My First Hole in One - 63501

By: scottm332

On a blustery day at Rock Hill Country Club in Manorville, NY while playing in the first PBQ Golf Club ( outing of the season on April 9th, 2014, our foursome stepped up to the 4th hole, a 160 yard par 3. I pulled a 4 Iron with the wind in our face teed up my high number (6) Titleist PRO V1x ball and made good contact. My foursome (Mike Engel, Mark Schraml, Mark Hoppe) watched the ball sail onto the green and after a moment Mark Schraml turned to me and said I don’t see that ball any more. Figuring that the ball had rolled over the green the remaining players all took our tee shots and Mark Hoppe and I took our cart and drove up to the green to find out where the ball had come to rest. We searched the back of the green and the small hill behind the green and could not locate it, at which time Mark Hoppe looked in the cup and proclaimed you’re not going to believe this… you got a HOLE IN ONE! Then turning to the other cart he yelled HE GOT IT IN ONE, HE GOT IT IN ONE! Mike Engel was kind enough to document the occasion taking a picture of me next to the 4th hole flag, and we went on to play our remaining holes still in shock from the fact that I had made my first ever hole in one.

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Third Titleist Hole in One

By: neilf22

Played Lincoln Hills at the Hills Course. Was playing only marginal golf. But, stepped up to the 120 yard 12th hole with a nine iron and of course a Pro V1 golf ball. I hit the best shot of the day, 1 bounce and in the hole, it picked my game right up with a great finish.

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mike hecker

By: mikeh302

Well this was a memorial tournament in our park. I got this on first hole of the tourney. This is my 3rd hole in one. Always exciting to get one. Love those balls.

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First Ace

By: alexb96

Played the Old South Country Club in a High school Individuals event, had a short Par 3 for the 16th hole. Pin was 142 away and the rain was coming down steadily, I hit a solid 9 iron and played a slight fade on the ball, could tell the ball was heading close to the pin, it hit 2 feet to the left of the pin and spun completely to the right and I watched as the ball went in slow motion into the cup. I raised my hands and shouted in excitement and awe. My playing partners had similar reactions as we gave high fives all around. I was about as happy as I could be when I reached in the cup and pulled that Pro V1x out of the cup with no need for a putter.

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Hole In One on a Par 4

By: johng255

Over the winter I purchased the Titleist 913 D2 Driver and on March 30th would be the first time I was able to actually get to use it. Keep in mind I haven't even been to the range to practice with my new club.

Hole number one, par 4, was the first time I made contact and to my surprise it went right down the middle. Hole #3 is a long par 5 in which I hit it about two yards into the right rough. Then it came to #5, which is a short par 4, playing 243 yards. Keep in mind this is only the third time I have ever hit this driver. I made a great swing, slightly to the left with a small fade. I could tell it was going right at the hole. The sad thing is that I have poor eyesight with far away things. Meaning, I couldnt tell if it was on the green or not, but I knew it was on line.

As we got to the hole, I didn't see my ball. I knew I wasn't short so it must of shot the green. I looked all over and was beginning to get angry at the thought of a lost ball. My playing partner told me to look in the hole, as if that was a possibility. I walked up from below the whole, slowly peeking into the top part of the hole, nothing. As I slowly moved up some more, I began to see the white of my Titleist Pro V1x. There it was, with my signature 3 blue dots in the form of a triangle looking right at me as to say "here I am". I let out a "Man Scream" that was heard by the entire course. I couldn't reach down and grab it because I was still in disbelief. Soon after my playing partners came up and reacted as if they hit the Hole In One.

It wasn't the best round of golf Iv'e played, score wise, but it was the greatest day of golf I have ever played. The funny thing is, the next hole was a short Par 3, I double boggied the hole.

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My fourth Titleist hole in one

By: bobr79

Playing at Lakewood CC in Naples Florida on the 16th hole using an eight iron I aced the 126 yard hole using the Titleist NXT-S ball. this is my fourth Hole-in-One and all of them were made using a Titleist ball!

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