I was due for an Ace

By: davidj161

Do you ever feel like you are overdue for an ace and that you've just got to have a hole-in-one? Neither did I, but I often made jokes about it.

This weekend I was playing in the Golf Channel AM Tour event at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg VA. The first round was on the Plantation Course. It was a great day for golf and I had my usual slow start and mediocre round going when we got to the par 3, 5th hole, I told my cart partner "I am due for a hole-in-one. I think that after 40 years of playing golf the time ought to be about right" I missed the green chipped on and then three putted for a double bogie. The joke was quickly forgotten.

The next par 3 was the 9th hole, a 96 yarder over a fairly deep waste area. The green was protected by a bunker in front, and the pin was center of the green. I leave too many sand wedges short, and pitching wedge was too much club. There was the bunker and if I was short of the bunker, I'd be down in the ravine.

I took the pitching wedge, laid the face open, choked up, and aimed a little left of center. I don't know where that swing came from but it was a well timed and very smooth swing and my ProV1 was on it's way.

I said "That's sweet! Get in the hole" The ball on a nice high trajectory landed on the green 6 feet from the cup, checked up for a split second, then released and tracked right to the hole. Perfect line, perfect speed, perfect shot.

I was so shook up, I couldn't do anything right on the final 9, but I got my Ace so I'm no longer overdue.

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My first hole in one

By: domingor1

I've only been playing for about 3 and a half years my handy cap is 20 when I made my first eagle on a par 5 I thought that was the greatest thing in the world but when I made my first hole in one now that was the best feeling ever

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First Ace

By: antoniosk1

Hole #10 at the Kissena Park Golf Course in Queens New York. 111 yard shot Pitching wedge perfect contact and ball just disappeared off the green and into the hole

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A Shot to Remember

By: davisf4

The weather was perfect that Friday afternoon; the sun was out and it was about 68 degrees F. My golf buddy Jun and I was not about to let this day pass without playing golf, after all it seemed as if winter would never end in Chicago. We were enjoying the day on the course and caught up with two golfers (Jeff and Pete) ahead of us and eventually played as a foursome. I made par on Par 5, 6th hole of George Dunne Golf Course. I teed off first having the honor do so. I pulled out my 6-iron cally RAZR-X and the ball I've been using since the first hole, a Titleist 3, ProV1-392, right on top of my tee. I swung and hit the ball with an almost effortless swing, like a hot knife cutting butter. As I looked up, I saw the ball flying in the perfect path, going over the bunker, rolling slowly towards the flag. As the ball continued to roll in slow motion, our jaws dropped and simultaneously we started shouting “Go!” Our voices were getting louder, drawing attention to our group but we continued to shout, “In! In! In!” With the wind behind it, the ball kept on rolling and rolling, and finally, it went in. We just witnessed a Hole-in-One, an experience coveted by most, if not all golfers, and I had the pleasure of making it. Thank you Lord!

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My 1st Hole in one

By: joejrl1

first round out in 2014 and got my hole in one.

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My First Hole in one

By: johnc686

I am 60 years old, recently retired Middle School Principal. I love playing and just recently went from about 35-40 handicap to a 20. I was playing Copper Mill Country Club in Zachary Louisiana and had my first hole in one. I hit an 8 iron on the 135 yard 6th hole for my first ever ace. I was using a Titleist Pro V I. Great moment for me!!

John Cashio

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