My first hole in one

By: noreeng1

I had played my entire round with the NXT TourS golf ball. I loved the feel of it and as a result I was confident in my shots. The 17th hole at Lake Morey Country Club in Vermont is basically a blind shot up the hill. I could only see the top of the flag from the tee box. It was an 87 yard shot and as I watched the ball I could tell it was right on line with the flag. I expected a birdie putt. Much to my surprise, it was a hole in one! Thanks Titleist for the NXT TourS golf ball that I had received at a demo day at Highfields Golf and Country Club in Grafton MA.

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By: tjk8

I was playing my worst round of the summer and coming off a 49 on the front nine and a double bogey on number 10 at The Home Course in DuPont, Washington. One of the guys I was playing with described the short par four 301 yard 11th by saying there’s no point laying up because golf isn’t fun if you don’t just go for it. This gentlemen had the honors and proceeded to shank his drive OB and said he wanted to hit another. He had to go back to his cart to retrieve another ball so I figured I would hit real quick before he came back.

I pulled out a Pro-V1 from my bag. I teed it up, skipped the practice swing, and swung as hard as I could. The ball was true from the beginning, it cleared the 285 yard bunker guarding the green, bounced twice and disappeared.

I said to my friends, “that either just went in or rolled off the back”. I refused to get too excited and say anything else until driving up and looking in the hole. Sure enough, I accomplished a lifetime bucket-list item in the best possible way with a hole in one on a par 4!

I will forever appreciate Titelist balls for what they are: the best!

Thanks, TJ Kirkpatrick

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Kyle Dull's Hole-In-One 8/24/15

By: kyled59

During a JV golf match between the Amherst Comets and the Avon Lake Shoremen I recorded my first Hole-In-One. We were playing The back 9 of the Sweetbriar course at Sweetbriar Golf & Pro Sop. Hitting last in the group I pulled a 6 Iron from my bag for the 17th hole which was listed at 156 yards but was playing about 165 to a back pin location. My shot landed about / feet short of the hole to one bounce and rolled in. I did not know the ball went in until my team mates on the next tee started jumping up and down yelling its in the hole!

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First Hole in One

By: neilj22

While competing in my place of employment's yearly golf outing. I got to Hole #4. I remember telling the guys I was with that the year before (2014) I almost got a Hole-In-One using my 8 iron. I explained that when I used that 8 iron the ball went up perfect hit just in front of the pin rolled to the pin hit and circled the pin twice and shot out across the green. I then said I'm going to try to use my 9 iron and see if I can get it there. So I grabbed my 9 iron and got to the Tee box. My buddy smarted off and said better hit that sucker hard. I got ready and swung I hit it as hard I could the ball went up and I lost it. So did everyone else. After everyone hit me and my partner went and looked for it. I told him what it looked like and we couldn't find it. We circled the green around 3 times looking for this ball not even thinking about looking in the hole. I said Oh well I must have lost it and we played his. Everyone one chipped up on the green. Once on the green one of the guys grabbed the flag and pulled it out. He then looked at me and asked what kind of ball I used. I explained to him what it was. He reached down and pulled it out of the Hole. After looking on the green we found the divot the ball made and where it rolled from. I was so excited the rest of the round I didn't play well at all.. But I wish I could have seen the ball go in but the sun was so bright and shining in our faces that when the ball went up you lost all sight of it.

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Chad Hanchey 3rd Ace

By: chadh68

First round of Reagor-Dykes Partnership with 8-iron on hole #6 at The Rawls Course at Texas Tech University. 180-Yds downhill and downwind. Witnessed by Mark Smith, Jack Scarborough, Ross Tyler, and Scott Sonnenberg

Sixth Hole
A dramatic par 3 with bunkers both sides of the approach and green surface. The prevailing left-to-right crosswind will force many players to aim out over the deep hollow to the left and hope for the ball to blow back toward the green, giving the golfer who can hit a controlled draw a distinct advantage.

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By: thomasw117

Tee ball was straight at the flag stick with no draw or fade. We heard it hit the green but could not see the ball go in the hole. We got to the green and no ball on the green. We checked the back bunker and it wasn't there.... IT WAS IN THE HOLE.

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