Kayla Kwong's First Hole In One

By: kaylak2

This was my first Hole In One since I started playing golf. This was also my career low, 67 at Bartley Cavanaugh.

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One shot PCC 17th 174y

By: titleistfan3644

Decided to play twilight with my girl after work. We started on the back. I was playing pretty well. Got the 17th, it started to get dark. My girl mentioned we hit into the water the last time we played so I decided to hit an easy 6 iron for 174y. I play the 712 AP1s. Backswing and impact were smooth as a hot knife through butter. The ball started off a little on the right as I play a baby draw. The ball starting descending towards the pin, hit the green then disappeared. Since I used a 6 iron, I thought I hit through the green. When we got to the green, we couldn't find my ball, so I checked the pin and there she was, like a baby in crib sitting pretty. My first hole-in-one.

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Playing Pine Hill with pop!

By: wynng3

Enjoying a round of golf with my dad after not playing for a year - then we came to 16 and the rest is history!

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flush 5 iron

By: chadp39

I struck a 5 iron with slight draw on the 191 yard 15th at pheasant run golf course in Ofallon, Mo that bounced once and roll a couple feet and dropped. My friend Chris was there as witness. A great day golfing!

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First Hole in One

By: johnl457

Got my first hole in one at Ridgemont CC while playing in our golf league's end of season Invitational. Our league is called In Golf We Trust (IGWT) and we have been in existence for over 25 years. To date we have had only 2 other hole in ones either during league play or at our Invitational. So it was quite a celebration followed by a bar bill that I gladly paid after all these years.

Was wearing my Yankee Colors to honor the passing of Yogi Berra who was one of my Dad's favorite players. Was so happy to share it with my golfers in arms on a great day and a fun course. Sort of hoped I would wake up the next day like it was a Deja Ground Hog Day Vu experience. Pat my wife and our early rising cat Sparky quickly changed that as I had to get back on it.

Keeping the lucky Titleist ProV 7 in a special spot and am charging all who want to touch to have the luck passed on to them. TBC on how much I can milk that for.

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Great Day at New Jersey National

By: robertm483

A beautiful day got even better. I hit a 5 iron to the right of the 188 yard pin and my Titleist Pro V1 rolled right into the cup!

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