2nd Time Around

By: maryannm3

On January 2015, playing the 16th hole at Laurel Oak Country Club in the Mixed Club Championship, my husband Dennis and I were down by 3 strokes in the final round of the event, playing alternate shot (AKA Divorce Open)

Harvey, our male opponent, who up until this point was hitting any shot within 185 yards to 6 - 8 feet all day.
Harvey hit his tee ball on the 142 yard par 3 in the water!

Dennis stepped up and hit a Velocity with a 7 iron into the hole! An ace!

Next shot Harvey's wife... who hit is short but safe.... they made we made 1 and were now even... we lost by 1 but the interesting part of this story is that this is Dennis's second HOLE IN ONE ---both with Titelist Balls and both in Mixed Club CHampionship...

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First hole in one

By: teds56

At Tradition golf course in Laquinta CA, 163 yards, 23 degree rescue, pro v 1x ball, drew in, ball was tracking and while I did not see it go in, but I did not see it go by the cup.
I was pretty sure though and as I got closer I didn't see it!

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Scratch That Off My Bucket List

By: dalep3

Was playing in the men's league on February 3rd 2015, as we were standing on the Par 3 11th the tees were up and the yardage was 135, I used my Ap-2 PW and hit a pretty good shot and I saw the ball hit the green rolling towards the flag. I didn't think it had enough to go in as they love sanding the greens here. At least I thought I'd make birdie and might get a skin. As we got to the green, I saw 3 balls on the green, but didn't see mine. I thought geez did I go over? The guy I was riding with said he thought he heard the ball hit the flag stick. I walked to the hole and there it was. Thought I was going to have a heart attack right there. The guy's were laughing as we were standing on the prior Par 3, I was saying if Robyn (My Beautiful wife & better golfer than me)gets an Ace before me She'll never let it go. As she broke 80 before me. The first call I made was to Robyn and she said "No Way" I said yes and bring the credit card to the Bar Drinks are on me. By the way I got the skin on that hole.

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The ace that won the playoff

By: kylep45

I was only 13 at the time and was somewhat new to golf. I had my own clubs and had been begging my dad to bring me golfing for months. We finally went on May 25th 2012. We agreed to play nine holes and after nine we were both tied at 72! We decided to play the 10th hole as a tie breaker. A 160 yard par 3 that i had only played one time before seemed like a daunting tee shot for someone so new t the game. My father called for me to go first. I pulled my driver out of my bag, teed up my ball and got into my stance. After a few practice swings my Dad said, "Make sure you compensate for the wind!" I altered my stance according to the wind and let it rip. This tee shot couldn't have been any more textbook. It started over the right hand side green side bunker and drew all the way to the left and back pin location. The ball landed on the green and bounced right into the cup on its second bounce. My Dad and I couldn't believe what had just happened we were hysterical laughing. I immediately called my mom to tell her the news. My father hit his tee shot into the pond on the right. What a way to win a playoff.

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My Story

By: eddied9

As I stood on the Tee box at Hole #8, I was in between club selection – the pin was front left over water. I decided to hit an easy eight instead and low and behold I got my first HOLE-IN-ONE using a Titleist PRO VI. My Buddies was shouting “it going straight at the pin”. As the ball went in the hole, all I could say was “WHO LOVES YOU BABY”? I had my first Hole-in-one with my Golfing Buddies witnessing this moment - a 1 on my score card nothing else matter.

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By: billyr15

I had been hooking my irons bad for the last few rounds. I stepped up to the tee box, I had been aiming far right so the ball would come back to the green. This time I just tee it up and swung the 7 iron, looked up, told the guys I was playing with that is the first straight iron I have hit in a while, about that time it hit the green and I thought, damn, that's close. Then the ball disappeared! Guys yelling "its in the hole!" Hit the green about 10 inches in front of the pin and just rolled in. Great feeling. Could not hit another solid shot the rest of the round! But it was fun!

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