Last Round In 2014

By: mikem593

Every year a small group of close friends try and have a final golf weekend in the great Northern Midwest. This year we chose Northern Michigan and what a trip it was.
We started on Friday with a windy round at Arcadia Bluffs where i shot a miserable 107. My playing partners Jerry Richardson and Brent White kept their number in the 80's and played great golf considering the conditions and course.
The rest of the weekend was better played golf but what i would consider bad on my part. We played 36 on Saturday first Manitou Passage up near Glen Arbor. This course was design by AP back in the early 90's. I was fortunate to meet him there when the course opened. The second round was played at The Leelanau Club near Traverse City MI.
We raped up the trip at Hemlock Golf Club on our way back to Glenview IL. We where delayed over an hour due to frost but when the sun came up the course revealed itself. Very beautiful but diabolical in design. I was off with an average start and after 4 hole i was 5 over. Note great but I was striking the ball better. Then on the 5th I grabbed my 6 iron and approved the tee box. We where looking at a 156 yard par 3 up hill with a little wind in our faces. I had the box first, which was very rare on this trip, and swung away. We could not see where the ball landed but we all knew it was tight.
When we approached the green there where only 2 balls in site, so i went back to the cart to grab w wedge. I naturally assumed I was over and was disappointed that a great shot was not rewarded. Then Brent asked Jerry to look in the hole, we all got a great laugh, until Jerry yelled out IT'S IN THE HOLE! I shot a 92 that day which is about my norm, but I got my first hole in one and that was a fantastic feeling and a great way to end 2014 golf season.
Play On!

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great feeling

By: fredz8

February 2nd 2015 At Bonita Springs National golf club in Bonita Springs Florida the 185 yard par 3 with a 4 iron and a titleist nxt ball I scored my first hole in one.

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HOLE IN ONE on an ISLAND par 3

By: denises9

We were celebrating our 50th Anniversary and I made my first HOLE IN ONE at Terra Lago, Indio, CA. Because Hole #15 is by the clubhouse and huge gallery saw my shot. I made a 80 yard shot over the water to the hole. It was Amazing. The name of the hole is "GOT BALLS" . Denise Stein

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My First Ace

By: jimn74

I got my first hole in one finally. It was at Streamsong Blue 1 1/2 hours south of Orlando on a 126yd PW that was well hit right where my caddy said to aim. I knew it was solid, but I had no idea it went in! When I got to the green I couldn't find my ProV1x, but I knew I wasn't long and i knew where everyone else was. So when I didn't see it short, we checked the hole and it was sitting in there waiting to be grabbed!

I was so fired up I actually hit my hole in one ball off the next tee before my caddy reminded me that I might want to keep that ball! Luckily I didn't hit one OB.

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hole in one

By: timr98

my son john paul had the first one onhole #7 then i had one on the same hole then i had another so now we have 3 on that hole

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My first hole in one

By: benp51

Playing back home in England in an Amateur event. I have since been here in Indiana at College on a scholarship. I digress, I was playing and having a relatively crappy round at +3 thru 9 holes. on the 10th fairway I hit my second shot and both me and my caddy thought I'd holed out for eagle, alas it was not to be. However on the 11th hole a "short" 178 yard par 3 was where my luck changed (and my round). I hit my 8 iron and, at impact, felt like i thinned it a touch and pushed it. Feeling devastated I looked up to assess the damage and to my surprise it was actually flying with a draw spin and toward the green, a sigh of relief. Then it landed on the green about 10 feet right, and past the pin, our group thought it had stopped so I proceeded to put my club away and my caddy looks at me and says, bro its still moving and its getting closer. I looked up and sure enough it was inching its way toward the pin and then... drop... in she went for my first, and currently only, ever hole in one!!!! With 140 players in the field and me being 21 at the time it was a pretty costly and bank breaking affair but I didn't care! I'd just had a hole in one.

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