My 4th ace game on hole 15 195 yards 4 iron into a strong wind this was during our Minnesota state senior mpga championship this is very special day it was the difference that took me to a 2nd place finish.

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Hole-in-one made on 13th hole, 150 yards at Capri Isles' weekly Sunday money game using a Titelist Velocity ball. First ace made 2 years ago and the money pot which had been accumulating since then yielded a healthy sum.

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First Ace

By: philj10

On father's day weekend I had my first ACE with my Titleist ProV1x. It is a 162 yard elevated green. As we got to the green I didn't see my ball on the surface and thought I might have flown the green. Before looking around I decided to look in the whole to find my ProV1x #1 in the hole. A 1 with a 1, it was great. Thanks Titleist!
Date: 6/14/14
Course: Naperbrook Golf Course
Hole: 8
Yardage: 162

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1st Hole In One

By: nudob1

I was paying from the yellow tees, the ball went through the power lines, and rolled really slowly until it went into the hole. Now, I only use the NXT Tour S ball.

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Hole in one

By: jamesc317

I was playing 18 holes at highland springs golf course and we started on the back coming into 17 I was two over. I was shooting for even par over the whole course. I grabbed my nine iron *** the pin it said 151 and hit a little baby draw and walked up and found my ball at the bottom of the hole. Finished plus 4

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On July 16, 2014 UPS delivered a new set of Titleist AP1 714's to my home. The next day I went to my course, Brookwoods Golf Course in Quinton, Va. to play my new clubs for the first time. On # 17, my 8th hole of the day, a 173 yard par 3 with the hole cut on the front right of the green, I decided to hit the five iron for the very first time. The ball, a Pro V1x, landed just short and left of the flag, took one bounce to the right and rolled into the hole for only my second hole in one in more than 50 years of playing golf. Both of my aces have been made playing Titleist clubs and the Pro V1 ball.

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