursome ahead of me (who had another foursome ahead of them) - since playing through wouldn't have helped, I waited for the twosome to catch up to me and join me to make a threesome.

That proved to be a smart move because my moment was about to happen on the 11th hole, par 3. With a 183-yard distance, I hit my favorite AP-1 iron (7) perfectly but there was a ridge on front of green blocking some of the flag. When my shot landed, it hit the left edge, rolled toward the flag and disappeared. The other two fellows who joined me each asked if the ball went in and were beginning to high-five me, predicting boldly that it was a hole-in-one. I was a little numb to the possibility, preferring to believe that the ball was just hiding behind the ridge that we couldn't see from the tee box. Yet, when we pulled up to the green, the ball was nowhere to be found until I looked into the cup.

What made the experience so perfect was that it occurred on my favorite course and, while the two players I joined up with were complete strangers, each was in their 60's and had never witnessed or garnered a hole-in-one. Had I continued to play solo for the round, I would have had no one to validate the event.

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Bucket List 1

By: donb120

Eighty one years old and a thrilling moment!

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My first hole in one

By: rickb146

I finally obtained my first hole in one on the 16th hole at the Wildwood Country Club in Middletown, Ohio with my usual scuffed up Titleist golf ball. I played a Cleveland nine iron to a 137 yard hole location with a nice low flying draw ball flight. My scuffed Titleist took one bounce and then a three foot roll before it fell to the bottom of the hole. Upon realizing my fortune the nine iron suddenly found itself flying in the air due to my jubilation and fell striking me on the top of my noggin. High fives were shared with the four witnesses/playing companions as well as beverages purchased per protocol. I've got to say I'm glad it occurred on December 7th as opposed to July 7th as my bar bill would have been much more expensive. Hoping for another hole in one before death.

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