Second hole in one

By: dougd36

I just got my second hole in one playing Eagle Glen in California. It was an elevated tee 127 yards and I hit a soft 8 iron, it took one bounce and rolled into the hole. One of the witnesses also witnessed my first one. To top off the round on the 18th hole (a par 5) I dumped my second shot in the lateral water hazard and then proceeded to hole out the next shot @ 145 yards for birdie, just one of those days.

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west Michigan friends back to back aces

By: curtiss32

If you google Curtis Stoel you will find the story under west Michigan Friends The article says its July 4th but is was the 5th of July

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my second ace

By: rickr102

I got my second hole in one yesterday at Indian Pond CC in Kingston Ma.17th hole 155 yards a little down wind 8 iron using a Titleist velocity golf ball, had 3 great friends there to witness, truly AWSOME

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Bill Wogh

By: Bill W

A great hole-in-one at Osprey's Golf Club in Woodbridge, VA not just because it was my first hole-in-one but also because I played a random round with my son and two of his best friends and they were there to witness! How fortuitous! Visiting from Michigan and got to play a round with my son and had this great experience with him! It doesn't get any better than this!

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My first hole in one

By: gregh60

I just made my first hole in one yesterday turning a mediocre round into one to always remember!
I was playing at Lake Windcrest with the local senior group that I try to join whenever I can. The hole was 14, a medium length par 3 that was playing 157 yards from the blues into a one club wind. I pulled out my 714 AP2 5 iron, teed up my Pro V1x and let her rip. It never left the flagstick and landed 2 feet away and rolled right into the hole! Needless to say, the drinks were on me and my so-so round turned into something special. Thank you, Titleist!,

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Hole in one

By: rodneyd7

The 13th hole at Valley View is an elevated tee box. I hit my shot and the ball bounced once and came to a stop at the hole. The wind was blowing the flag and the ball rested against it for a moment and when the wind changed directions and moved the flag again and the ball fell in and we all went crazy... What a feeling!!!

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