two aces in three holes

By: jasonc107

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October 7 2014 Brothers Hole In One

By: michaelh112

October 7, 2014 was mens league night at Gladstan Golf Course In Payson, UT. The format was "Red Tee Challenge" meaning everyone plays from the red tees. I started out horrible. bogey, double-bogey, and from the red tees I thought I was wasting a shot at going low. On both holes I was play a brand new Pro V1x, and of the tee on both holes I thought that ball was lost. However I was able to find it every single time. It was almost as if the ball had a calling.

Hole number 12 is a short par 4 from the blue tees, so from red tees it was extremely short. It was also a front pin, so this shortened the hole as well. I knew a 7/8 iron would get me on the green, but I thought that I could possibly fly the green. So I decided to go 9 iron to play save and at best be barely on the green, and at worst just short.

I struck my 9 iron very, very well, and I was using the invincible Pro V1x. The tee shot was blind, so I just knew my line. I didn't hear any landing noise, so I didn't know if I was on green, or fairway. Upon arriving, we couldn't find my ball from the line that it took. We looked around, for a few minutes, and my friend asked if I had checked the cup. My ball flight was opposite from where the pin was located, so I thought, "no way my ball is in the cup." My friend got to the cup first and just started laughing. Very timidly I peaked into the hole and there was the invincible Pro V1x.

I didn't know what to do. I was shocked, amazed, confused, and just appalled at what just happened. After some laughs and pics we continued our round. Only talking about the hole-in-one, and the skin that I won on that hole.

To make this story even better, my brother, who was in the group behind us, aced the same hole as I did. It was the first hole-in-one for both of us.

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My first Hole In One

By: arthurp13

Started playing golf seven years ago so I was thrilled to make my first hole-in-one ever. This took place on a par 3, 18 hole course where I play as a member on a Men's Golf Club every Tuesday morning.

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20 Years in the Making FIRST HOLE IN ONE

By: mikem579

Great Fall day for golf in Wyoming! We go and play Teton Pines Country Club every fall in Jackson Hole Wyoming. This year was no different. The first round on hole 3 a 166 par 3 I nailed my first hole in one! I have played competitive golf on IJGA, Madison Golf Team etc since I was 12 years old. I have played thousands of rounds of golf and never had a hole in one. I am now 32 and finally had my first one.. The hole was a 166 yard par 3 with a large bunker in the front.. Nailed it and was heading straight for the pin.. It landed and that's all we got to see due to the bunker in the front.. We drove up and did not see a ball on the green.. I hit a 9 Iron which is my 165 club and nutted it.. So I knew it should have been on the green. The fellas I was with gave me honors to go and check the hole. I did and there was my ball.. Sittin so nicely in the cup. I screamed and all the guys screamed and hugs all around.. Of course I did buy lunch on the turn and it was amazing.. Such a fun day

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By: douglasg26

This ace was extra sweet. Blue tees, blue flag tucked way back right corner.
Was the only skin of the day worth 990.00 bucks

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Unseen hole in one

By: joshm81

Sept 7 2104 I decided to play a round with one of my customers. I got a tee time at Bittersweet golf course in Gurnee Illinois. We were paired up with a father and daughter. Daughter was on the varsity team and was playing the course to get ready for an upcoming tournament at the course. First two holes were ho hum. Third hole was a 163 yard par 3. The sun was blinding, I was the first to hit. I took out a 6 iron which I normally hit around 165 yards. I hit it well, sure that I was on the green. I didn't see it in the air and didn't see it land. I just assumed I was on the green and would have a putt for birdie. The rest of the group hit their shots and we hopped in our cart and headed towards the green. I grabbed my putter and walked onto the green. Everyone went to their balls and I asked is that a titleist? The girl said yes but she was playing a titleist as well. I looked around and saw a ball mark about 6 feet from the hole. Joking around I said maybe it's in the hole. I slowly walked towards the pin peeking down and to my surprise the ball was in the hole. I was in shock that I had a hole in one. High fives all around. I was on a high the rest of the round. After the round was over I brought my scorecard into the clubhouse, they had me sign the card along with a witness and they are putting my name on a hole in one plaque.

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