Hole #17 for our group in the Annual Nevada RIMS golf tournament. 178 yard par 3, with a 25 MPH wind in our faces, AND, a new car on the hole for winning. BOOM, ball lands about an inch behind the hole and spins right back into the hole. What a feeling!

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This was the second hole-in-one on this hole in the last year, par 3 hole 9, 105 yds. This time i used a 9 iron as the temperature was about 40 degrees and was using a DT Solo. Hit a high straight shot that hit about 3 feet in front of the pin and rolled right in. I couldn't tell it the ball was hiding behind the pin or rolled in until I got closer to the green. The course was Southern Meadows in Rush, NY.

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first one - Charles M.

By: charlesm135

Have been playing golf for about 30 plus years and come close several times, but this my first hole in one. I work at Great Bear Golf Club located in northeast Pa and on the 16th hole a par 3 about 125 yards using an 8 iron on a cool and windy day it happened. Ball landed right of the hole and turned left and rolled into the hole. That made my day and i shot an 88 for my round. What a thrill.

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Rahul Nigam - Annual Day Ace

By: rahuln1

It was the club's annual day and had around 359 golfers present, perfect shot, miles in the sky 1 bounce in the hole, watta perfect day to get it!!!

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3rd Hole in one - Tony D.

By: tonyd75

On wed. May 13 I had my 3r Hole in 1 all 3 have come on the same hole #18 at Deer Trails CC. using a Titleist pro v1 x . Hit a 5 hybrid into the green from 179 yds. All 3 HIO have come in the month of May

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Second Hole in One - Sang C.

By: sangc2

At the Highland Woods Golf Course 13th Hole, 193 yards to the pin with slope calculated 196 using a range scope. Hole is located across the pond slightly up hill. There was head wind enough to play an extra club so, I went with 3 wood. The shot felt soft and effortless as Pro V1 always does when hit decent. The ball started a bit right and then draw in, took a bounce and then rolled to the hole. This is my second Hole-in-One but, first using Pro V1. I was blessed enough to see the whole event with my buddy from ball leaving my club until it went in the hole as though it was all in slow motion. Second lucky shot of my life!

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