First Hole In One 52 years of trying

By: guym15

After 52 years of being a student of golf, made a hole in one today! The Grande in Jackson,MI #2 , 158 yards, 6 iron...... Witnessed by Bill Meyers, Ryan & Lance Cadmus! Wasn't worth a darn the rest of the way after that... Thought I was going to play well, but after the ball disappeared, it was tough.....Hit a shot towards the flag, it hit pretty close, I guess about 3-4' from the hole, hopped once, then all of a sudden it was gone... if you would have told me before we went today that this would happen, I doubt I would have believed it.......Been trying for so long, didn't know that I would ever make one. Guess I did realize the last couple years that it would be helpful to actually hit a shot onto the green on a par 3 hole...
I have played Titleist Pro V 1X for a long time, best ball around.
I was glad to have my buddies be able to see it with me, been playing with Bill for over 40 years, that's a lot of shots.......

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Second time as good as the first

By: miket178

Playing with the group I usually do...perfect fall day. Money game...aren't they all?

A warm but windy dayat Sand Ridge GC in Chardon, OH. Number 17, 202 yrds into the wind today. When the ball left the club, we all knew it had a chance...great that the usual guys could be there to watch it!

Dave, Seth, Eric...yours will come! David...keep calling them from each and every par3!

Not that I needed a reason to keep playing Prov1x ball, but this will solidify it!

Chagrin Falls, OH

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First hole in one and shot my age

By: ront51

I have been playing the game for approx. 25 years and finally got a hole in one. Los Lagos Golf course in San Jose
, Ca. Hole #14 Par 3 150 yards. Lucky 7 Iron.
Finished the round and shot my age of 71.
Titleist Pro V1x Great ball Great day

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My First Hole In One At Age 69

By: williams225

My First Hole In One At Age 69 Was At Pine Hills Golf
Club Ottawa Ill. On Tue. Sept 23. 2014. The Hole Was #8 Which Plays 170 Yrs. From The Senior Tee. I Was Using My Titleist NXT S Golf Ball With My 23 Hybrid. I never though I would ever get one! God It Was Great!!!!

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First Hole in One

By: richb56

On Friday September 19, 2014 I scored my first hole in one on the number four par three at The Country Club of Lansing, MI. The hole was playing 169 yards and I used a six iron, it was high shot with a slight fade it took two bounces and rolled in the hole. I had three witnesses who were all amazed and excited. Are foursome ended up winning the event we were playing, so it was the perfect afternoon.

Rich Bratschi

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My First Hole in One

By: jackr80

Walking up to the 9th tee of the Pasfield Golf Course, I was not feeling all that great. I just took a double bogey on the hole before after hitting my 3rd shot into the woods. The only thing I was hoping for was to get the ball on the green to finish with a par. The person that teamed up with me also had the same feeling.
As we stepped up to the tee box, I took out my range finder and got a distance of 133 to the green. I was hitting my irons well today, so I took out my sand wedge. My partner shot first and put his ball short and to the right.
When I took my shot, I hit it high into the sky. As I watched it, I remember thinking, "This will end up nice if its got the distance". All of a sudden my partner yells, "Get in the hole!!" My ball lands short left of the green. It bounces once and lands on the edge of the green. Next thing I know the ball is rolling to the hole. When we see it disappear, I ended up hugging and screaming in joy with the golf buddy that joined up with me on hole 8.
We drove up to the green and took a picture of me grabbing my golf ball out of the hole. I could not resist sending this picture to all my friends and family showing them my accomplishment. Now I just hope I can do this again someday.

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